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transit custom tc 9 seat kombi l1 swb l2 lwb effective from 1st april 2015 base trend 3 4 sssoooooosssoooooosssoooooososososos 300.00 s 360.00 sssssss npa ooooo 250.00 300.00 sssssss nik ooooo 500.00 600.00 engine transmission 310 l1 310 l2 3/4 4 4 4.19 3/4 3/4 4.19 3/4 4 4.71 h6j sssoooooosssoooooo npb s o 2.2l 100ps 310nm 6 spd vmt6 2.2l 125ps 350nm 6 spd vmt6 2.2l 155ps 385nm 6 spd vmt6 final drive ratio description body colour frozen white blazer blue race red moondust silver metallic stratosphere metallic tectonic silver metallic deep impact blue metallic magnetic metallic panther black metallic mfc pn3gz pn3jv pn4a7 pnzjb pn4b4 pn4b3 pn3bh pn4dq pnjab 330 l2 recommended retail price rrp exc vat £ rrp price inc vat £ s s 400.00 480.00 key stroke h6w h6d h6r h6m h64 h6e h6g h6q met paint foc on trend series body general single side load door kerbside dual side load door 90 degree rear cargo doors trim will be painted mdf regardless of series liftgate glazed low roof line less rear ladder less rear window protection grille low roof height less header mounted package tray rear seat courtesy lights with theatre dimming high roof height header mounted package tray open bb1ab not available with integrated roof rack dsld or liftgate header mounted package tray closed roof rack integrated stowable low roof height trailer tow attachments trailer stability control tsc running boards door length passenger side covering n/s sliding door opening running boards door length dual side covering sliding door openings automatically includes dual side load doors a4lac at additional cost of £300 partial dress-up kit front skid plate self coloured bright silver wheel arch covers flares self coloured grey grained surface bumpers grilles front bumper partial body colour front bumper full body colour rear bumper single self colour no step wide bodyside moulding self colour not available in svo paints exterior trim ornamentation exterior door handle self colour liftgate cargo door handle self colour front mud flaps rear mud flaps a4lab a4lac a6lah a6kac a1fab bl0aa bpdaa a1fab bb1aa jcjal a1fac bb1ab bb1ac blya2 a1fab c1dab c2dab blba9 sssssss nil ooooo 350.00 420.00 hfj ooooo 300.00 360.00 nqk ooooo 75.00 90.00 nqj ooooo 150.00 180.00 aclac ooooo 500.00 600.00 clfbw clfgf clmcc bmbbk s s s s s s s s s s ssssssssssssssss caaab cacab a3eab a1kab ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssss nlj ooooo 100.00 120.00 sssssss sssssss nle o/s o/s o/s s o -80.00 -96.00 nlf o/s o/s o/s o s 80.00 96.00 sssssss nlw o/s o/s o/s o s 150.00 180.00 sssssss nrc o o o o 175.00 210.00 blbah glass wash wipe power 1 shot up down driver power passenger front window flip 2nd row rhs window flip 2nd row lhs window fixed 2nd row rhs window fixed 2nd row lhs window fixed 3rd row r/h side window fixed 3rd row lhs window tinted glass complete ilo privacy glass light tinted glass privacy glass b-pillar rearwards fixed rear window electric rear window defroster transmission linked rear wash wipe wipers front variable interval intermittent b3hac b3nab cfead cffab visibility pack low heated windshield washer fluid level sensor cluster level 1 dual power heated signal mirrors absah b3mab cfnab hcaal bshdf b2caf b3aab b3bab b3aac b3bac b3cab b3dab b2gab b2gae page 21 of 27