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authentic coffee culture traditional coffee machines celebrate espresso franke celebrates service passion preparing a perfect espresso takes passion for the experts a sure instinct and a flair for the trade add up to a ritual that they delight in celebrating for their guests franke’s coffee systems espresso ­machine range offers baristas just the right instruments for the professional creation of italian coffee specialties the machines combine classic italian d­ esign with technical sophistication the art the traditional coffee system is the mother of all ­coffee machines it integrates everything known about perfect coffee extraction our machines are designed to make the experts shine not only do temperatures remain stable they can also be ­individually set for each brewing group and even ­individual drinks the electronics work away behind the scene leaving the barista’s own artistry free to unfold by franke our semi-automatic line unlocks the potential of the fascination with espresso true to their italian ­heritage our t200 t400 and t600 machines are technical marvels whose elegant design is a welcome symbol of classic espresso culture in customer-­ facing areas franke’s typical high standards are ­evident in the ease of operation attention to detail and of course in our familiar comprehensive service and support 3