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neo orange 0500 lb in kg fox 40 increase size of fittings fox sports 12 x 40 sport and technology pack fox haed cooling off helmet locking system black and neon pink and green fox shocks fox shock international orange breakaway fittings dental 2012 blue fox fox body compact 40 fox reducer fox exhaust internal grip hydration packs evaporation rate measurement

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mouthguards protection comfort durability in contact sports your mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will ever use a single blow to the mouth or jaw can cause serious dental damage that is very painful and expensive to treat fox 40 has set a new standard in boil and bite technology offering reliable comfort and stability fox 40 mouthguards are made with high-impact advanced eva technology featuring top of the line anti-concussion firm-fit molding for unobstructed breathing and clearer speech the fox 40 mouthguard line offers quality athletic mouthguards that provide superior protection without compromising comfort and

mouthguards p your c l oo fox 40 heat alert mouthguard for all sports helps prevent exertional heatstroke as a result of high incidences of heat stroke in all levels of sports fox 40 has developed the first mouthguard with advanced color warning system created using exclusive spectrabursttm color technology the fox 40 heat alert mouthguard starts to change color from black to orange as a warning once internal body temperature reaches 102ºf 38.9ºc at that time the player should be called off of the field or court immediately for a cool down and hydration period mouthguard color starts changing at 102º body temperature critical body temperature threshold is 105º play hard play safe play smart models · one size fits all with strap · one size fits all strapless description advanced heat exhaustion prevention superior protection proper rest and hydration breaks and heat acclimatization are important practices for all athletes and the fox 40 heat alert mouthguard can provide

fox 40 flexxguard models · junior with strap · senior with strap includes compact lock-in case description comfortable custom fit innovative bite pads offer extra shock absorption and protection against the risk of concussion designed with built-in breakaway tether helmet clip system for additional safety packaging ordering information item 5911-0000 5911-1100 5911-1300 5912-0000 5912-1100 5912-1300 pkg weight 0.13 lb 0.6 kg clr/size blk jr clr jr neon jr blk sr clr sr neon sr upc 066143120005 066143120043 066143120029 066143120012 066143120050 066143120036 description flexxguard mouthguard with strap pkg dimensions lxwxd 9 x 4.5 x 1.5 minimum pack quantity 6 fox 40 grippguard models · junior strapless · senior strapless includes compact lock-in case description superior grip and protection boil and bite technology provides a comfortable custom fit while shock absorbing bite pads offer advanced protection against concussions packaging ordering information item

mouthguards fox 40 master mouthguard models · one size fits all with strap · one size fits all strapless description softer ateva eva co-polymer material features firm-fit moulding that aids in the prevention of concussion and provides added comfort and flexibility available with or without strap one size fits all ordering information with strap item 5906-0000 5906-0100 5906-0200 5906-0300 5906-0400 5906-0500 clr blk red yel org pnk blu item 5906-0600 5906-0700 5906-0800 5906-0900 5906-1300 clr grn wht pur clr neo strapless item 5906-0001 5906-0101 5906-0201 5906-0301 5906-0401 5906-0501 clr blk red yel org pnk blu item 5906-0601 5906-0701 5906-0801 5906-0901 5906-1301 clr grn wht pur clr neo upc for all product 066143119696 black red yellow orange pink blue green white purple clear neon description master mouthguard pkg dimensions lxwxd 11 x 4 x 0.5 pkg weight 0.04 lb 0.02 kg minimum pack quantity 12 fox 40 superior mouthguard models · one size fits all strapless includes