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generous space easy access bright airy and comfortable the new tourneo courier has plenty of room for all wide-opening sliding rear side doors help make it easy to get in and out especially in tight spots while the rear seats can fold and tumble forward to accommodate an everchanging combination of people pets and belongings 4

make yourself at home style is more than skin deep with the new tourneo courier inside you’ll find a warm welcome with smart and comfortable seats a soft-feel instrument panel and plenty of storage right where you want it while to keep you entertained and informed you’ll love the easy-to-use interface of ford sync 3 option its enhanced voice recognition responds to your commands while a 6 colour touchscreen displays phone audio and navigation option with convenient swipe and pinch-to-zoom functionality model shown is a tourneo courier zetec in diffused silver metallic body colour option with sync 3 option 8

ll a c “ ” n h jo meet your phone’s new best friend ” sage s e to mnets “li ford sync 3 being on the road need not be a disruption to your connectivity new ford sync 3 integrates seamlessly with your compatible smartphone letting you control everything from phone calls and text messaging to music navigation option and your favourite mobile apps – all via the 6 touchscreen where specified or by using remarkably simple voice nwotdn “fi ” centre commands sync 3 features ■ ■ ■ “i need fu “i ne ed to “i’m applink apple carplay and android auto control sync-compatible apps with applink while apple carplay and android auto let you navigate your smartphone hmi through the sync 3 home screen just as if it were your handset ■ el” ■ ■ make and receive calls hands-free easy voice-guided navigation option listen to your own music touchscreen interface 6 screen access your

ford tourneo courier remarkable features cruise control with adjustable speed limiter front and rear parking distance sensors 6-speed transmission limiter lets you set a maximum speed that you do not wish to be exceeded this can be over-ridden with the tourneo courier you won’t have to pass by those more challenging parking spaces an come with an easy-shifting 6-speed manual transmission for more relaxed and economical if required by firmly pressing the accelerator if the speed limit is exceeded unintentionally such as audible warning helps you judge the distance between your car and obstacles at the front and driving the new transmission has a fully synchronised reverse gear to help make gear when going downhill you will be alerted with audible and visual warnings standard back for easier parking and manoeuvring option changes smoother and quieter than ever standard cruise control helps take the strain out of long motorway journeys while the adjustable speed all versions of

we chose red rush what colour will you choose blazer blue solid body colour moondust silver premium body colour diffused silver exclusive body colour frozen white solid body colour shadow black premium body colour magnetic exclusive body colour red rush exclusive body colour tourneo courier owes its durable exterior to a thorough multi-stage painting process from the wax-injected steel body sections to the hard-wearing top coat new materials and application processes will ensure your new tourneo courier retains its good looks for many years to come race red solid body colour 18 chrome blue premium body colour metal blue premium body colour premium and exclusive body colours are options at extra cost note the car images used are to illustrate body colours only and may not reflect current specification colours and trims reproduced within this brochure may vary from the actual colours due to the limitations of the printing processes used the ford tourneo courier is covered by the ford

ford tourneo courier safety and driver assistance across the ford tourneo courier range a full line-up of safety driver assistance and security features makes use of the latest technology to help protect you your passengers and your belongings ford tourneo courier accessories driver assistance electronic stability control esc designed to help you maintain control in extreme driving conditions it senses when you are deviating from your chosen line and aims to keep you on track by automatically regulating braking and engine output standard hill start assist designed to temporarily prevent you from rolling down a slope when you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal it works in forward and reverse gears so is ideal for towing standard emergency brake assist designed to recognise an emergency braking situation and increase the pressure within the braking system to provide extra stopping power standard emergency brake warning front and rear indicators automatically

100 ps 170 nm 100 ps powerful 122 g/km efficient 1.0l ford ecoboost petrol engine our latest multiple award-winning petrol engine delivers an impressive blend of efficiency and performance compact lightweight and refined it helps tourneo courier to return outstanding fuel economy 1.5l duratorq tdci diesel engine the duratorq tdci 100 ps 75 kw diesel engine develops 215 nm of torque this makes it the ideal choice for carrying heavy loads and towing while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency with test figures from 65.7mpg combined new tourneo courier’s ford ecoboost petrol and duratorq tdci diesel engines meet the latest euro stage 6.2 emissions regulations without the need for additives building on the previous euro 6 standards the new regulations include a real driving emissions rde initiative which involves testing vehicles on the road to provide results that more closely match real-life driving these efforts will help to ensure further developments in vehicle emission

           ford tourneo courier driving experience  ford tourneo courier styling and appearance                            ­ €        ‚ ƒ            ­ „  „   †‡€       ˆ „   ­    „   ƒ‡‰     ­ € „   ­ Š    ƒ       ‹­Œ    ­ †ˆŽ †ˆ€†     „ ‹­Œ    ­ †ˆ‘’  

     ford tourneo courier safety and security  ford tourneo courier comfort and convenience                                                                      ­ € ‚  ­€‚            ­€     †      ‚ ‡ˆ †‰ ‚  †      Š   Š    Š    Š  ‹   ÂŒ ˆŒŠ  ÂŽ     ƒ   Š   ‘ ­

ford tourneo courier next steps try build visit your ford dealer and test drive the new ford tourneo courier for yourself visit your ford dealer to build and price your new ford tourneo courier when it comes to financing your car our size and expertise means we’re well placed to provide you with a wide range of finance products ford credit provides a range of finance products for your car whether you are a private or business user ford lease specialises in contract hire and leasing and provides an alternative range of finance plans which can be tailored to suit your business own when you drive away in your new car we’re with you all the way ford has a large authorised service network to help you keep your car in the best condition and should your new ford ever require accident repair a ford accident repair centre is the best place to get your car back to its pre-accident condition and on the road as quickly as possible for more information about our finance products