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technology today within our production facility which occupies an area of over 100,000 sq m our 3 continuous mills and 3 spray driers driven by a natural-gas turbine supply the 9 automatic hydraulic presses with 18,000 tonnes/day of raw material these presses form our slabs in 8 different sizes and 2 thicknesses 24 hours a day 60 roller decorating units with the aid of 5 automatic ink-jet digital decoration machines transfer our design onto the surface of the ceramic slabs and 4 natural-gas computerized-control kilns fix the design at high temperature on the ceramic body fusing them together forever our 2 cutting polishing and grinding lines process over 1,000,000 sq m in the various surface types 18 automatic laser-guided shuttles transport and handle 30,000 sq m of finished product/day from one department to another for a total output of 7,500,000 sq m/year distributed in all five continents of the world with a turnover amounting to 95,000,000 euro… but our desire to better

purestonesuperfici surfaces oberflächen surfaces поверхностями naturale 12 levigato

purestone bianco public area purestone bianco nat/ret 80x80 cm purestone linea bianco nat/ret 60x60 cm purestone muretto bianco nat/ret 30x60 cm 16

purestone bianco una vera e propria pietra d’arredo ricavata elaborando l’estetica di diverse pietre esistenti in natura questa nuova collezione in granito porcellanato piemmegres è una materia nuova dai toni delicati e dalle venature discrete mai eccessive purestone entra con il suo stile moderno ed occidentale in ogni ambiente sia residenziale che pubblico grazie anche alle caratteristiche tecniche di livello assoluto purestone può arredare con sobria eleganza ogni moderna soluzione progettuale privata ma può anche resistere con grande disinvoltura negli ambienti più impegnativi e trafficati la sua anima tecnica e la sua superficie di design la rendono molto duttile per qualsiasi impiego sia a pavimento che a rivestimento grazie anche alle nuove superfici tridimensionali a rilievo come “linea” e “muretto” che con la loro matericità arredano e completano con stile il layout dell’ambiente purestone bianco nat/ret 60x60 cm 22

purestone grigio this new piemmegres porcelain granite collection is a genuine furnishing stone a new material with delicate tones and discreet veins never excessive purestone with its modern and western style is ideal for any environment both residential and public thanks among other things to its top-level features purestone is able to furnish with sober elegance all private construction project solutions but can easily resist in more demanding and high level pedestrian transit environments its technical heart and design surface make it adaptable to all situations both for floors and walls thanks also to the new three-dimensional relief surfaces such as “linea” and “muretto” which with their materiality furnish and stylishly complete interior layouts purestone grigio nat/ret 60x60 cm 26 purestone grigio nat/ret 60x60 cm

purestone grigio residential projects purestone grigio nat/ret 60x60 cm purestone linea grigio nat/ret 60x60 cm purestone grigio nat/ret 80x80 cm 32

purestone beige public area purestone beige nat/ret 80x80 cm essenze ebano ret 15x90 cm listello titanio ret 1,5x60 cm 36

purestone beige public area purestone muretto beige nat/ret 30x60 cm 42 purestone muretto beige nat/ret 30x60 cm urban terra nat/ret 80x80 cm

purestone beige residential projects purestone beige lev/ret 60x60 cm purestone linea beige lev/ret 60x60 cm 46 purestone beige lev/ret 60x60 cm purestone linea beige lev/ret 60x60 cm

purestone architectural solutions 80x80 cm 11 mm 32”x32” 30x60 cm 12”x24” 60x60 cm 9,5 mm 24”x24” gres fine porcellanato ad impasto colorato coloured-body fine porcelain stoneware grès cérame fin à pâte colorée feinsteinzeug aus farbiger masse kерамогранит из цветной смеси tecnologia digitale digital technology digitaltechnologie technologie numérique цифровые технологии kpuss03 purestone grigio nat kpussr03 purestone grigio nat/ret kpussp03 purestone grigio lev/ret 60x60 kppur03 purestone grigio nat/ret kppup03 purestone grigio lev/ret 80x80 57 63 75 v3 kpulir03 purestone linea grigio nat/ret kpulip03 purestone linea grigio lev/ret 60x60 74 78 74 77 v3 kpust03 gradino purestone grigio nat 30x60 pz box 6 14 kpus03 purestone grigio nat kpusr03 purestone grigio nat/ret kpusp03 purestone grigio

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