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news new new wave sinks moon sinks the wave is the exclusive mark of this new proposal a sinuous element that breaks the sternness of minimalism and makes it more flexible a new sleek design blends effortlessly into the reliability of a foster classic sinks without any welding of great strength with spacious bowls and a practical drainer area sink and mixer restyling accessories great restyling work on sinks collections many of the series have been renewed with the adoption of the perimeter overflow which improves aesthetics the range of mixers is constantly updated with the introduction of 9 new models no longer just accessories for sinks but additionally useful equipment and complement for the kitchen as the new systems for recycling and socketholder columns for worktops hobs ovens and coffee machine 4000 series is renewed with the new line and line xl models with the professional touch of cast-iron pot holders among the many induction proposals the new essential 1000 series has the ability to limit the maximum power the range of special solutions has been expanded with 4 different choices between microwave and combi-micro ovens 2 different steam ovens 5 maxi-ovens 90 cm wide 48 or 60 cm high two coffee machines complete the ovens modular systems of 4000 series automatic grinding of coffee beans and fl easy serving espresso pod system 37