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clever coffee solutions networked coffee machines mean better

imagine having every aspect of your company’s coffee business under control via smartphone at any time being able to call up daily sales figures and launch real-time sales promotions at short notice having a direct overview showing that your quality standards are being upheld at each of your locations clever coffee solutions in action imagine that some of your convenience store customers are stuck in a traffic jam so you send them a coffee voucher on their smartphone there’s no doubt about it your customers will happily escape the traffic to stop at your next service station redeem their voucher and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee launch a point of sale pos promotion at short notice for a chance to boost the number of customers coming into your convenience store this will enable 2 you to generate positive contacts and enhance your customer loyalty tested with proven results this solution already exists in cooperation with franke at an international service

imagine the unlimited opportunities this could bring you and your world of coffee for businesses running restaurant or bakery outlets you can check that your high quality standards are being upheld at all your locations at any time • you can set new standards across your entire coffee world – i.e in every single one of your locations – right through to the quality in each single cup of coffee date -13 2015-03 15:25 542 station 2 date 3 2015-03-1 15:25 s 12 c uonp 54 2 sta attisea1 2t2 u3s okdtup -03 -1 cs 5 k 1 o 0 2s tatusg ng n i n in n5 rn:2u 1 u r5 • you can keep hygiene in check at all times thus guaranteeing high quality standards throughout in order to serve first-class coffee • you can keep an eye on whether all machines are running smoothly at any given time 542 noit sta • you can prevent downtimes and thus avoid loss of sales 122 cups s ok u t a st for roasters ing nnur • you can always maintain full control

for operators you can keep track of 150 decentralized coffee machines in a large building complex on your smartphone • you know exactly where there is a fault or where coffee supplies need to be replenished e 183 tn a daat st teio dfee -0 cof1 5 3o k-133-13 -0 5 0 1 2s20 tat usgin5 :2 n5 n :2 1r15 u5 542 station 12 2 cups s ok s tat u ng i runn 54422 noit ta sa tion2 25 stc u p s 1 1s 2o2k suptucs ta i n go k ns untuar st ing nnur • you can plan and optimize the use of your resources in precise detail • you can guarantee the most efficient coffee bean and milk refills and make sure machines are always ready for use immediately • you can offer various payment systems and manage prices centrally • you can improve customer satisfaction by responding to every potential need quickly and efficiently imagine we can make your wishes come true starting right now after all our clever coffee solutions are not just a vision –

the facts keep track of what’s going on you already have the possibility of accessing every coffee machine in your outlets online this allows you to find out which drinks sell best in which region how often your employees clean the machines and how reliably your franke machines are running day after day to help you avoid downtime the system tells you in real time when maintenance is due online dashboard for live information all relevant information can be called up live at any time directly in your browser this includes information on sales connected machines and outlets and products sold with a “top 5” ranking for the current month details such as common error messages and sales per day or per hour are also available to ensure optimum control you can also group machines together yourself

information available in any browser you can see all connected coffee machines in your outlets at a glance with a single click you can view each outlet in detail and thus keep everything under control to view live information about your machines all you need is a device with an internet browser either a smartphone tablet or pc you can access this information online from anywhere in the world you can also assign individual user rights to your employees – to give them insights into areas that are relevant to them two-way communication for each machine or group of machines accept all types of payment at your coffee machines not only can you view machine data live but you can also adjust settings directly via the cloud simply select a machine or group of machines and change the price of a particular product for instance it takes just two minutes to update the price in addition to normal sales transactions via your checkout system you can offer any other type of payment

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