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Catalog 2011 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

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better for the environment like you everyone at ford is concerned about the potential impact of climate change so we re developing new ideas to make our cars more environmentally sustainable without compromising on style or performance some of these ideas will take time to bear fruit others can have an impact now ford econetic is the result of this philosophy low-emission diesel cars that are affordable stylish and rewarding to drive better for you the new ford fiesta econetic delivers an amazing 76.3 mpg combined cycle and with co2 emissions of just 98 g/km it is exempt from vehicle excise duty as well as the fees charged for resident parking permits by some local authorities fordfiesta econetic the new ford fiesta econetic s generous standard speci cation proves that caring for the environment doesn t have to compromise your driving pleasure econetic emissions-reducing features lowered suspension lowers the height of the car to improve aerodynamic ef ciency rear-wheel air de ectors

my 2009.75 gbr en iillustrations descriptions and speci cations this brochure was correct at the time of going to print however ford policy is one of continuous product development the right is reserved to change speci cations colours and prices of the models and items illustrated and described in this publication at any time for the latest details always consult your ford dealer optional equipment throughout this publication wherever a feature is described as being an option or optional fitment/pack etc you should assume that it will be at extra cost to the base vehicle unless speci cally stated to the contrary all models and colour combinations are subject to availability note some images portrayed are of a pre-production model and/or are computer generated therefore the design/features on the nal version of the vehicle may differ in various respects in addition some of the features shown on the vehicles may be optional note this brochure contains both original ford accessories as