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hot and cold water supply drip tray dosing system household water system water tank cleaning ms 06 13 coffee grinder coffee grinders mg 600 down spout coin trays telemetry products weight for ms metal

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a200 enjoyment through

the essence of perfection for us at franke enjoyment means perfect coffee prepared with ease with the a200 we have created a coffee machine that embodies this perfectly the eyes always make the first decision the haptic experience then confirms the impression every­ thing feels valuable and obvious the operation follows intuitive logic and makes it effortlessly easy to put the a200 into operation we hear the ceramic grinder and even these mechanical sounds create confidence then the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the first sip of perfect crema and the rediscovery of an authentic aroma a franke from start to finish

enjoyment you can always count on the a200 was designed so it can be put into service and operated without reading a manual – simply plug in and away you go this is a masterpiece of swiss engineering that makes everyday handling of the a200 refreshingly simple simple yet customizable operation the a200 invites you to define as many as 36 prod­ ucts and then save them in the menu in doing so you first specify how you would like the beverage to be prepared should it use the ethiopian wild coffee from the grinder on the left or your favorite ecua­ dorian arabica from the grinder on the right should the brewing period be slightly longer or shorter would you like to add a little more or less milk then you then decide in which sequence your bev­ erages are arranged in the menu so that your favor­ ites appear at the very top the a200 guides you through this configuration with simple intuitive steps the process is both simple and customizable after a product has been

well thought out down to the finest detail standby timer optimized power consumption generously sized bean hopper easily accessible simple to refill 2×0.6 kg two precision bean grinders with ceramic burrs steam spout with the ms version height-adjustable beverage spout with integrated hot water easy to clean thanks to the magnetic casing drip tray 2.4 liters with level monitor water tank 4 liters easy to access from the front permanent water supply connection optional

precision bean grinder with long-life ceramic burrs the engineering of enjoyment the a200 components work together seamlessly to ensure optimal enjoyment every detail has been designed and tested by our developers before being integrated optimally into the overall machine concept additionally the a200 is shipped from the factory with two ceramic bean grinders whose coarseness can be set simply yet precisely the two rotary controls are located underneath the bean hopper and are readily accessible and easy to adjust this starts with the generously sized bean hopper – a feat of engineering all on its own it is unlocked using the central locking mechanism and simulta­ neously sealed at the bottom it can be removed with ease for cleaning or simply refilling with beans the cover features a silicon sealing rim to protect the refined aroma of the beans and is also available with a lock the machine’s brewing unit is directly accessible from the side and can be removed

on/off switch simple handling for maximum cleanliness milk container 5 liters with integrated temperature sensor and docking system milk temperature display lockable complying with the most stringent hygiene standards is a matter of course for franke that’s why the a200 now also comes with cleanmaster the fully automatic cleaning system once the cleaning process is started the milk cleaning sequence is executed automatically from start to finish and the machine goes into standby mode once it’s done so you can enjoy a spotlessly clean a200 at all times with the greatest of ease an impressive standard of convenience the a200 boasts an advanced integrated cleaning concept that minimizes your workload and guaran­ tees clean safe handling from now on milk and cleaning agent spills are a thing of the past just swap out the milk container for the cleaning con­ tainer choose from the automatic cleaning system easyclean which requires the cleaning fluid to be added manually

enjoyment is when everything is just right the a200 will thrill you with countless different possibilities enjoy your own beverage creations each and every day at the same high quality and experience the true meaning of quality at franke coffee with consistently high barista quality – perfect crema – two types of beans for added enjoyment – uniform quality in each and every cup unique milk foam – manual or automatic foam production – individually adjustable foam consistency – the perfect final touch for any beverage creation hot water for tea – programmable filling level – also suitable for large cups thanks to the height­adjustable spout unique variety

everything for your individual needs product specialties a200 ms ec a200 fm cm ristretto | espresso coffee | café crème cappuccino | latte macchiato hot milk hot milk foam cold milk cold milk foam hot water steam 1 2 milk systems 1 – foammaster™ fm hot and cold milk and milk foam individually adjustable consistency integrated cleaning system – milk system ms hot milk and milk foam ke200 cleaning systems 1 – cleanmaster cm fully automatic cleaning ­system with integrated cleaning cartridge for outstanding hygiene and unbeatable ­simplicity efficiency and convenience – easyclean ec automatic cleaning system with ­manual addition of the cleaning fluid perfect hygiene in just a few steps 14 3 a200 options 2 – bean hopper 2×0.6 kg lockable – permanent water supply connection – coffee grounds ejector – m2m/telemetry – accounting system –

for complete flexibility tailored precisely to your needs the following accessories can be combined with the a200 16 refrigeration unit su05 the elegant solution ke200 the mini marvel accounting system the money maestro – refrigeration unit in product design available in 5 l cm lockable – perfect hygiene intelligent milk hose coupling for contact­free filling – fill level alerts via the a200 display – top storage surface functions as heatable cup rack with on/off switch – refrigeration unit 4 l lockable – suitable for small to mid­range capacities – can be used for various payment methods e.g with coins card – ideally suited to public/private vending applications – can be combined with m2m features

2 3 453 475 630 200 540 2 accounting system ac 85–264 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 10 a electrical connection dimensions 200 mm 630 mm 453 mm w h d weight empty approx 18 kg compatible with model a200 ms ec a200 fm cm 630 1089 453 200 3 cup warmer electrical connection dia 16 mm l 2000 mm cw 220–240 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 120 w 10 a 110 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 80 w 10 a 270 mm 540 mm 454 mm w h d approx 20 kg model a200 ms ec a200 fm cm 143 560 dimensions weight empty compatible with water drain drain hose 475 454 143 acid content/ph value chlorine content 270 540 carbonate hardness 475 143 water pressure total hardness 3 3 270 540 water supply line metal hose with union nut g3/8 l 1500 mm if possible on installation side untreated water of drinking water quality not from household decalcification system 80–800 kpa 0.8–8.0 bar 4–8 °dh gh german total hardness 7–14 °fh gh french total hardness 70–140 ppm mg/l 3–6 °dh kh carbonate

19’329’666/05.17/ch-en subject to dimensional design and version changes franke kaffeemaschinen ag franke-strasse 9 4663 aarburg switzerland phone +41 62 787 31 31 franke coffee systems gmbh franke strasse 1 97947 grünsfeld germany phone +49 9346 9278 0 fax +49 9346 9278 100 franke coffee systems uk limited 6a handley page way old parkbury lane colney street st albans hertfordshire al2 2dq england phone +44 1923 635700 fax +44 1923 635701 franke coffee systems north america 800 aviation parkway smyrna tn 37167 usa phone +1 615 462 4265 fax +1 615 462 4400