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engine history small block v8 289/302/351w/351c/351m/400 six ways to build a winner ford manufactured millions of small block v8s and ford racing parts are available for many of them you have a choice of six engines to modify eight if you count two high-performance boss versions so you ve got great flexibility working for you whether you begin with a complete engine assembly or a bare block all have four-inch bores but there are differences that affect parts interchange for example the water passages described on page 78 here s a brief description of ford small blocks 289/302 the 289 was produced from 1963 through 1968 and the 302 from 1968 to 2001 they re very similar except for stroke of special interest is the 289 4v hi-performance engine 1963-1967 with mechanical camshaft threaded rocker arm stud adjustable and a recessed spring seat most other 289/302 1968-1976 engines use a press-in stud 1978 and later 302 engines use a modified pedestal as shown on page 73 many 289/302 parts fit earlier 221/260 engines which had smaller bores they also had less metal around the bores so you can t overbore to come up with a 289 the 1985 model mustang gt introduced a new high-output 302 with roller tappet camshaft electronic fuel injection was added in 1986 289 hi-per 302 boss this is certainly one of ford s all-time super engines the 302 boss 1969-1970 proved to be very competitive in 5-liter transam racing it featured big breathing heads with canted valves mechanical cam stamped rocker arms with a threaded adjustable stud push rod guide plates forged crankshaft 4-bolt main caps 2 #3 and #4 journals beefy con rod with spot-face for .375 bolt and forged pistons 302 boss 351w windsor the windsor engine plant builds this engine hence the name normally this isn t important but another engine the 351c for cleveland engine plant has the same displacement that s about all they have in common so it s always important to differentiate between the two the 351w is a beefier block than the 289/302 but has the same bore spacing 4.38 and bore diameter 4.00 so heads retrofit a higher deck height requires a unique intake manifold main journals 3.00 are larger than the 289/302 2.25 camshafts interchange but the 351w has a different firing order 1-3-7-2-6-54-8 vs 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 for the 289/302 except 1982 and later 302 ho which use the 351w firing order the 351w has been used from 1969 to 1998 in 1994 the cylinder block was modified to accept a hydraulic roller camshaft for the f-150 truck the 1995 cobra r mustang used a 351w engine that was very similar to the lightning engine the modular engines eventually replaced the 351w not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles see pages 281-286 for important safety emissions and warranty information 351w www.fordracingparts.com 77