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Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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2005 • friends school plant sale 3 tips on how to “do” the plant sale nvendorfair s at urdayonly w restrooms e restrooms s customer exit p la n t s checkouts fire exit only to the midway parking lot curbside loading zone going through the sale fire exit only fire exit only checking out • at the checkouts you will need the plant’s name its cost and how many you have this is important shoppers who do not record this information will have to go to the price check table so they don’t impede those who have recorded the information if you have picked up a plant that you cannot identify you can go to the price check table before getting into the checkout line all prices must be recorded on your sheet before checkout • there will be an express lane for shoppers with 10 or fewer items there will also be two credit card stations we should have up to 50 percent more checkouts this year since there will be more space • at saturday’s

2005 • friends school plant sale 7 we accept cash checks visa and mastercard annual flowers coleus for sun Í∏ a058 copper glow—bright orange with gold a085 eucalyptus silver dollar eucalyptus cinerea ‘silver dollar’ and copper overtones narrow light-colored frilled margins a059 florida sun jade ◊—large deep burgundy leaves with green to yellow splotching in the center of the leaf a060 garnet robe—small purple-chocolate leaves with a gold edge trailing habit for baskets or combos a061 gay’s delight—chartreuse with prominent purple-blue veins a062 gold giant ◊ a063 kiwi fern—great scalloped edges on narrow purple leaves very upright a064 lord voldemort—deep purple with a chartreuse fillagreed edge a065 oompah—saber-like leaves with rose centers deep burgundy edges and green margins a066 penny—golden leaves with burgundy reverse and stems a067 religious radish—purple heart with

2005 • friends school plant sale 11 annuals indoor/outdoor plants a273 verbena brazilian verbena bonariensis tall and airy purple umbels on many slender stalks self-seeds a good cut flower 48” Í∏ —six plants in a pack $4.00 there are some really cool plants that aren’t winter-hardy here but we can have them in our gardens by bringing them indoors for the winter they’re too expensive to throw away at the end of the season these will be located with the rare plants a438 angel’s trumpet tree-form brugmansia ◊ vinca catharanthus roseus a splendid ever-blooming plant for beds in summer and pots in winter also known as madagascar periwinkle waxy impatienslike flowers are abundantly produced thrives in summer heat low maintenance and stays neat right up to frost mounded habit to 14” Í∏ a274 cooler mix a275 peppermint—white with red eye —four plants in a pack $2.00 a276 wishbone flower torenia fournieri

2005 • friends school plant sale 15 vegetables heirloom tomatoes we accept cash checks visa and mastercard vegetables want to grow in full sun unless otherwise noted lycopersicon esculentum v080 aunt ruby’s german green v088 garden peach v092 nyagous ◊ some say the best flavored green tomato sweet yet spicy these large beefsteak type tomatoes ripen to a pale green with a hint of yellow 80 days Ø —four plants in a pack $2.50 v081 blue beech one-hundred-year-old heirloom small 2 oz sweet fruits are blush pink when ripe and look more like apricots than peaches sweet prolific and stores well in autumn for winter ripening indoors recommended by lynne rosetto kasper of mpr’s the splendid table indeterminate 71 days —in a 4” pot $1.25 great black blemish-free tomato baseballsized fruits borne in clusters of up to six fruits very productive excellent full flavor indeterminate 80 days Ø —four plants in a pack $2.50 giant roma-type

2005 • friends school plant sale 19 we accept cash checks visa and mastercard shrubs in small pots these shrubs in small pots are a very affordable way to add shrubs to your landscape but it may be a few years before they are big enough to be called bushes s032 aralia variegated acanthopanox sieboldianus ‘variegatus’ ◊ s044 dogwood dwarf red-tipped cornus pumila ◊ a great-looking variegated plant with glossy bright yellow and green palm-like leaves arching form very tough and tolerant 5-10’ Í∏ —in a 2.25” pot $4.00 new leaf growth emerges red to create a beautiful contrast with the rich green mature foliage whitish flowers in clusters in late spring which give way to black fruits that are attractive to birds forms a pleasing irregular mound deer resistant 2-4’ Í∏ —in a 2.25” pot $4.00 s033 arrowwood blue muffin viburnum dentatum ‘blue muffin’ an exciting new compact arrowwood loads of

2005 • friends school plant sale 23 peonies continued from page 1 lady’s slipper continued an exquisite hard to find japanese woodlander topping palmate foliage are large openfaced lilac-pink flowers in spring this extremely hardy plant is the ultimate in elegance for the shaded garden 18” ∏ —in a one gallon pot $30.00 differences among peonies and to appreciate the amazing range of types available i recommend planting a variety including some woody some herbaceous and some of the peony’s cousin glaucidium the woody peonies are almost shrub-sized and work well as single specimens in a bed the herbaceous peonies create great borders or clumps of plants the glaucidium cousin has a beautiful flower with fewer petals and wonderful leaf structure among the herbaceous peonies the fernleaf peony has an especially delicate foliage the rogers book is paperbound with many color photographs clearly titled chapters lead the reader through the history of the

