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whistles fox 40 classic eclipse enhanced design intense colors same great classic sound the original fox 40 classic has been re-engineered for maximum performance and style resulting in the new fox 40 classic eclipse it is also the first whistle to be developed using exclusive spectrabursttm glow-in-the-dark colors the bright glow will last up to 10 hours nex t genera on ti keep the classic eclipse with you in the daylight and never lose sight of it after dark models · without lanyard · with breakaway lanyard · with 9 clipper lanyard · with wrist lanyard · with p.t system lanyard description welcome to the newest addition to the fox 40 classic family the new fox 40 classic eclipse offers the authentic classic sound in a sleek new design which features an integrated co-molded cushioned mouth grip the seven bright glow colors which charge with ambient light will last up to 10 hours spectrabursttm spectraglow technology is a non-toxic non-flammable color additive that when added to

fox 40 classic cmg models · without lanyard · with breakaway lanyard · with 9 clipper lanyard · with wrist lanyard · with p.t system lanyard · with fingergrip description better grip better control better protection comfort and reliability first we invented the best whistle then we made it more comfortable this whistle is the same as the classic but has an added cmg cushioned mouth grip the classic cmg is ideal for those who need to hold the whistle in their mouth for extended periods of time from sports officials to lifeguards and crossing guards the innovative thermoplastic cmg provides superior grip and protection for your teeth design 3-chamber pealess classic design cushioned mouth grip cmg sound power 115 db colors attachments breakaway black red yellow orange pink blue green white purple silver gold neon official safety wrist 9 clipper p.t.system official ordering information classic cmg official item 9600-0008 color black upc 066143090049 classic cmg fingergrip

whistles fox 40 sharx models · with breakaway lanyard description sound innovation designed for the extreme the first fox 40 pealess whistle designed specifically for outdoor use exceptional sound flawless and consistent performance makes it the preferred most reliable and trusted whistle for search rescue outdoors and personal safety emits effortless authoritative sound power of 120 db that can be heard for miles over ambient noises made from durable poly carbonate and co-molded elastomer for added comfort and slip resistance specifically designed to perform in the nastiest weather conditions ring is rustproof stainless steel available with fox 40 black lanyard only design 2-chamber pealess sound power 120 db colors attachments breakaway black/black orange/blue yellow/blue neon/grey red/red green/green white/grey purple/green safety ordering information sharx safety with breakaway lanyard item 8703-2008 8703-2108 8703-2208 8703-2308 8703-2408 8703-2508 color blk/blk org/blue

whistles fox 40 pearl models · without lanyard · with breakaway lanyard · with 9 clipper lanyard · with wrist lanyard · with p.t system lanyard · with fingergrip description lower tone different tone is ideal for multi-field games this whistle produces a lower-tone pitch ideal for those who don t need a piercing shriek yet want a blast well above man-made and environmental noise perfect choice for the elderly and children or wherever the need for a different sounding whistle exists design 2-chamber pealess sound power 90 db colors attachments breakaway black red yellow orange pink blue green white purple silver gold neon official safety wrist 9 clipper p.t.system official ordering information pearl official item 9700-0008 color black upc 066143090803 pearl fingergrip item 9709-0008 color black upc 066143090957 pearl safety item 9702-0008 9702-0108 9702-0208 9702-0308 9702-0408 9702-0508 color black red yellow orange pink blue upc 066143190800 066143191005 066143191012

pro coaching boards for coaches instructors and athletic directors use the boards the pros use available in many sports and sizes fox 40 pro coaching boards feature a superior quality write-on/wipe-off system durable clip and double-sided playing surface pro coaching folder kits also available in magnetic and write-on/wipe-off format custom sports custom sizes and designs available contact any member of our sales team to get a quote on your custom coaching boards

