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p c lane-keeping alert 1,3,4 can detect lane markings and send vibration pulses to the steering wheel if it senses transit drifting unintentionally out of its lane if it detects you’ve crossed the line repeatedly the driver alert1,3 feature can chime and display a coffee cup icon to suggest you take a break from driving dri v e smar t whether you plan to share your vehicle with a family member or employees transit offers technologies designed to help keep all drivers confident behind the wheel mykey® technology 1 allows you to program ignition keys with reminders that help encourage smart driving habits like traveling at appropriate speeds keeping the audio volume low and much more tire pressure monitoring system1 is designed to alert you with a low tire pressure warning if one or more of your tires is significantly underinflated so that you can stop and address the situation as soon as possible reverse sensing system1,3 uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects near the rear of the vehicle when in reverse the system emits an audible warning increasing the rate of the tone as you move closer to the detected object hill start assist helps prevent the vehicle from rolling as you remove your foot from the brake pedal to accelerate from a stop on a grade it’s designed to momentarily maintain brake pressure until the engine produces enough torque to move your transit uphill side-wind stabilization joins advancetrac® with rsc® roll stability control™ to help you handle sudden strong side-wind gusts.2 standard on every transit this system can apply the brakes on one side of the vehicle if needed to help you stay on your intended path 2019 transit ford.com passenger van xlt 350 hr lwb-el drw ingot silver available equipment 1available feature 2 remember that even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics it’s always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions 3 driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention judgment and need to control the vehicle 4 lane-keeping alert does not control steering.