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ford provides complete customer support nationwide dealer network ford has a nationwide network of over 3,200 dealers that provide sales nance and service support ford is a well established leader in commercial sales and has a long history of providing vehicles that are built ford tough specialized commercial vehicle dealers ford business preferred network bpn dealers understand the needs of business owners a bpn dealer knows that vehicles used in everyday operations are critical tools for nancial success and your ability to provide for customers similarly ford makes sure bpn dealers have the tools they need to get the job done for businesses from commercial truck tools to quality fleet care financing source ford credit provides nancial support for commercial customers with eets of any size our broad range of products from traditional nancing to commerciallease accommodates many alternative fuel options including up ts from quali ed vehicle modi ers qvms find more information at http

ford engineering support gaseous fuel quali ed vehicle modi ers qvm ford has established a rigorous quali cation program for alternative fuel vehicle modi ers these guidelines are intended to provide guidance modi cation recommendations and engine operating speci cations required to ensure customer satisfaction and reliability in line with ford motor company standards onsite assessments at each qvm location assures conformance to a high standard of manufacturing assembly workmanship and customer service modi ers that have demonstrated compliance to the ford qvm guidelines and validation of the q185r1 engine operating parameters are listed on page 7 bulletin for gaseous fuel modi cation ford has released a quali ed vehicle modi er qvm bulletin q-185r1 that provides guidance on modifying ford gaseous prep engines the bulletin is updated as required and contains the following information · proper engine order codes required for cng/lpg conversion · calibration requirements to maintain

cng infrastructure number of compressed natural gas stations by state cng infrastructure the united states has over 1,100 operational cng service stations and hundreds more are planned cng stations can be found in almost every state with high population densities in addition to states having high levels of energy production the industry forecasts the emergence of cng corridors from ca to ok and il to ny there are also 57 million homes heated by natural gas ­ a potential cng lling point with installation of a compressor cng stations none 1-10 11-25 26-50 51-90 100 cng corridor source us dept of energy 2/14/2012 ge cng fueling supply system ge s cng in a boxtm is a fully integrated commercial cng fueling supply system offering cost-effective plug and play simplicity for eet and retail fueling it can provide cng fueling at a rate of up to 7.66 gasoline gallons equivalent gge per minute and a pressure of 3,600 psi this exible technology is available with a credit card reader and can

lpg infrastructure already the third most widely used engine fuel behind gasoline and diesel propane has a national infrastructure in place thousands of refueling stations up to 56,000 miles of pipeline an established distribution process and more than 6,000 retail propane dealer locations makes propane readily available throughout the u.s with fueling stations in every state for propane refueling station locations visit the department of energy s website listed below in addition to the thousands of propane autogas fueling stations found throughout the u.s there are two additional options for propane refueling skid-mount and permanent stations with skid mount above ground refueling stations typically come pre-assembled and are easy and inexpensive to have installed permanent stations feature underground propane storage tanks both have dispensers for ease of use similar to conventional refueling there are many different federal and state tax incentives for installing new propane

yellow cab of greater orange county yellow cab of greater orange county california has provided transportation services to the southern california community for over 65 years founded in 1945 yellow cab has survived and prospered by being innovative and constantly seeking new better and more cost effective ways to operate a successful transportation company larry slagle senior vice president of taxi operations said two of our concerns were vehicle life and fuel costs in keeping with the theme of being a good corporate neighbor and a thoughtful community partner yellow cab became a pioneer of using a dedicated alternate fuel system for both cng and later lpg to transport our clients in this area these systems made our eet green and of course cleaned up the exhaust substantially considering we travel approximately 200 miles per taxi per day this also brought us a more economical fuel price and a reliable supply of fuel not to mention longer engine life due to the clean fuel use some of

ford gaseous fuel vehicle testimonials thyssenkrupp elevator americas thyssenkrupp elevator the largest producer of elevators in the americas knows the ups and downs of running a successful business in 2010 thyssenkrupp elevator s eet department started evaluating alternative fueled vehicles to explore ways to combat rising fuel costs with all the alternative fuel choices available today they needed a tool to effectively analyze and justify each fuel or alternative fuel vehicle type the five c s protocol of analyzing alternative fueled vehicles was created · is it clean · does it conserve · is it cost effective · does it make common sense · can you commit according to tom armstrong fleet director at thyssenkrupp elevator the only product that quali ed for all five c s was propane autogas thyssenkrupp runs 54 roush® cleantech propane autogas vehicles across ve geographic markets when we rst started out we were looking to reduce the company s carbon footprint by 20 percent

