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2005 • friends school plant sale 23 peonies continued from page 1 lady’s slipper continued an exquisite hard to find japanese woodlander topping palmate foliage are large openfaced lilac-pink flowers in spring this extremely hardy plant is the ultimate in elegance for the shaded garden 18” ∏ —in a one gallon pot $30.00 differences among peonies and to appreciate the amazing range of types available i recommend planting a variety including some woody some herbaceous and some of the peony’s cousin glaucidium the woody peonies are almost shrub-sized and work well as single specimens in a bed the herbaceous peonies create great borders or clumps of plants the glaucidium cousin has a beautiful flower with fewer petals and wonderful leaf structure among the herbaceous peonies the fernleaf peony has an especially delicate foliage the rogers book is paperbound with many color photographs clearly titled chapters lead the reader through the history of the peony species information recommended cultivars propagation and more the appendices include worldwide peony information nursery sources and information on landscaping with peonies the halda book is hardbound and contains beautiful botanical illustrations that you could frame for your wall the book is divided into two parts a section on the genus paeonia and a section about how to grow peonies both sections are easy to read and use both the halda and rogers books have excellent indices the halda book might be better suited for the serious gardener with an interest in the history and development of the species the rogers book is better for the practical gardener whose focus is on which peonies will work in my garden and how do i grow and take care of them my advice after reading these books is to include peonies in your garden peonies are easy to grow and maintain and don’t get strange diseases or bugs that are hard to control for as simple as they are to grow they have a powerful presence in the garden they deserve their association with calm beauty o024 peony scarlet paeonia peregrina ◊ lili herbert is head of friends school’s middle school program she gardens at her midway home o011 c parviflorum var pubescens yellow lady’s slipper—the easiest of all orchids to grow according to dr edgar t wherry and can live up to 100 years blooms in may most shade-tolerant of the lady’s slippers rootstock rescued from development 12-18” ˜—in a large pot $35.00 o012 c reginae pink and white showy lady’s slipper—our largest and showiest native orchid blooms from late june into july beautiful contrasting white petals and sepals with a moccasin-shaped “slipper” flooded with rose or crimson rootstock rescued from development 18-36” ˜ —in a large pot $50.00 these prices are for single-stem blooming-size plants we will also have smaller sizes for less and multiple stem plants for more o013 lady’s tresses fragrant spiranthes cernua odorata porcelain white 12” spires of sweetly scented flowers over 3-4” foliage on this eastern north american native orchid long-lasting cut flower damp organic soils preferred 12” Í∏ —in a 2.5” pot $4.00 o014 lily martagon lilium martagon up to 40 recurved lilies dangle like elegant candelabras very easy to grow preferring part shade but also fine in sun self-sows in a good site a european wildflower 36-72” Í∏ —in a 4.5” pot $12.00 o015 marsh helleborine epipactis palustris ◊ european native with purplish green flowers with red veins and yellow dots from june to september four to 20 blooms on a single spike moist or boggy alkaline soil will spread in the right spot 20” Í∏ —in a 4” pot $20.00 o016 orchis showy orchis spectabilis very difficult native orchid it requires deep well-drained soil with lots of leaf mold it definitely needs shade and good air circulation best on a slope that is moist in the spring usually found under sugar maples 12” spikes of up to ten one-inch rosy purple white-lipped flowers in may forms nice clumps when happy rootstock rescued from development Ó˜ —in a 4.5” pot $15.00 o017 peony anomalous paeonia anomala ◊ a thread-leafed herbaceous species originally from central asia with finely cut foliage brilliant pinkish crimson blooms 4” across Í —in a 1 gal pot $50.00 o018 peony chinese mountain paeonia obovata ◊ a very choice herbaceous species peony native to the mountains of china single pink blooms in spring followed by brilliant orange-red calyces with bluish-black shiny seeds that persist for many weeks brighten up a shady corner this is a woodland peony ∏Ó —in a 1 gal pot $50.00 peony fern-leaf paeonia tenuifolia considered a collectible fern-leaf foliage easily distinguishes it from other herbaceous varieties well-drained,even sandy soil—it doesn’t like wet feet blooms may-june 18” Í o019 p tenuifolia ◊—brick red single flowers with feathery foliage german garden stock —in a 4” jumbo pot $20.00 o020 p tenuifolia ‘plena’—double red flowers on a compact plant very floriforous sterile will not set seed —in a 1 gal pot $40.00 peony intersectional paeonia ◊ intersectional or itoh peonies resulted from crosses between herbaceous and woody peonies the flowers resemble those of woody peonies and the stronger stems keep the plant from flopping as happens with herbaceous peonies like herbaceous peonies though they need to be cut back to the ground each spring the intersectionals we are offering were bred in wisconsin by roger anderson and are newly available to the plant sale they are particularly easy to grow they need only well julia rose intersectional peony drained soil plenty of sun and a mulch during their first winter supply limited Í o021 pastel splendor—single white with light pink and yellow shades upon opening red flare canary brilliants—full double canary yellow with lemon fragrance julia rose—single to semi-double opening cherry red to orange and later yellow flowers in three colors at the same time callies memory—yellow-cream 6–8” blossoms with maroon flares and picotee edge semi-double to double —in a 2 gal pot $200.00 o022 bartzella—a peony of some notoriety— probably related to its price it has deep yellow flowers with a lemon fragrance blooms to 9.5 inches on established plants bloom period from two weeks to a month as many as 60 blooms per mature plant as u of m professor emeritus mervin eisel said in a letter to roger anderson the breeder of bartzella “i will never forget the thrill it was when i saw it for the first time.” see picture at lower right —in a 2 gal pot $250.00 o023 peony japanese forest glaucidium palmatum ◊ one of the most asked-for species peonies shown on our catalog cover brilliant red single flowers with attractive yellow stamens herbaceous peony native to italy the balkans and turkey 20” Í —in a 4” pot $15.00 —in a 1 gal pot $35.00 o025 peony wittmann’s paeonia wittmanniana ◊ a rare herbaceous species from the northwest caucasus the flower color ranges from creamy white to yellow the pistils are ruby red surrounded by yellow stamens part shade Í∏ —in a 4” pot $30.00 peony woody paeonia suffruticosa woody peonies require at least four to five hours of sunlight daily good drainage is essential in a loamy soil with high humus content to a depth of at least two feet once established you will be rewarded each year with an abundance of beautiful flowers woody peonies can live more than a hundred years 72” Í∏ bartzella intersectional peony from the rogers book photo by the breeder of bartzella roger anderson o026 dark red ‘taiyo’ o027 orange ‘kinkaku’ o028 purple ‘shikouden’ o029 yellow ‘kinshi’ —in a 1 gal pot $30.00 o030 red and white ‘shimanishiki’ ◊ o031 peony yellow paeonia lutea ◊ a lovely woody peony with single yellow flowers the smaller blooms hold up better in the rain 24–120”—probably the shorter end in our climate but who knows Í —in a 1 gal pot $50.00 —see other peonies page 34 o032 trillium grandiflorum trillium grandiflorum ‘plenum’ ◊ rarely offered full double form of one of our most beautiful american wildflowers the overlapping rows of white petals recall a formal double camellia 12–15” ∏ —in a one gallon pot $75.00 jarmila haldova’s illustration of wittman’s peony from the halda book.