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fox 40 sharx referees · coaches · sport · safety · marine sound innovation designed for the extreme the first fox 40 pealess whistle designed specifically for the outdoor new in 2010 new exceptional sound flawless and consistent performance makes it the preferred most reliable and trusted whistle for search rescue outdoors and personal safety emits effortless authoritative sound power of 120 db that can be heard for miles over ambient noises made from durable poly carbonate and co-molded elastomer for added comfort and slip resistance specifically designed to perform in the nastiest weather conditions ring is rustproof stainless steel available with fox 40 black lanyard only in 2010 design 2-chamber pealess sound power 120 db sharx safety models · with breakaway lanyard available only with black breakaway lanyard colors attachments breakaway packaging fox 40 micro referees · coaches · sport · safety · marine sleek and compact a technical marvel recommended by outdoor enthusiasts adventure guides hikers and cyclists the fox 40 micro is ergonomically designed compact small and flat and has no pressure points attach it to anything ­ life jackets clothing or backpacks simple tiny and works perfectly design 3-chamber pealess sound power 110 db micro safety models · with breakaway lanyard · 2-pack with 2 breakaway lanyards colors attachments packaging 11