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transit custom tc 9 seat kombi l1 swb l2 lwb effective from 1st april 2015 base trend 310 l1 310 l2 330 l2 recommended retail price rrp exc vat £ hfg hff hfk ooooooooooooooo 45.00 45.00 50.00 54.00 54.00 60.00 nml sosssosssosssosssosss 100.00 s s s 120.00 s s nmk ooooo 30.00 36.00 s s s s s s s nm4 o o o nte/f/g ntd ntc ntf/g nte ntd ntc s o o o o o o o s s s o o o o o o o s s soooo s s nms o o s engine transmission 62mph fixed engine governor 70mph fixed engine governor acceleration control from 11th february 2013 production fuel system 80l fuel tank 95l fuel tank non locking capless fuel fill fuel filler neck with misfuel inhibit fuel filler neck without misfuel inhibit non locking fuel fill cap from february 2013 production wheels tyres 6.5x15 steel wheel 6.5x16 steel wheel 6.5x16 alloy wheel locking wheel nuts tyre 215/65 r15 104 215/65 r16 109 continental/michelin/goodyear 215/65 r15 104 mud snow 215/65 r15 104 all weather tyre 215/65 r16 109 215/65 r16 109 michelinn/a on alloy wheels 215/65 r16 109 continental 215/65 r16 109 mud snow 215/65 r16 109 all weather hub caps full wheel cover less spare wheel less tool kit less tyre carrier opener tyre inflator kit spare wheel tool kit tyre carrier drop door open tyre pressure monitoring system dcfag dcfaf c7jab gbacc gbacf gbtag gbzaj gbzak gbtab d2sag d2xad d2xch d5ead d3gwd d5pad/j/c d5pae d5pag d3js3 d5paj/c d5pad d5pae d5pag d5aag d5aab d17aa ahpaa csgaa ahtab d17ad ahpab csgac d19az o rrp price inc vat £ ssss 500.00 600.00 s s|o ooooo s s o|o oossss 80.00 300.00 250.00 s 80.00 80.00 300.00 250.00 s s 96.00 360.00 300.00 s 96.00 96.00 360.00 300.00 ssooo -75.00 -90.00 sssssssssssss sssssss sssssss brakes esp emergency indicator light flashing park brake mechanical feaaq fccab fajab steering steering column 4-way adjustable in/out/up/down graaf sssssss airbag steering wheel 4 spoke pu gtaab s s s s s s htaac huaab huaac j3eab hfl hfd s s o o s s o o s s o ossoossoss 120.00 60.00 s s 144.00 72.00 j3aab hfc sssssssj3fab hfe sssssss restraints driver airbag front passenger airbag front passenger seatbelt pretensioners passenger air bag de-activation switch drivers seatbelt warning light sound/belt minder cpgab cphab cpvab cpqab by5ai sssssss sssssss front seatbelt pretensioner driver pass front 3 point seat belts rear 3 point seat belts cpvab cpbab cpcab sssssssssssssssssssss cbaab cbaam nlv ososososos -60.00 s -72.00 s power supply twin battery standard duty alternator 150 amp heavy duty alternator 210 amp power converter 230v 150w auxiliary connection point contains 1 x 60 amp fuses rear aux power point socket 12v automatically pulls air-conditioning at an extra cost of £600 security power locks no deadlock power door deadlocks shielded dr entry remote-multi channel rechargeable 1 fob 1 plain key door entry remote control unit 2 fobs multi channel rechargeable auto-locking on drive away with crash unlocking disabled auto-locking on drive away with crash unlocking enabled cbfaq s s s s s s cbfaj nl3 o/s o/s o/s o s 25.00 30.00 cbbab sssssss cbbae ooooo 80.00 96.00 page 26 of 27