electric vehicle infrastructure charging stations commercial a number of companies offer commercial electric vehicle ev charging infrastructure these commercial grade level 2 240v systems can recharge vehicles signi cantly faster than using an ordinary 110v outlet they can fully charge a focus electric in less than four hours and the c-max energi or fusion energi in less than three hours pictured is the ge wattstationtm plug your vehicle in and the charge port will illuminate to indicate the state of charge the charging station will also show a charging icon to signal that the vehicle is in the process of charging when charging is complete users simply stow the cord keeping it organized for the next user ge wattstations are available in pedestal or wall mount con gurations wall mount units can either be hard wired for permanent installations or plugged in to an existing 240v outlet for simple removal of the unit public for eet drivers to charge their all-electric vehicles evs and

lower total cost of ownership the primary goal of most eet managers is to achieve and maintain the lowest total cost of ownership tco for their eet tco calculations should include the acquisition cost of the vehicle duty cycle mileage traveled fuel or fuels used associated infrastructure maintenance costs and the residual value of the vehicle along with any other ancillary costs the calculations shown below address only the cost components of selecting an alternative fuel compared to gasoline assuming all other aspects are equal fuel prices for this brochure were extracted from www.afdc.energy gov/data/tab/fuels-infrastructure/data_set/10326 calculating the fuel cost payback for any alternative fuel is straightforward a identify the base price of the vehicle you need assuming a gasoline engine b identify the price increase needed to use an alternative fuel over the base vehicle flex fuel e85 is generally available at little or no upcharge diesel up to b20 can range from $8,000 and

alternative fuel ford incentives incentives www.fordtoughtruck.com ford truck commercial connection ftcc is a program that provides nancial incentives to up t your ford commercial vehicles up t savings on ford alternative fuel vehicles help to further increase your purchasing power and reduce the total cost of ownership for more information about ongoing offers up t incentives and tax bene ts login at fordtoughtruck.com government incentives www.afdc.energy.gov/laws u.s department of energy allows you to search its database of federal and state laws and incentive programs related to alternative fuel vehicles www.fueleconomy.gov information about federal and state tax incentives for purchasing alternative fuel vehicles website page shown www.afdc.energy.gov/laws

lique ed petroleum gas lpg often referred to as autogas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases most commonly propane and butane a powerful odorant ethyl mercaptan is added so that leaks can be detected easily as opposed to relying on foreign oil sources approximately 90 of the united states propane supply is produced domestically 70 of the remaining supply is imported from canada and mexico propane is non-toxic and cannot get into the water table if there is a leak in the storage container from an economic perspective propane is an effective alternative to conventional transportation fuels when capital cost vehicle and infrastructure operation and maintenance are all taken into consideration advantage ­ power acceleration payload and cruise speed are unchanged to an equivalent vehicle fueled by gasoline propane has a high octane rating of 104 in-between compressed natural gas cng at 130 and unleaded gasoline at 87 consideration ­ because of the low vapor pressure of propane in

coming soon transit and transit connect all-new transit and redesigned transit connect transit the all-new ford transit lineup will eventually replace the legendary e-series the best-selling vans in history adding capability fuel economy and improved driving dynamics transit sets the new standard for full-size commercial vans the transit will be offered with the standard 3.7l v6 flex fuel capable the same 3.5l ecoboost engine proven in the f-150 and an all-new 3.2l power stroke® diesel option b20 capable the 3.7l v6 engine is available with a gaseous engine prep package for conversion to cng/lpg the full-size transit will be built in kansas city and customers can expect to see it arriving in dealerships in early 2014 transit connect the popular transit connect is all new for 2014 and will be available with a number of new features and models available as a commercial van or passenger wagon transit connect will be available in two wheelbases xl and xlt series trim and a choice