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product overview fully automatic coffee

true passion leads to innovation every franke coffee machine is packed with true passion and 100 percent swissness during product development we learn from the experiences of restaurant operators study the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers and work tirelessly to further improve our products our broad modular product portfolio offers the ideal solution for meeting every individual wish in terms of size performance operation and varieties of coffee drinks a200 enjoyment through perfection the a200 is the professional machine for handling small to mid-sized capacities an intuitive touchscreen offers as many as 36 different beverages the machine guides operators through the cleaning process in a uniquely understandable and efficient way – even someone without any experience working with the a200 can operate it two ceramic grinders work with high levels of precision for fantastic coffee the high-performance steam spout produces milk foam in a flash additional beverages

a600 all you need for perfect coffee a800 unlimited possibilities the a600 is the new standard in the mid-capacity range the crystal clear touchscreen with its three customizable user interfaces provides an ideal basis for users to interact with the machine a functional led lighting concept gives you full control over all machine operations at its heart the machine has been optimized consistently for efficiency and perfection the practical bean hopper the precision grinder with ceramic discs and the selection from among three different brewing units all combine to deliver perfect coffee in combination with the the a800 is the ultimate performance heavyweight and opens up a whole universe of individual beverage creations it deftly handles even the very highest levels of demand and guarantees unparalleled coffee enjoyment its professional three-boiler system makes it possible to prepare a coffee while pouring hot water for tea and generating steam all at the same time and because the

accessories perfect flexibility tailored precisely to your needs 12 l 5l refrigeration unit su05 5 l the elegant solution su12 12 l the titan – refrigeration unit in product design 5 l 12 l lockable – perfect hygiene intelligent milk hose coupling for non-contact filling – empty signal via the display – can be installed under the counter directly underneath the coffee machine 12 l 6 ke200 the mini marvel chill cup the space-saver base refrigeration unit uke the space magician flavor-station the flavor wizard billing system the money maestro – refrigerator unit 4 l lockable – suitable for small to mid-range capacities – manual cleaning – combination of lockable refrigeration unit 5 l with two heatable cup racks 80 cups – suitable for small to mid-range capacities – refrigeration unit 5 l lockable – suitable for use as a machine base for professional food service or convenience applications –

foammaster™ variety becomes perfection spectra s peak performance – just as you need it the foammaster™ has redefined professional coffee making at the very highest performance levels thanks to a startlingly large touchscreen operating the unit becomes an experience in itself customizable user interfaces adaptable menus and the simple placement of advertising messages revolutionize interaction with the machine inside the spectra is a powerhouse that consistently offers perfect coffee quality – even in large quantities three different display options enable optimal integration into your operation the fully modular design allows every user to adapt the machine to their specific needs with the milk system and accessories configured into a unified the unit powerful components ensure you get the perfect crema delicious milk foam and a virtually endless variety of flavors capacity espresso cappuccino coffee hot water single 162 161 115 parallel 232 232 151 168 cups

spectra x new dimensions in brewed coffee spectra x-xl the powerhouse for brewed coffee at only 30 cm wide the spectra x includes much more than you would expect from a high-volume brewer you can select whether the brewed coffee is prepared directly from pre-ground coffee or the spectra x-xl is a compact yet powerful fully automatic coffee machine designed specially for preparing large volumes of brewed coffee it is ideal for breakfast buffets for self-service applications at roadside rest stops and in any catering from whole beans using a grinder the spectra x automatically portions the ground coffee in the brewing chamber where it prepares just the exact amount of coffee you need using four different brewing stages facility – in other words everywhere where a large volume of top-quality coffee is needed in a short time a four-liter brewing chamber and four-liter coffee reservoir are ready to dispense eight liters of brewed coffee at peak consumption times optimal freshness

dreamy hot and cold foam consistent foam quality even at high capacities variable foam from beverage to beverage hand-foamed quality foammaster milk foam quality standard on every a800 perfect foam for everyone this is what franke has promised incorporating foammastertm technology into the a800 as standard you have complete control over how to feed the milk into your machine connect your own refrigerator to the a800 or use franke’s new 12-liter extension unit whatever you choose the a800 will deliver milk foam with unbeatable foammastertm quality in every beverage you can vary the consistency and thickness of this foam to create artistic layers – safe in the knowledge that the foam quality will stay consistent even at high outputs the a800 is brimming with possi bilities for milk and mixed milk drinks all at the very highest performance levels classic franke classic foammastertm franke’s 12-liter refrigeration unit also makes your day-to-day activities that bit

just as individual as you are a200 a600 a800 foammaster™ spectra s spectra x spectra x-xl 150–350 840     150–250 150–300 250–400    capacity 50–100 cups beverages ristretto/espresso coffee brewed coffee cappuccino/latte macchiato chocolate/chococcino hot milk cold milk hot milk foam cold milk foam flavors hot water steam options ms   fm             second bean grinder third bean grinder powder dosing system double powder dosing system capsule brewing unit autosteam autosteam pro coffee pot dispensing spout coffee grounds ejector cup detector internal water tank external water tank permanent water supply connection lockable bean hopper raised feed 40/100 mm iot/telemetry milk refrigeration unit optional            750    

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