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Friends School Plant Sale

Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


Catalog 2007 Plants

examples of the 3 kinds of catalog show the part and give the name of this pot on pot kinds of catalog and there meaning and example name of this plant pink and white flowers 11 34 x 8 x 4 34 single bed with under bed when the snow is on the roses red yellow flower plant sweet potato vine blue grama grass seed blue eyed grass flower blue lavender flower japanese forest grass swan river daisy new england aster forget me nots love lies bleeding black eyed susans white petal with purple white petal with purple flower red and yellow spiked flowers bells of ireland white flowers in april hot air balloons purple with white stripe forget me not seeds salvia black and blue black and blue salvia blue and yellow stripe cup and saucer cups and saucers black and hot pink help me find my part 42 x 17 x 17 bearing snow in summer center caps red white and blue cloth of gold glow in the dark paint black white and green living room iran and the caucasus example of the room rates it all happened in the country in the day work shirt pot plant sweet potatoes plants garden plant annuals plants annual plant native plant seed mix red white flower plant green plants water plant wetland grasses and plants

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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com 2007 • friends school plant sale 3 how to “do”the plant sale shrubs trees pages 47–49 n lily shop restrooms w restrooms s perennials pages 31–46 water plants rare plants booth page 22 climbers pages 28–30 vegetables pages 18–20 hanging baskets hanging baskets info price check order tallying customer exit cashiers roses page 21 master gardeners herbs pages 23–25 natives pages 15–17 hanging baskets hanging baskets annuals customer entrance pages 7–15 grasses page 6 express lane fire exit only to the midway parking lot curbside loading zone • parking at the state fair is easy it is legal to park on the streets and there are large lots to the southwest of the grandstand it’s the area used during the fair as the midway you will be able to drive up to the pickup area at the southwest corner of the grandstand plaza to load your plants and there will be curbside help with loading

8 friends school plant sale • 2007 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com annual flowers a059 blue haze ß evolvulus glomeratus ◊ miniature blue funnel flowers cover spreading plants for containers baskets and bedding a great “filler” plant 8” Í¥ —in a 2.5” pot $2.00 a060 blue potato tree ß◊ lycianthes rantonnetii ‘royal robe’ usually trained to a 4-6’ tree for an exotic patio specimen covered with bluish-purple flowers all summer overwinter indoors Í¥ —in a 3.5” pot $5.00 a061 browalia browalia hybrids ß star-shaped flowers easy to grow prefers light shade good for hanging baskets or pots bring indoors before frost for winter pleasure 6-10” Í∏Ó —four plants in a pack $2.00 castor bean a062 burro tails sedum morganianum ◊ pale green braids will increase to 48 to 60” overwinter indoors Í¥—in an 8” basket $12.00 butterfly bush buddleia spp

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com 2007 • friends school plant sale 13 we accept cash checks visa and mastercard annual flowers a405 petunia milliflora ß petunia ‘fantasy mix’ ◊ a423 purple threadleaf ß alternanthera ficoidea ◊ snapdragon continued very dwarf plants smothered with petite blooms earliest flowers ideal for baskets pots and rock gardens 1” wide blooms 6” tall plants Í∏ —four plants in a pack $2.00 excellent filler plant in mixed containers thread-like foliage in green with a shiny purple reverse side 12” Í¥ç —in a 4.25” pot $5.00 a450 sonnet burgundy ◊ß—the sonnet a406 petunia raspberry blast ß petunia ◊ salvia salvia spp srong pink blooms with a new cerise edge and star-like coloration down the throat vigorous Í —in a 4.25” pot $5.00 a407 petunia violet-flowered ß petunia integrifolia trailing self-cleaning lovely small plum-colored

18 friends school plant sale • 2007 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com fruits vegetables v031 ground cherry physalis peruviana ß kohlrabi this cousin of the tomato grows small bushes with fruits encapsulated in inflated pods excellent in salsa the “cherries” can be used like little tomatoes —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 v032 kale brassica oleracea ß blue curled —four plants in a pack $2.00 v033 kale dinosaur brassica oleracea ß v001 arugula eruca sativa ß smoky greens —four plants in a pack $2.00 v002 bok choi brassica rapa ß —four plants in a pack $2.00 v003 broccoli ß brassica oleracea ‘premium crop’ —four plants in a pack $2.00 v004 broccoli purple ß brassica oleracea ‘violet queen’ —four plants in a pack $2.00 kohlrabi brassica oleracea brussels sprouts brassica oleracea v035 early purple vienna ◊—purplish out —four plants in a pack $2.00 v008 cabbage green ß

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com 2007 • friends school plant sale 23 herbs h001 aloe aloe vera succulent whose leaves are used to treat burns poison ivy and rashes annual or bring indoors as a house plant 12-24” Í∏ ¥ —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 basil see box at right h021 bay laurel laurus nobilis bay leaves the well-known seasoning the only tree it’s small for a tree in our herb collection excellent container plant spending the winter as a house or kitchen plant it has long been popular for growing in tubs and large pots if you bring it in to overwinter each year it could grow pretty large Í∏Ç —in a 3.5” pot $8.00 h022 borage borago officinalis ß tiny blue and pink flowers heavy flowering and attractive to bees large silver leaf young leaves good in salads annual self-sows 24” Í∏´Ç —in a 3.5” pot $2.50 h023 burnet salad sanguisorba minor ß attractive low-growing herb with

