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“i don’t like to add anything to my espresso – simple is best.” whenever wherever your personal coffee this coffee experience can be yours no matter who or where you are all with that personal touch for a whole new level of luxury “coffee to go that’s my style.” whenever wherever in a restaurant or a cafeteria at a motorway service station or a café at the supermarket or the petrol station getting a coffee to go or at the airport every guest is guaranteed a delicious coffee just the way they like it the a1000 makes all this possible because it’s packed with cutting-edge innovations most of the a1000’s smart features are hidden from view deep in its inner workings but as outstanding as it is on the inside looking good on the outside is important too with its stunning design and breathtaking form the a1000 passes this test with flying colors the new a1000 from franke is the perfect answer to every coffee desire every time “which coffee shall i try today i’ll let the coffee machine display inspire me.” “the cappuccino here is outstanding i’ll have to come back every day.” “a double espresso in the morning a cappuccino at lunchtime and an evening ristretto.” 6 “looks great tastes great – outstanding coffee through and through.”