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Friends School Plant Sale

Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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pot on pot when the snow is on the roses examples of l types of selling name of this plant blue lily lily blue pink and white flowers 36 x 36 single bed with under bed all the times the browns won red yellow flower plant a plant on top of a tree blue eyed grass flower sweet potato vine blue grama grass seed japanese forest grass blue lavender flower new england aster love lies bleeding forget me nots red and yellow spiked flowers tall yellow flower with seed head bells of ireland white berry white white flowers in april forget me not seeds blue and yellow stripe johnny jump up cup and saucer black cherry black paint cups and saucers black and hot pink cloth of gold ten speed press different types of bulbs single size bed with under bed fluorescent light with emergance light 2 feet in diameter old hard to find parts various types of dogs 30 40 hard to find parts for the glory of your name kinds of catalog and there meaning and example cat in the hat to play sweet potatoes plants annuals plants garden plant native plant seed mix red white flower plant water plant pots for plants plants with long spike plant best plants for louisiana its just a plant 1 2 1 fertilizer for plants bedding plants

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2006 • friends school plant sale 3 tips on how to “do” the plant sale n restrooms lily shop vendor fair friday saturday roses perennials shrubs trees order tallying cashiers customer exit e restrooms s natives rare plants w herbs climbers info price check grasses to the midway parking lot curbside loading zone • parking at the state fair is easy it is legal to park on the streets and there are large lots to the southwest of the grandstand it’s the area used during the fair as the midway you will be able to drive up to the pickup area at the southwest corner of the grandstand plaza to load your plants and there will be curbside help with loading see the last bullet under checking out metro transit route number 84 on snelling and number 3 on como serve the fair grounds • there is one entrance to the sale at the southeast corner of the grandstand and one exit at the southwest corner • write down your purchases as you go pick up an order

8 friends school plant sale • 2006 annual flowers we will have an assortment of hanging baskets—$20.00 love in a mist nigella damescena unusual semi-double blooms followed by adorable seed pods self-seeds Í a211 miss jekyll blue ß—24” a212 red jewel ß—18–20” —six plants in a pack $5.00 a213 love lies bleeding amaranthus caudatus ß colorful flowering cabbages last into winter edible too plant in full sun for best color highly fringed leaves early bloomer Í∏´ Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ˜ native ˝ ground cover ‰ rock garden ´ edible flowers  medicinal Ç culinary ß saturday restock flowers resemble wild roses borne on lowgrowing succulent plants bright colors with enormous appeal good for hot and dry locations rock gardens edging good for bees easy to grow 4” Í blue throat a208 regatta midnight blue ß a209 regatta rose ß a210 white ◊ß

12 friends school plant sale • 2006 annual flowers key snapdragon dwarf antirrhinum snapdragon trailing antirrhinum tobacco flowering nicotiana Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ˜ native ˝ ground cover ‰ rock garden ´ edible flowers  medicinal Ç culinary ß saturday restock a snapdragon for edging early well-branched Í∏´ most vigorous of the trailing snapdragons very easy to grow heat and cold tolerant 8–12” Í easy excellent nectar source for hummingbirds and moths including the hummingbird-like sphinx moth seeds for finches and juncos poisonous Í∏ a332 montego mix ◊—the montego series is 8–10” tall a333 montego orange bicolor ◊ a334 montego purple ◊ a335 montego red ◊ a336 montego white ◊ a337 montego yellow ◊ a338 chimes mix ß—6–8” a340 playful copper ◊ a341 playful magenta ◊ a342 playful pink

2006 • friends school plant sale 17 shrubs and trees trees tamarack branch s091 cypress false chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘pendula’ ◊ s093 hickory shagbark carya ovata native to north america and east asia they have flat fern-shaped scale-like leaves rather than needles weeping form on a tall slender slow-growing evergreen upswept branches create a soft background in contrast to the landscape cones are purplish-brown 20–30’ wide x 80’ tall Í —in a 3 gal pot $50.00 s092 hemlock eastern tsuga canadensis ◊ pyramidal shaped evergreen with a trunk between two and three feet in diameter the bark is cinnamonbrown with deep ridges and furrows the foliage appears as graceful flat sprays parallel with the ground the pendant cones are a little less than an inch long and almost as wide at the middle they are among the smallest of all cones a popular landscape tree best in partial shade and moist soil 60’ ∏˜ —in a

2006 • friends school plant sale 21 vegetables heirloom tomatoes we accept cash checks visa and mastercard vegetables want to grow in full sun unless otherwise noted lycopersicon esculentum v091 aunt ruby’s german green ß some say the best flavored green tomato sweet yet spicy these large beefsteak type tomatoes ripen to a pale green with a hint of yellow 80 days —four plants in a pack $2.50 v092 black pineapple ◊ smooth fruit featuring a kaleidoscope of colors alternating between jade green purple and bright yellow when sliced the tomato reveals a bright green flesh with deep crimson streaks of color wonderful sweet smokey flavor with a slight hint of citrus indeterminate 80 days —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 v093 bloody butcher ◊ß very early and high yielding variety great full tomato flavor and exceptional dark red color fruits are borne in clusters and average 4 oz indeterminate 65–70 days Ø —four plants in a pack $2.50

