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other pricing considerations customer order price protection ford s price protection plan means that the price you pay is the same as the price on your order as long as you are prepared to accept delivery within three months and in any event as soon as your vehicle is available your dealer has full details of the plan ford motor company ltd is not liable for changes in price caused by government changes in tax rates or changes in other applicable legislation vat vat is shown calculated at 20 the total price of a vehicle including factory fitted options and accessories fitted by the ford dealer will be subject to vat on retail sale price changes this price list is effective from 1st april 2014 2014 and supercedes all previous price lists the prices in the publication were true and accurate at the time of printing you should however check details with your dealer as there may have been changes in view of ford s policy of continuous development the right is reserved to change prices at anytime change to government legislation or tax changes could result in a change to published prices illustrations descriptions and specifications the product information in this publication was correct at the time of going to print however ford s policy is one of continuous product development the right is reserved to change specifications and colours of the models and items illustrated and described in this publication at any time for the latest details always consult your ford dealer throughout this publication wherever a feature is described as being an option or option fitment/pack etc you should assume that it will be at extra cost to the base vehicle unless specifically stated to the contrary all models and colour combinations are subject to availability some images portrayed are of a pre-porduction model and/or are computer generated therefore the deisgn/features on the final version of the vehicle may differ in various respects in addition some of the features shown on the vehicles may be optional e.g metallic paint please also note some driver assistance features and safety features described in this publication are designed to function using sensors whose performance may be affected under certain weather or environmental conditions 7 effective 1st april 2014