2005 • friends school plant sale 27 garden perennials beardtongue redleaf penstemon digitalis ‘husker red’ 1996 perennial plant of the year red foliage with white flowers 30–36” p062 —in a 2.5” pot $1.00 p063 —in a 3.5” pot $3.00 beardtongue pineleaf penstemon pinifolius a tiny shrub with woody stems needle-like evergreen foliage native to the great plains 6–8”Í∏‰ p064 p pinifolius—brilliant orange red flowers p065 mersea yellow ◊—bright yellow sport 1996 ppy —in a 2.5” pot $2.00 bee balm monarda didyma large long-lasting blooms july and august attracts butterflies and hummingbirds best in sun does well in poor soil and good soil tolerates dry soil mint family good for tea Í∏´ p066 panorama mix—shades of red pink and salmon 30” p067 panorama red shades— 30” —in a 2.5” pot $1.00 p068 prairie night ◊—deep

2005 • friends school plant sale 31 garden perennials p248 globe flower trollius chinensis ‘golden queen’ p264 hens and chicks mongolian orostachys spinosus ◊ golden queen is truly the queen of the buttercup family having strongly erect stems requiring no staking each stem topped by the large bright tangerine blossoms which are magnets for butterflies requires very moist conditions and thrives in poorly draining clayey soils but will easily adapt to welldrained soil too spring bloom 24” Í∏Ó —in a 2.5” pot $1.00 grown for the fascinating symmetry of its hens-and-chicks-like rosettes of grey leaves which send out new rosettes in summer greenish-yellow flowers follow in augustseptember ͉ —in a 2.5” pot $2.00 p249 globe thistle echinops ritro steely blue 1.5” flower spheres on dramatic leaves 24-36” Í —in a 2.5” pot $1.00 p250 goatsbeard aruncus dioicus tall background plant for wild

2005 • friends school plant sale 35 we accept cash checks visa and mastercard garden perennials phlox garden continued pinks maiden dianthus deltoides p427 david—very fragrant pure white long brilliant blooms in late spring and summer mat forming it makes a popular edging plant Í∏´‰ p443 brilliant—crimson 6-9” —in a 2.5” pot $1.00 bloom time 2002 perennial plant of the year one of the u of m’s tough and terrific perennials 30” p428 laura—very mildew-resistant with large purple flowers 38” p429 orange— 30” p430 pink— 30” p431 red— 30” —in a 4” pot $3.00 p432 little red riding hood ◊—deep pink the better to see it with 20” p433 little laura ◊—purple with a dark eye 25” —in a 4.5” pot $4.00 pincushion flower scabiosa flowers resemble delicate pincushions in lavender shades a prodigious bloomer and a

2005 • friends school plant sale 39 native wild flowers wild flowers of the prairie and savanna ˜ plants in this section all occurred naturally in minnesota before the onset of new species introductions that began when the first european-american farmers arrived many other plants are native to north america and even the upper midwest but not to minnesota we have chosen to locate those plants in our perennial section columbine wild aquilegia canadensis key red and yellow blossoms in late spring easy to grow our most popular wildflower excellent nectar source for hummingbirds does well in dappled shade good for edge of woodland or partly shaded hillside does well in moist or dry flower border or rock garden 8-24” ∏Ó´‰ Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ˜ native ˝ ground cover ‰ rock garden ´ edible flowers  medicinal Ç culinary n018 seed from ramsey county minn —in a 4” pot $3.00 n019 seed from

2005 • friends school plant sale 43 index by latin name a abeliophyllum forsythia 19 abutilon maple flowering 7 11 acanthopanax aralia variegated 19 acanthus bear’s breeches 26 achillea yarrow 37 aconitum monkshood 34 acorus rush japanese 12 actaea baneberry 41 actaea cohosh black 28 actaea cohosh japanese black 28 actinidia kiwi hardy 25 adiantum fern maidenhair 31 adlumnia bleeding heart climbing 25 agapanthus lily of the nile 11 agastache hummingbird mint 7 31 agastache anise hyssop 39 ageratum ageratum 6 ajuga bugleweed 28 akebia chocolate vine 25 alcea hollyhock perennial 31 alcea hollyhock annual 7 alcea marshmallow 33 alchemilla lady’s mantle 32 alllium allium yellow 26 allium chives 16 allium chives garlic 16 allium garlic german 16 allium onion curly 34 allium onion egyptian walking 17 allium onion mars 34 allium onion prairie 40 aloe aloe 16 aloinopsis aloinopsis 26 aloysia verbena lemon 17 amaranthus amaranthus 6 amaranthus love lies bleeding 8