2006 • friends school plant sale 25 lady’s slipper continued o011 c pubescens large yellow lady’s slipper—the easiest of all orchids to grow according to dr edgar t wherry and can live up to 100 years blooms in may most shade-tolerant of the lady’s slippers blooming size plants rootstock rescued from development 12–18” o012 c parviflorum small yellow lady’s slipper—smaller version of large yellow lady’s slipper often found in wetlands — bareroot $40.00 o013 c reginae pink and white showy lady s slipper—our largest and showiest native orchid blooms from late june into july beautiful contrasting white petals and sepals with a moccasin-shaped “slipper” flooded with rose or crimson rescued from development — bareroot $50.00 o014a lady’s tresses fragrant spiranthes cernua odorata porcelain white 12” spires of sweetly scented flowers over 3–4” foliage on this north

30 friends school plant sale • 2006 garden perennials p001 allium yellow allium flavum astilbe astilbe balloon flower continued bell-shaped yellow flowers in june and july excellent species for northern gardens with bluish foliage 12–15” Í —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 also known as false spirea grown for striking plume-like panicles of tiny flowers grow in a shade border or woodland Í∏ p045 hakone double blue 24” p046 sentimental blue ß—dwarf version anemone japanese anemone p023 a chinensis taquetti ß—lilac shades vigorous branching wiry stems with slightly cup-shaped flowers over deeply divided dark green leaves they prefer light shade moist well-drained soil and a little winter protection ∏‰ good cut flower blooms late summer tolerates dry conditions 36” p024 a x arendsii ‘bella mix’ ß—red and rose fluffy plumes in late spring and early summer 20” p025 a x arendsii

34 friends school plant sale • 2006 garden perennials key corydalis continued from page 33 Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ˜ native ˝ ground cover ‰ rock garden ´ edible flowers  medicinal Ç culinary ß saturday restock p216 c cheilanthifolia—ferny leaves persist until winter very early yellow flowers 10” p217 c lutea yellow corydalis—an interesting addition to the shade garden both lovely flowers and foliage looks good in the garden all season long blooming season short-lived perennial but tends to selfseed lovely along rock walls and paths 12–16” —in a 3.5” pot $3.00 p218 c elata blue corydalis ◊—unusual blooms are guppy-shaped in a brilliantly transluscent blue flowers in may–july semi-evergreen foliage persists most of the year 12-16” —in a 4.5” pot $11.00 cranesbill big-foot geranium macrorrhizum 2” flowers june through september glossy

2006 • friends school plant sale 39 garden perennials we accept cash checks visa and mastercard monkshood aconitum obedient plant physostegia virginiana periwinkle vinca minor a fantastic plant that can be used in place of delphiniums when the soil is heavier its hooded flowers inspired its common name of “monk’s hood” for its resemblance to the lowturned head-cowl of a monk its other common name “wolf’s bane,” came from the ancient use of this plant as a wolf poison Í∏ late summer blooms spreading plants Í∏Ó evergreen trailing ground cover does well under shrubs or interplanted with spring bulbs 4–8” ∏Ó˝ p449 a henryi ‘sparks variety’—blue 30” —in a 3.5” pot $3.00 p450 a x arendsii—large helmets of intense blue best late-flowering monkshood 36–48” p451 a x cammarum ‘bicolor’—nodding blue and white flowers on a tall

2006 • friends school plant sale 43 native wild flowers wild flowers of the prairie and savanna ˜ plants in this section all occurred naturally in minnesota before the onset of new species introductions that began when the first european-american farmers arrived north american natives that are not native in minnesota are located in our perennial section for customers who want plants of local origin the location where the plant stock or seed used to grow these plants came from is given if known many of these are first-season seedlings that will stay quite small their first year while they work on developing their root systems not blooming until their second season in the garden n001 angelica angelica atropurpurea n011 black-eyed susan rudbeckia hirta a stout herb grows in low ground and makes a striking picture great for rain gardens glossy leathery foliage with white umbels in late summer commercial seed source to 84” Í —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 daisy-like

2006 • friends school plant sale 47 index by latin name a abutilon maple flowering 12 acanthopanax aralia 16 acanthus bear’s breeches 30 acer maple japanese 17 achillea yarrow 42 achillea yarrow woolly 42 aconitum monkshood 39 actaea baneberry 45 actaea cohosh black 33 actaea cohosh japanese black 33 actinidia kiwi hardy 29 adiantum fern maidenhair 35 adlumia bleeding heart climbing 29 agapanthus lily of the nile 12 agastache hummingbird mint 7 36 agastache hyssop anise 44 agastache hyssop purple giant 44 ageratum ageratum 6 ajuga bugleweed 32 akebia chocolate vine 29 alcea hollyhock 36 alchemilla lady’s mantle 38 allium allium yellow 30 allium chives 18 allium onion curly 39 allium onion egyptian walking 19 allium onion prairie 44 aloe aloe vera 18 aloysia verbena lemon 19 alpinia shell ginger 12 alternanthera joseph’s coat 11 amaranthus amaranthus 6 amaranthus love lies bleeding 8 amelanchier serviceberry 15 amorpha leadplant 44 ampelopsis monkshood vine