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whistles fox 40 mini authentic genuine compact don t let the size fool you referees · coaches · sport · safety · marine the fox 40 mini pealess whistle is a more compact version of the fox 40 classic with a smaller mouthpiece the 3-chamber design produces a high-pitched ultra-shrill tone and fits easily into a pocket or purse design 3-chamber pealess smaller mouthpiece sound power 109 db mini official models · without lanyard · with breakaway lanyard · with 9 clipper lanyard · with wrist lanyard · with p.t system lanyard colors attachments 9 clipper breakaway p.t system wrist packaging mini fingergrip models · with fingergrip colors attachments packaging embossed fox 40 logo on fingergrip in new thermoplastic rubber material mini safety models · with breakaway lanyard colors attachments packaging 6 www.fox40world.com