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ford options ford options is our personal contract purchase plan which offers you the flexibility to renew your car more often plan features at the end of the agreement you have three options i renew choose another car ii return hand the car back iii retain keep the car you can trade in your old car or you’ll have nothing further to if you decide to keep the car how ford options works sell it privately if you prefer you pay providing the car is in good assuming all payments have been ■ the opportunity to drive a new ford car more often 1 you decide on the ford car you want to buy must settle your account and then condition and the agreed mileage made you just need to pay the ■ fixed regular payments to suit your needs 2 tell us your anticipated mileage you may use any excess value over hasn’t been exceeded gmfv/optional final payment plus ■ interest rate fixed for the loan duration 3 choose the deposit you want to pay and your preferred your gmfv/optional final payment the purchase fee and it’s yours to ■ guaranteed minimum future value gmfv/optional as a deposit on your next ford car drive away final payment provides protection from any repayment period 4 your ford dealer will be able to provide you with an unexpected fall in used car prices instant quotation showing your regular payments ■ reduced exposure to major service and repair bills these payments are based on the amount financed ■ flexibility at the end of the agreement which is calculated from the car price less your deposit ■ the option to own the car at the end of the agreement and the gmfv/optional final payment plus interest and the finance facility fee 5 once you are happy with your quote your ford dealer will submit your application to ford credit 6 when the finance documentation is complete you can drive away in your new ford car deposit regular payments gmfv deposit followed by regular payments and guaranteed minimum future value 13 12 13