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for operators you can keep track of 150 decentralized coffee machines in a large building complex on your smartphone • you know exactly where there is a fault or where coffee supplies need to be replenished e 183 tn a daat st teio dfee -0 cof1 5 3o k-133-13 -0 5 0 1 2s20 tat usgin5 :2 n5 n :2 1r15 u5 542 station 12 2 cups s ok s tat u ng i runn 54422 noit ta sa tion2 25 stc u p s 1 1s 2o2k suptucs ta i n go k ns untuar st ing nnur • you can plan and optimize the use of your resources in precise detail • you can guarantee the most efficient coffee bean and milk refills and make sure machines are always ready for use immediately • you can offer various payment systems and manage prices centrally • you can improve customer satisfaction by responding to every potential need quickly and efficiently imagine we can make your wishes come true starting right now after all our clever coffee solutions are not just a vision – they’re real today 5