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height gage probe sets 4mm probe set case 54-199-502-0 disc-shaped insert Ø 7.7mm disc-shaped insert Ø 11.5mm 54-199-503-0 corner insert 1mm 54-194-948-0 measuring insert holder for m2.5 m1.6 m1.4 54-199-507-0 insert holder l=80mm m2.5 54-199-508-0 insert holder 90° l=80mm Ø 4mm 54-199-512-0 measuring insert holder Ø 1mm 54-199-509-0 ruby ball probe Ø 2mm ball probe Ø 1mm 54-199-510-0 knife-edged measuring probe l=88mm 54-199-019-0 holder with reduction 8mm/4mm 54-194-935-0 swivel holder Ø4/Ø8mm hemispheric probe probe with pin plus 4 additional pins test indicator tip Ø 1mm test indicator tip Ø 2mm test indicator tip Ø 3mm 54-199-105-0 key for ball insert hex wrench 1.5mm hex wrench 2.5mm 8mm probe set case 54-194-910-0 carbide ball probe Ø 4mm l 140mm 54-194-906-0 carbide ball probe Ø 2mm 54-194-912-0 carbide probe with pin Ø 1.5mm 54-194-938-0 swivel holder 90° Ø 4mm 54-194-942-0 measuring insert holder Ø 2mm 54-194-930-0,931-0 insert holder metric m2.5 54-199-505-0 insert holder l=124mm m2.5 insert holder l=200mm m2.5 hemispheric probe tip disc-shaped insert Ø 18mm test indicator tip Ø 1mm test indicator tip Ø 2mm test indicator tip Ø 3mm key for ball tip hex wrench 2.5mm 54-199-106-0 economy probe set case 54-199-503-0 54-199-504-0 54-199-506-0 54-199-515-0 54-194-906-0 54-194-942-0 54-194-938-0 corner insert 1mm measuring insert m2.5 with ball contact 80mm extension m2.5 Ø 4mm hex wrench 2.5mm carbide ball probe Ø 2mm measuring insert holder Ø 2mm measuring insert holder 90° Ø 4mm l 65mm 12 300mm probe holder 54-199-400-0 order no 54-199-105-0 54-199-106-0 54-199-107-0 54-199-400-0 54-199-107-0 description 4mm probe set 21 piece 8mm probe set 16 piece economy probe set 7 piece 12 300mm holder — for 8mm probes list price $1679.94 1253.58 445.00 940.34 prices specifications are subject to change without notice sale price $1595.00 1190.00 420.00 890.00 9