Fiesta Brochure 2019 by Ford Motor Company Limited UK

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ford fiesta body colours frozen white premium body colour race red standard body colour shadow black premium body colour we chose ruby red what colour will you choose magnetic exclusive body colour metropolis white exclusive body colour chrome blue premium body colour moondust silver premium body colour ruby red exclusive body colour the ford fiesta owes its beautiful and durable exterior to a special multi-stage painting process from the wax-injected steel body sections to the protective top coat new materials and application processes ensure your fiesta will retain its good looks for many years to come desert island blue exclusive body colour luxe yellow exclusive to active body colour silver fox exclusive to active st body colour ford performance blue exclusive to st body colour at extra cost ‡ body colour unique to vignale milano grigio‡ exclusive to vignale body colour 40 the ford fiesta is covered by the ford perforation warranty for 12 years from the date of first registration subject to terms and conditions note the car images used are to illustrate body colours only and may not reflect current specification or product availability in certain markets colours and trims reproduced within this brochure may vary from the actual colours due to the limitations of the printing processes used 41