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imagine the unlimited opportunities this could bring you and your world of coffee for businesses running restaurant or bakery outlets you can check that your high quality standards are being upheld at all your locations at any time • you can set new standards across your entire coffee world – i.e in every single one of your locations – right through to the quality in each single cup of coffee date -13 2015-03 15:25 542 station 2 date 3 2015-03-1 15:25 s 12 c uonp 54 2 sta attisea1 2t2 u3s okdtup -03 -1 cs 5 k 1 o 0 2s tatusg ng n i n in n5 rn:2u 1 u r5 • you can keep hygiene in check at all times thus guaranteeing high quality standards throughout in order to serve first-class coffee • you can keep an eye on whether all machines are running smoothly at any given time 542 noit sta • you can prevent downtimes and thus avoid loss of sales 122 cups s ok u t a st for roasters ing nnur • you can always maintain full control over sales you can have full control over your business model and know at all times how much of your coffee has been consumed and how much 3 -1 needs to be replenished where te 03 da 15 0 2 :25 15 2 4 5 • thanks to a barcode on the packaging you can benefit from two smart tracking functions – you can be sure that the right beans are being used for the right coffees in the right machines n 2 o 2 k i 1 o 542at noita st s s 122 tspuscpg ok u tus date -13 3 2015-0 15:25 – you can make sure only your beans are used • you can supply “on demand” for guaranteed freshness minimal storage requirements for customers and reduced stock for you s tat ing runn 4 custrautn • you know how much coffee has been consumed at each location and how much of which varieties need to be replenished n in