28 friends school plant sale • 2007 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com climbing plants clematis annual vines c001 bell vine purple rhodochiton atrosanguineum ◊ c015 hyacinth bean ß dolicho lablab ‘ruby moon’ ◊ beautiful and vigorous in a sunny location heart-shaped green leaves with long tubular dark purple flowers with parasol-shaped rose calyces climbs by twining 3–10’ Í∏ —in a 3.5” pot $2.00 vigorous climber dark green leaves pink fragrant wisteria-like flowers and deep red pods climbs to 10’ Í —in a 4” pot $4.00 black-eyed susan vine thunbergia alata winsome trailing or twining vine with masses of 1-inch flat-faced tubular flowers Í∏ c002 african sunset ◊ß—distinctive warm terra cotta shades with dark eyes vigorous 10’ c003 sunny lemon star ◊ß—lemony yellow with a dark eye 10’ —in a 5.5” pot $8.00 —see also sky vine below

32 friends school plant sale • 2007 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com garden perennials key bee balm continued bellflower peachleaf blanket flower continued Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ˜ minnesota native å u.s native ˝ ground cover ‰ rock garden ç attractive foliage ´ edible flowers  medicinal Ç culinary ß saturday restock ¥ toxic to humans p063 gardenview scarlet ß—more mildew campanula persicifolia p094 burgundy ß—wine-red flowers best in resistant 24-36” p064 grand marshall ◊—fuschia-purple flowers on a mid-size plant selected for excellent mildew resistance at the morden research station in manitoba 18-20” —in a 3.5” pot $3.00 large bell-shaped flowers on tall stems may–june mounding foliage Í∏ p065 grand parade ◊—bright lavender-purple flowers on a very compact plant attractive deep green foliage selected for excellent mildew

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com hosta 2007 • friends school plant sale 37 ∏Óç hostas are shade-tolerant but grow best with full morning sun in northern climates such as ours see the article on page 27 which explains many terms used here to describe hosta many of these selections are being brought to you bare root but they will be located on the sale tables not in the lily shop they will be green plants with their roots wrapped in damp toweling and bagged in plastic we recommend that you plant them soon after the sale p340 allegan fog ◊ p349 grand finale ◊ p358 pineapple upside down cake ◊ small-medium leaves are shiny dark green with speckled green and white center intriguing with unusual variegation pattern a stand out in any garden —bare root $12.00 medium mound of shiny medium green leaves attractive foliage but highly rated for its late season flowering —bare root $8.00 medium brightly variegated narrow rippled foliage fast growing

42 friends school plant sale • 2007 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com garden perennials mum morden p506 pachysandra pachysandra terminalis ‘green carpet’ chrysanthemum morifolium bred for superb winter-hardiness in manitoba 15” Í∏ ¥ p495 canary yellow—yellow blooms p496 delight bronze—orange-red blooms p497 fiesta—purple blooms p498 garnet—deep red blooms —in a 3.5” pot $3.00 obedient plant physostegia virginiana spreading easy care plants Í∏Óå p499 crown of snow ß—white blooms 30” p500 rose crown ß—late summer vivid pink blooms on spreading plants 36” —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 p501 variegata—striking white variegated woodland phlox foliage topped with bright pink flowers 24” —in a 3.5” pot $6.00 onion ornamental allium onions are an under-appreciated accent plant in the garden try some Í∏´ great for shade a low key

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com 2007 • friends school plant sale 47 shrubs and trees we accept cash checks visa and mastercard shrubs and trees in small pots s086a maple amur acer ginnala ‘embers’ ◊ these shrubs in small pots are a very affordable way to add shrubs to your landscape it may be a few years before they are big enough to be called bushes but we chose many of these because they are fast growers smooth gray bark almost any soil wet or dry can be used as a screen hedge shrub border or as a specimen small fragrant creamy white flowers appear as the leaves unfurl excellent fall color and brilliant shiny red winged seeds 20’ Í∏ —in a 3.5” pot $4.00 s067 aralia variegated eleutherococcus sieboldianus ‘variegatus’ s080a honeysuckle blue velvet lonicera korolkowii var floribunda ‘blue velvet’ ◊ syn acanthopanax s highly adaptable and low-maintenance accent or barrier plant a great-looking

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com 2007 • friends school plant sale 51 index by latin name a b abelmoschus okra 18 abutilon maple flowering 11 acanthus bear’s breeches 31 acer maple 47 49 achillea yarrow 46 aconitum monkshood 41 acroclinium paper daisy 9 actaea baneberry 17 actaea cohosh 22 33 actinidia hardy kiwi 30 acylpha copperleaf 8 adiantum fern 36 adlumia bleeding heart climbing 30 aesculus ohio buckeye 49 agapanthus lily of the nile 11 agastache hummingbird mint 10 38 agastache hyssop 16 ageratum ageratum 7 agrostemma corncockle 8 ajuga bugleweed 33 akebia chocolate vine 30 alcea hollyhock 38 alchemilla lady’s mantle 39 allium chives 23 allium onion egyptian walking 25 allium onion ornamental 42 allium onion prairie 16 alocasia elephant ears 9 aloe aloe 23 aloysia verbena lemon 25 alstroemeria peruvian lily 12 alternanthera joseph’s coat 11 alternanthera purple knight 13 alternanthera purple threadleaf 13 alyssum alyssum perennial 31 amaranthus amaranth