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Watchland Franck Muller

watchland a dream come true w when i think of a traditional watch manufacture i envision a beautiful swiss chalet in a small village watchmakers toiling away at antique wooden tables a workshop with beautiful views of lakes and snow-capped mountains in the distance instead i often find modern glass and concrete highly industrialized work areas hermetic clean rooms and so on so i was surprised when i arrived at franck muller s watchland in the small village of genthod switzerland to find my fantasy of a watch manufacture realized the beautiful main house looks almost like a castle it is the heart of the sprawling development known as watchland and the headquarters of the franck muller brand immaculate park-like grounds surround the house and the landscape beyond the property encompasses lake geneva with the peak of mont blanc and the alps beyond as soon as i had taken it all in another fantasy entered my mind that of leaving journalism and becoming a watchmaker here franck muller

designed to make it as easy as possible to create and manufacture watches many companies try to provide good working conditions but the reality is often a manufacturing floor that is crowded stress-inducing almost antiseptic watchland is one of the few places i have visited where the beauty and comfort of the work environment is given such high priority sirmakes believes that workers must be comfortable and happy if the franck muller brands are going to be successful watchland s environment is an important factor in employee retention the high complications workshop on the top floor of the main building could easily be mistaken for a master watchmaker s atelier of another century the room is completely finished in wood with the carved eaves and buttresses of the building just outside through the wrap-around windows which afford the best view of watchland here the only concessions to modernity are a computer and a phone watchland provides an environment that keeps workers happy and

watchmaker sirmakes and muller had parted ways for a few years but according to sirmakes that chapter is behind them now conflicts can occur in business sirmakes says but now franck muller represents the group again he is now purely a designer working in his own studio he has creative freedom and we produce some of his series sirmakes is confident that his business will continue to grow but he sees storm clouds on the horizon one that sirmakes takes very seriously is the corruption of the term swiss made in his opinion a watch marked swiss made should be nearly 100 percent swiss but outsourcing and globalization are eroding the meaning of this term as makers push the limits of the law governing its use consumers are often unaware of the specifics which flirt with the esoteric for example can a watch assembled in switzerland from parts made in germany be called a swiss watch if all components are made in switzerland and assembled elsewhere is the watch swiss what if half of the

clockwise from above watchland s main house double mystery jewelry watches a conference room at watchland a s wi s s wa tc h only when it is swiss may a watch carry the indications swiss made or swiss or any other expression containing the word swiss or its translation on the outside according to section a osm a watch is considered to be swiss if · its movement is swiss · its movement is cased in switzerland · and the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in switzerland a swis s mo vem en t according to section osm a move ment is considered to be swiss if · it has been assembled in switzerland · it has been inspected by the manu source federation of the swiss watch industry accor di ngtofhthefe de rati on o f th e sw i s s wa tc h i n du s t ry facturer in switzerland · and the components of swiss manufac ture account for at least percent of the total value without taking into account the cost of assembly osm is the swiss made law established by a council of the