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100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz milk powder 220 vac dosing system coffee grinders coffee grinder coffee filters filter coffee screensaver np 542 dosing unit bakery machine sieve filter mg 600 refrigerant monitor pump hot feeder telemetry products kpa to kg water cooler with refrigeration system 600 kpa to bar kpa to bar

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a new level of indulgence what makes the perfect coffee is it the beans the roasting or perhaps the milk is it the chance to carve out some ‘me time’ in your busy day at franke we have brought together our extensive expertise our experience our innovative spirit and the passion of our engineers to create the pioneering a1000 it is our most advanced machine yet and more individual than ever before – and now it’s ready to take you to the next level of luxury the a1000 was created to give your guests their very own little moment of luxury no matter what your favorite coffee might be the a1000 can fulfill every wish – even if you like to try something different every single day the a1000 is your ticket to a coffee that’s designed just for you welcome to the next level of luxury – the a1000 by franke my favorite coffee

“i don’t like to add anything to my espresso – simple is best.” whenever wherever your personal coffee this coffee experience can be yours no matter who or where you are all with that personal touch for a whole new level of luxury “coffee to go that’s my style.” whenever wherever in a restaurant or a cafeteria at a motorway service station or a café at the supermarket or the petrol station getting a coffee to go or at the airport every guest is guaranteed a delicious coffee just the way they like it the a1000 makes all this possible because it’s packed with cutting-edge innovations most of the a1000’s smart features are hidden from view deep in its inner workings but as outstanding as it is on the inside looking good on the outside is important too with its stunning design and breathtaking form the a1000 passes this test with flying colors the new a1000 from franke is the perfect answer to every coffee desire every time

a1000 gloss black with chrome elements a1000 gloss white with chrome elements a1000 gloss black with gold

swiss made through and through up to 3 ceramic precision bean grinders the a1000 is produced in switzerland this means that exceptional reliable swiss quality is guaranteed in every last detail uncompromising swiss quality has been poured into the design and construction of the a1000 ­making it perfect for meeting the very highest ­demands this guarantees reliability efficiency and durability so that you get the most out of your investment outstanding brew group – the patented brew group improves the result of extraction and guarantees an exceptional ­coffee experience – three brewing units 43 mm and 50 mm sieve and patented needle filter are precisely adjusted to the various extraction grades needed to offer a wide range of beverages – it can be removed quickly and easily from the front without tools three boilers – three entirely separate boilers for hot water coffee preparation and steam – coffee water for tea and steam

cleanmaster fully automatic cleaning – maximum hygiene milk monitoring and empty signal pump module cleaning tank cleaning mode switching the fully automatic cleanmaster cleaning system is included in the innovative refrigeration unit of the a1000 as standard this ensures a sparkling clean a1000 at all times the cleaning concept in the a1000 is nothing short of revolutionary once the cleaning process is started the entire sequence is executed fully ­automatically and the machine switches to ­energy-saving mode once it has ended while you take care of other things the a1000 ensures that the strictest hygiene standards are met at all times efficient cleaning process – fully automatic process with integrated cleaning cartridge for maximum convenience – safe and practical thanks to an integrated cleaning tank – highest level of cleanliness thanks to specially developed milk and coffee cleaning agents – conforms to haccp scientifically proven

unique – even in its diversity when large quantities and varieties of drinks need to be produced frequently and fast the new a1000 is in its element and its outstanding quality and consistency will never fail to impress the a1000 effortlessly delivers top results to meet the very highest demands in terms of variety speed and consistency of quality the superior performance of the a1000 really shines through when large order quantities are at play as light and airy as milk can be cold or warm milk foam at just the right consistency efficient milk-foaming system for short foaming times low energy consumption and reduced calorie content in the hands of a creative operator the winning combination of the integrated foammastertm chocolate dosing system up to three grinders and an optional flavor station can be used to create virtually any beverage imaginable no matter how unique or unusual flavor options optional flavor station for adding an extra twist to beverages with up to six

optimum efficiency – the a1000 stays connected a1000 wherever you are the a1000 also gives you a ticket to optimum efficiency you can access each of your a1000 machines via the internet right from your smartphone or tablet – giving you a wealth of benefits for example you can find out which drinks are the top sellers in your region and keep an eye on how reliably your a1000 is working day after day to help you avoid downtime the system tells you in good time when maintenance is due with these features smart coffee machines can make a big difference to the success of your business for businesses running restaurant or bakery outlets – you can keep every aspect of your company’s coffee world fully under control at all times via smartphone – you can call up daily sales figures at any time and launch real-time sales promotions at short notice – you can check that your high quality standards are being upheld at your outlets at any time for roasters

your a1000 configured to your preferences maximum flexibility 1 2 new intelligent refrigeration unit 1 up to 2 milk varieties with 2 parallel refrigeration circuits featuring integrated milk temperature and level monitoring including dreamy foammastertm milk foam 1× 12 liter or 2 × 4.5 liter milk capacity 26 3 a1000 options 2 – second or even third grinder – bean hopper 2 × 1 kg 1 × 600 g or 1 × 2 kg 1 × 600 g lockable – one or two separate powder dosing systems for chocolate or milk powder lockable – steam spout s1 – autosteam s2 – autosteam pro s3 – under-counter milk cooler – coffee grounds ejector – cup sensor – iot/telemetry – raised feet 40/100 mm 4 5 flavor station 3 automatic dosing station for up to six flavors product specialties a1000 fm cm ristretto espresso coffee café crème billing system 4 can be used for various payment methods e.g coins cards cell phones

540 147 15 147 color options 200 680 880 black/chrome black/gold white/chrome or anthracite/chrome water connection 200 1080 270 1350 2 flavor station electrical connection dimensions weight empty colors 202 202 200 200 100–240 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 10 a 75 w 200 mm 542 mm 451 mm w/h/d approx 25 kg black white anthracite 3 340 4 542 340 3 25 2 3 1 542 340 mm 730 mm 600 mm w/h/d 475475 270 340 547 dimensions 15 380–415 vac 3lnpe 50/60 hz 16 a 6.7–7.9 kw 220–240 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 16 a 2.6–3 kw 220–240 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 30 a 4.4–5.2 kw 200–240 v 3lpe 50/60 hz 30 a 5.6–7.9 kw 200–220 vac 2lpe 60 hz 22.4–24.2 a 4.5–5.3 kw 200–220 vac 2lpe 50/60 hz 22.4-24.2 a 4.5–5.3 kw 200–220 vac 3lpe 50/60 hz 19.6-21.3 a 6.8–8.1 kw 1 refrigeration unit su12/uc12 12 l electrical connection 220–240 vac 1lnpe 50/60 hz 170–195 w 110–127 vac 1lnpe 60 hz 170–195 w 100 vac

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