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skeletal chassis and stripped chassis the versatile new front-wheel drive skeletal chassis and stripped chassis models are engineered to provide strength and efficiency for almost any kind of use built on a unique full ladder frame chassis that’s both strong and light they offer the ideal solution for conversions requiring a low floor height such as delivery vehicles refrigerated applications horse transportation and mobile shops ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ skeletal chassis payload chassis cab payload 1,515 kg 2,390 kg 1,126 kg 2,688 kg strong lightweight ladder frame chassis reduced chassis rail height – 102 mm lower than a standard fwd chassis cab industry-first fwd low floor 3.5 tonne automatic approximately 200 kg payload advantage over standard fwd chassis cab two rear axle widths 1,759 mm standard on l2 and l3 1,980 mm standard on l4 option on l2 and l3 depending on derivative standard rear axle 1,759 mm standard on l2 and l3 models without float 796

stripped chassis transit stripped chassis models are based on the skeletal chassis but without the vehicle cab the subsequent conversion includes a custom designed body and the bodybuilder’s own cab within the motorhome sector this type of vehicle is referred to as a fully-integrated conversion ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ideal donor for lightweight full body conversions low floor for easy entry into converted body easy walk-through from cab to conversion improved fuel economy versus rwd competitors improved cost of ownership fwd model shown is a stripped chassis l3 in frozen white solid body colour standard 8

transit chassis cab with five frame lengths including the l5 extra-long wheelbase a range of gvms from 3,100 kg to 4,700 kg a choice of front rear or all-wheel drive powertrains and single or double cab styles the ford transit chassis cab can be relied upon when there’s serious work to be done ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ flat strong ladder-frame is ideal for a wide range of conversions 350hd heavy duty version available for operators requiring greater trailer plate loading flexibility from a 3,500 kg gvm/7,000 kg gtm vehicle suitable for industry-standard or non-standard body sizes integral body mounting points and bolt-on rear frame overhangs where required higher centre of gravity suspension as standard to cope with large bodywork chassis cab chassis double cab fwd model shown is a transit chassis cab l3 base in frozen white solid body colour standard 12 rwd awd all-wheel drive is available as an option on 330 l1 and 350 l2 l3 l4 and l5 series

efficiency the power to support your business key fuel-saving technologies include ■ ford transit is powered by a range of advanced high-performance ford ecoblue diesel engines all versions meet the latest euro 6 standards and combine plenty of usable torque for shifting heavy loads with low running costs powerful clean and refined ford ecoblue diesels build on the industry-leading performance and technology of our award-winning ford ecoboost petrol engines greater performance fewer emissions ■ ■ ■ ■ ford ecoblue diesel engines comply with the stringent euro 6 emissions standards which specify a 55 reduction in nitrogen oxide nox emissions versus the euro 5 emissions standard a selective catalytic reduction scr system uses adblue® a urea/water-based fluid to convert nox emissions in the exhaust gas into nitrogen and water a particulate filter then reduces more than 99 of emitted solid particles from the vehicle’s exhaust ford auto start-stop

connectivity ca ll jo hn meet your phone’s new best friend ford sync 3 new ford sync 3 integrates seamlessly with your smartphone letting you control everything from phone calls and text messaging to music and satellite navigation – all via the 6 touchscreen or by using remarkably simple voice commands option not available on stripped chassis sync 3 features ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ make and receive calls hands-free easy navigation listen to your own music touchscreen interface listen to text messages list en to mes sage i need fuel re tnecnwotdn fi touchscreen applink apple carplay and android auto the sync 3 6 touchscreen supports multi-touch ‘swipe’ and ‘pinch-to-zoom’ gestures and lets you arrange application icons and background displays just as you would on your tablet or smartphone you can also switch between daytime and night modes and tailor presets for multiple users control sync-compatible apps with applink

features to make your life easier lane-keeping alertØ2 side wind stabilisationØ1 it only takes a momentary slip in concentration to drift out of your lane when driving on the highway lanekeeping alert is designed to recognise when you approach the road markings without using the indicator and alerts you with vibrations through the steering wheel standard on chassis cab optional on skeletal chassis not available on stripped chassis helps the driver to stay in lane in strong gusty conditions by using the electronic stability control esc system to sense when the vehicle is being affected by crosswinds standard curve controlØ1 senses when a driver takes a curve too quickly and can rapidly reduce engine torque – and apply brakes to individual wheels – to help keep the vehicle under control standard load adaptive control v363 roll stability controlØ1 trailer sway controlØ1 hill start assistØ2 ford’s unique roll-rate sensor helps the roll stability

ford protect ford protect our our business business isis toto keep keep your your business business moving moving ford ford business business service service commercial commercial vehicle vehicle finance finance ford ford protect protect commercial commercial extended extended warranty warranty comesitto comes financing to financing your ford your commercial ford commercial vehicle vehicle efficiency efficiency accuracyaccuracy and convenience and convenience are at the are heart at the of heart ofwhen it when our size expertise and expertise means we’re means well we’re placed wellto placed provide to provide the fordthe transit24 ford transit24 commercial commercial vehicle service vehiclepromise service promise.our size and extend your extend warranty your warranty up to 5 years up tofrom 5 years date from of date of a wide withrange a wide ofrange finance of products finance products therefore therefore whetherwhether it is servicing it is servicing maintenance

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                                   ­­  €     ‚  ­  ƒ ‚              ƒ          „­­ ‚„                              performance and efficiency   driving experience               †‡      ˆ †   ‰Š   ‰‹

               €              utility          ­   ‚      ƒ„    ††   € ƒ‡ ƒˆ    ‰ ˆ Š †      ‹„€   ÂŒ  ˆ   ƒŽ„€   ÂŒ† €‘ ’  ˆ ƒ“„   ”• €‘

the government fuel figures do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of any particular vehicle the vehicles themselves have not been tested and there are inevitably differences between individual vehicles of the same model in addition a vehicle may incorporate particular modifications furthermore the driver’s style and road and traffic conditions as well as the extent to which the vehicle has been driven and the standard of maintenance will affect its fuel consumption insurance groups are only as recommended by the association of british insurers you should always consult your insurance adviser for confirmation ford motability ford one call in the unlikely event that your ford dealer can’t help you or if you need to speak to us directly call 0203 564 4444 call our ford motability team on 0345 6040019 finance ford rental – local service nationwide car and van rental from our latest model range contact your local ford dealer for more information