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swiss pattern file set swiss pattern files are economically priced and each set includes a fitted case and 12 of the finest quality files in the most popular shapes swiss pattern files are fine precision cutting tools used by tool and die makers model makers delicate instrument and part finishers for a variety of filing jobs made to closer tolerances than american pattern files they are primarily finishing tools for removing burrs trueing narrow grooves notches keyways cleaning corners smoothing small parts and similar jobs order number 75-130-060-0 75-130-062-0 description 12 pc swiss pattern file set 12 pc swiss pattern file set length 6 6 cut no #0 #2 diamond file deburring set diamond impregnated for use on even the hardest alloys ro und hal f-r oun d squ are tria n gle set includes • 1 handle providing maximum grip comfort • 5 piece set of diamond impregnated files consisting of a round flat square triangle and half-round file 5-1/2 long with 2-1/2 length of cut • 2 triangular scraper/deburring tools single and double ended • fitted storage case order number 72-483-666-0 54 fla t description diamond file deburring set prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.