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fox 40 classic cmg referees · coaches · sport · safety · marine better grip better control better protection comfort and protection first we invented the best whistle then we made it more comfortable this whistle is the same as the classic but has an added cmg cushioned mouth grip the classic cmg is ideal for those who need to hold the whistle in their mouth for extended periods of time from sports officials to lifeguards and crossing guards the innovative thermoplastic cmg provides superior grip and protection for your teeth design 3-chamber pealess classic design cushioned mouth grip cmg sound power 115 db classic cmg official models · without lanyard · with breakaway lanyard · with 9 clipper lanyard · with wrist lanyard · with p.t system lanyard colors attachments 9 clipper breakaway p.t system wrist packaging classic cmg fingergrip models · with fingergrip colors attachments packaging embossed fox 40 logo on fingergrip in new thermoplastic rubber material classic cmg safety models · with breakaway lanyard colors attachments packaging 5