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optimum efficiency – the a1000 stays connected a1000 wherever you are the a1000 also gives you a ticket to optimum efficiency you can access each of your a1000 machines via the internet right from your smartphone or tablet – giving you a wealth of benefits for example you can find out which drinks are the top sellers in your region and keep an eye on how reliably your a1000 is working day after day to help you avoid downtime the system tells you in good time when maintenance is due with these features smart coffee machines can make a big difference to the success of your business for businesses running restaurant or bakery outlets – you can keep every aspect of your company’s coffee world fully under control at all times via smartphone – you can call up daily sales figures at any time and launch real-time sales promotions at short notice – you can check that your high quality standards are being upheld at your outlets at any time for roasters – you have full control over your business model – you always know how much of which coffee has been consumed and how much needs to be replenished where for operators – you can keep track of 150 decentralized coffee machines even in a large building complex on your smartphone – you can plan and optimize the use of your resources in precise detail – you have a precise overview of the whole network and can avoid long downtimes output specific machine data such as – the configuration of the machine – product definition and product counters – machine data meters number of cleans filters etc – error messages/display indicators 3 -1 te 03 da 15 20 :25 15 2 54 n o 22 k i 1 o n 542 t statio 2 2 ta s 1 s p us g cups ok tus date 3-13 2015-0 15:25 s tat ing runn c u s date 3-13 2015-0 15:25 trautnn in 542 station 2 date 3-13 2015-0 s 12 c u np 54 2 atio e 2t2 usok stat d 1 s a 13 u pt 3cs -0 15 ok 20 suts ta ing gn n 5 n i :2 unnr 15 ru 15:25 n 542 oitats 22 1 cups ok s u s tat ing runn co ffe e vo uc he r 23