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kw 20 60 80 kw 60 200 coffee beans milk powder dosing system grinding discs drip tray household water system 15 5 ph stainless steel bar ms 06 13 coffee grinder coffee grinders filter coffee coffee filters dosing pump dosing unit disc grinders mg 600 bean pump counter racks coin trays telemetry products 220 base station weight for ms metal 15 5 ph stainless

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a600 all you need for perfect coffee

true passion leads to innovation every franke coffee machine is packed with true passion and 100 percent swissness during product development we learn from the experiences of restaurant operators study the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers and work tirelessly to further improve our products the latest product resulting from this constant drive for innovation is the a600 2

intelligent and user friendly as a truly intelligent coffee machine the a600 redefines convenience enormously flexible the a600’s self-service capabilities dramatically improve efficiency in professional use the eight-inch color touchscreen with crystal clear resolution is the perfect interface for you and your guests intuitive menu prompts result in straightforward efficient operation the selection of beverages can be set individually and adapted to your exact requirements achieve additional sales through the exceptionally easy placement of advertising messages and custom images on the display the ideal user interface is at your disposal to address every possible application and use intuitive overview for self-service operation using a clearly understandable grid guests place their order from an attractive menu of beverages this can be customized easily with your own images the desired beverage can be selected in the blink of an eye with a simple touch or swipe of a finger and

details make the difference the lockable cover optional selection from three different brewing units – optimally adjusted to your way of making coffee generously sized bean hopper for simple refilling 2 × 1.2  kg or 1 × 2 kg the intuitive touchscreen makes operation simple and efficient and can be configured to your individual requirements two separate powder containers 2 × 1  kg functional lighting concept simple setting of grinding coarseness permanent water supply connection or tank 4 liters available maximum energy efficiency thanks to a timer function and minimal power consumption in standby mode automatically adjustable beverage spout removable drip tray 3 liters with level monitor only for versions a600/a600 ms ec with integrated water tank 6 steam spout autosteam  autosteam pro

innovative swiss for perfect technology coffee enjoyment when it comes to making coffee the core process is and always will be extraction our researchers are always looking for increasingly sophisticated methods this is exactly the reason why our coffee machines set such a high standard for others to meet our machines are a testament to true swiss quality in every regard it is factors such as taste and quality that distinguish a good cup of coffee from a superb one extraction is the deciding factor when brewing coffee with the goal of getting the absolute best from the beans the a600 optimizes this process and ensures perfect results in every cup franke has selected only the best components for the a600 and combined them to create a stateof-the-art system this consistency can be seen as soon as you open the practical easily accessible bean hopper its shape ensures that the machine is extremely easy to fill as well as making sure the beans continue to move optimally through the feeder

cleanmaster on/off switch simple handling for maximum cleanliness milk container 5 liters with integrated temperature sensor and docking system milk temperature display lockable complying with the most stringent hygiene standards is a matter of course for franke that’s why the a600 now also comes with cleanmaster the fully automatic cleaning system once the cleaning process is started the milk cleaning sequence is executed automatically from start to finish and the machine goes into standby mode once it’s done so you can enjoy a spotlessly clean a600 at all times with the greatest of ease an impressive standard of convenience the a600 boasts an advanced integrated cleaning concept that minimizes your workload and guarantees clean safe handling from now on milk and cleaning agent spills are a thing of the past just swap out the milk container for the cleaning container choose from the automatic cleaning system easyclean which requires the cleaning fluid to be added

perfection is good enough only our highest priority is the perfect beverage and thus satisfied customers the a600 meets this high standard in every regard you will be thrilled with the complete taste experience endless possibilities with hot and cold milk hot and cold milk foam and flavors the foammaster™ is your key to virtually infinite beverage options including flavored milk and coffee specialties – from a perfect latte macchiato through to a classic espresso or a refreshing strawberry milk – and much much more thanks to the milk processing system chocolate dosing system and flavor station which holds up to three different syrups it masters every possible drink option make your selection and indulge yourself coffee from dark classics to milky beverages and flavored coffees the a600 excels in creating all products from the world of coffee and all with a quality authenticity and precision that will excite any coffee lover milk enjoy hot and cold milk foam as if

as individual as you maximum flexibility 12 l 5l 12 l 5l 1 2 milk systems 1 – foammaster™ fm hot and cold milk and milk foam individually adjustable consistency integrated cleaning system – milk system ms hot and cold milk and warm milk foam exact dosing via milk pump cleaning systems 1 – cleanmaster cm fully automatic cleaning system with integrated cleaning cartridge for outstanding hygiene and unbeatable simplicity efficiency and convenience – easyclean ec automatic cleaning system with manual addition of the cleaning fluid perfect hygiene in just a few steps 14 3 a600 options 2 – second bean grinder – bean hopper 1× 2 kg 2 × 1.2 kg or 2 × 0.6 kg lockable – one or two separate powder dosing systems for chocolate or milk powder lockable – coffee grounds ejector – cup sensor – m2m/telemetry – accounting system – raised feet 100 mm – steam spout autosteam enhanced milk

for complete flexibility tailored precisely to your needs the following accessories can be combined with the a600 12 l 5l refrigeration unit su05 su12 the elegant solution – refrigeration unit in product design available in 5 l cm and ec/12 l ec lockable – perfect hygiene intelligent milk hose coupling for contact-free filling – fill level alerts via the a600 display – top storage surface functions as heatable cup rack with on/off switch – under-counter installation option available in 5 l ec/12 l ec 16 ke200 the mini marvel chill cup the space-saver base refrigeration unit the space magician flavor station the flavor wizard accounting system the money maestro – refrigeration unit 4 l lockable – suitable for small to mid-range capacities – combination of lockable refrigeration unit 5 l with two heatable cup racks 80 cups – suitable for small to mid-range capacities – refrigeration unit 5 l lockable –

340 mm 540 mm 475 mm w h d approx 28 kg compatible with model a600 ms ec a600 fm ec colors black or anthracite 2 flavor station fs3 electrical connection dimensions 100–240 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 75 w 10 a 200 mm 540 mm 453 mm w h d weight empty approx 18 kg compatible with model a600 fm ec a600 fm cm colors black or anthracite 200 270 3 3 1292 340 mm 750 mm 600 mm w h d color options black/chrome or anthracite/chrome 3 accounting system ac electrical connection dimensions 85–264 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 10 a 200 mm 630 mm 453 mm w h d weight empty approx 18 kg compatible with model a600 a600 ms ec a600 fm ec a600 fm cm colors black or anthracite water connection 0.5 mg/l water drain drain hose accessories 1 refrigeration unit su05 ec 5 l refrigeration unit ke200 4 l electrical connection dimensions 220–240 v 1lnpe 50/60 hz 0.71 a 10 a 225 mm 507 mm 453 mm w h d weight empty approx 13 kg compatible with model a600 ms ec a600 fm ec color stainless

19’329’669/05.17/ch-en subject to dimensional design and version changes franke kaffeemaschinen ag franke-strasse 9 4663 aarburg switzerland phone +41 62 787 31 31 franke coffee systems gmbh franke strasse 1 97947 grünsfeld germany phone +49 9346 9278 0 fax +49 9346 9278 100 franke coffee systems uk limited 6a handley page way old parkbury lane colney street st albans hertfordshire al2 2dq england phone +44 1923 635700 fax +44 1923 635701 franke coffee systems north america 800 aviation parkway smyrna tn 37167 usa phone +1 615 462 4265 fax +1 615 462 4400