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the enjoyment is in the details the ruggedness and innovative attention to details of franke’s espresso range provide an enjoyable alternative to the daily routine more stable brewing temperature the quality consistency of an espresso depends above all on temperature stability consequently our machines feature a unique heat exchanger that is evenly heated by the steam from the boiler ensuring reliably stable temperature optimal extraction getting the most aroma out of ground coffee is a function of water flow rate and duration we have ­optimized these parameters in our machines ­reducing the portafilter diameter to 53 mm from 58 mm has enabled us to achieve the ideal ­level of coffee grounds greater freedom of design thanks to the itc individual temperature control function users can individually program the brewing temperature of each brewing group for the t400 and even each product for the t600 with the t600 the brewing water temperature and the boiler ­temperature can also be separately controlled these features increase the opportunities for baristas to develop their own artistry best-quality foam our intelligent steam wand stops the foaming process automatically as soon as the perfect foam has been achieved this autosteam function also ­enables users to individually program the foam consistency as well as each steam wand the feature is optional with the t400 and standard with the t600 easier to operate intelligent menus simple controls for pump and ­b oiler pressure and electronic support for routine operation make life easier and more enjoyable for ­baristas 4 wider selection of models variations on the basic models with two three or four brewing groups are also available to suit individual requirements for example the taller “take away” version has room for taller glasses and cups under the brewing groups and the compact versions of the t200 and t400 each with two brewing groups offer all the features of their companion models in the smallest possible footprint smarter energy use our semi-automatic line also shows that the company really understands the day-to-day business of gastronomy during normal operations energy savings are possible whereas at busy times the system has to provide optimal performance the boiler tem­ perature of both the t400 and the t600 can quickly be increased this boost function assures top ­p erformance all the while optimizing energy use more service as with all our products franke’s highly professional service is available whenever needed.