fox 40 pro coaching folder sports available · american football · baseball · basketball · box lacrosse · canadian football · field hockey · field lacrosse · floorball · futsal · handball · ice hockey · indoor soccer · ringette · soccer · volleyball description board dimensions 11 x 15 28 cm x 38 cm closed includes 2-sided flex board pocket board dry erase marker black fox 40 classic/lanyard paper holder built into folder full field/court on one side half field/half court on other ordering information pro coaching folder item 6901-0800 6901-0900 6901-1600 6901-1000 6901-0100 6901-0200 6901-1100 6901-1200 sport am fball baseball basketbl box lacr can fball f hockey f lacros floorbal upc 066143800099 066143800105 066143800174 066143800112 066143800037 066143800044 066143800129 066143800136 item 6901-1500 6901-0300 6901-0400 6901-1400 6901-1300 6901-0600 6901-0700 sport upc futsal 066143800167 handball 066143800051 ice hocky 066143800013 ind soccr 066143800150

mouthguards p your c l oo fox 40 heat alert mouthguard for all sports helps prevent exertional heatstroke as a result of high incidences of heat stroke in all levels of sports fox 40 has developed the first mouthguard with advanced color warning system created using exclusive spectrabursttm color technology the fox 40 heat alert mouthguard starts to change color from black to orange as a warning once internal body temperature reaches 102ºf 38.9ºc at that time the player should be called off of the field or court immediately for a cool down and hydration period mouthguard color starts changing at 102º body temperature critical body temperature threshold is 105º play hard play safe play smart models · one size fits all with strap · one size fits all strapless description advanced heat exhaustion prevention superior protection proper rest and hydration breaks and heat acclimatization are important practices for all athletes and the fox 40 heat alert mouthguard can provide

fox 40 marine be seen be heard be safe the flawless performance of the fox 40 pealess whistle has set the stage for the fox 40 marine line fox 40 products are the preferred choice for watercraft applications and personal safety wet or dry you can depend on fox 40 products for all of your marine safety needs fox 40 marine products are true to the fox 40 tradition of innovative design and engineering excellence they are always on duty with the extra measure of performance for which fox 40 is famous fox 40 works closely with our engineering partners to create products that comply with the rigorous standards of safety equipment requirements set out by the national coast guards and other professional

water safety throw models · 50 water safety throw description aerodynamic shell sails through windy conditions while traditional fabric bags tend to get caught up in the wind the integrated handle is clearly visible and easy to grasp a quick-release plug prevents the rope from deploying inadvertently the 50 ft premium polypropylene braided floating rope has 900 lb breaking strength unique knit rope provides a degree of stretch while also providing ultimate strength selected for permanent collection of the design exchange pkg dimensions lxwxd 13 x 5.75 x 4 pkg weight 1.04 lb 0.47 kg minimum pack quantity 12 item 7901-0201 upc 066143104050 description water safety throw rope float models · 50 rope float description much softer and easier to handle than conventional coarsely-braided ropes made from extra-fine polypropylene filaments woven into high-density braid float made of expanded poly-vinyl chloride for maximum toughness weather-resistance and long-service life

marine micro marine models · with breakaway lanyard · 2-pack with 2 breakaway lanyards description sleek and compact a technical marvel the fox 40 micro marine is ergonomically designed compact small and flat and has no pressure points attach it to anything ­ life jackets clothing or backpacks simple tiny and works perfectly recommended by outdoor enthusiasts and boaters ordering information item 9505-0108 9505-0308 9505-1308 9511-2608 9511-2908 9511-1808 color red orange neon blk+red org+blue neon+grn upc 066143096003 066143096010 066143096027 066143096201 066143096218 066143096225 red orange neon black red orange blue pkg weight 0.05 lb 0.02 kg green neon description micro marine pealess whistle pkg dimensions lxwxd 6.625 x 3.25 x 1.1875 minimum pack qty 12 pearl marine models · pearl marine whistle for kids with breakaway lanyard available with matching breakaway lanyard description lower-tone pitch ideal for those who don t need a piercing shriek yet want a blast well