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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 9–11 2008 • friends school plant sale 25 vegetables sweet peppers living green expo 2008 capsicum annuum v108 aconcagua ß very large long frying peppers up to 11” x 2 1/2” tall plants give good yields over a long season and the fruit is very sweet and delicious this pepper was named after mt aconcagua in argentina great for grilling as well as general use —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 v109 chocolate beauty ß ripens to a rich brown color —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 golden bell capsicum annuum ‘golden summer’ f1 hybrid 72 days golden bell shaped fruits v110 ß —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 v111 ß —four plants in a pack $2.00 see it try it buy it • solar wind geothermal green builders • recycled rocking chairs rain barrels non-toxic lawncare healthy baby toys • plug-in hybrids better bikes car sharing • locally grown food minnesota-made fabric environmental investing • plus talented musicians good food to eat and lots of free activities for kids v112 golden treasure excellent italian heirloom variety large tapered fruits are 8–9” long and 2” at the shoulder ripens from green to shiny yellow sweet medium-thick flesh and thin tender skin 80 days Ø —four plants in a pack $2.50 v113 gypsy ß sweet 3–4”-long peppers fruit matures from light yellow to orange to red f1 hybrid 58 days —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 workshops learn from experts • how to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint • how to green your community and make a difference • how to create a simpler happier life for you and your family • how to connect your kids and yourself with nature may 3-4 10 a.m to 5 p.m grandstand state fairgrounds in st paul v114 jimmy nardello ß free admission www.livinggreen.org brought to the usa by guiseppe nardello from the small village of ruoti in the basilcata region of southern italy “one of the best sweet peppers you will ever taste.” long thin gnarly peppers ripen bright red productive low growing plants 24” 80–90 days.—in a 3.5” pot $1.50 lady bell how to be a “giving” gardener sweet green maturing to red bell pepper f1 hybrid 72 days v115 in a larger pot ß—in a 3.5” pot $1.50 v116 in a 4 pack ß —four plants in a pack $2.00 v117 purple beauty ß blocky 3 x 3” emerald-green peppers that mature to eggplant-purple with thick crunchy walls 70–75 days —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 v118 purple marconi ß ◊ 1 host a plant swap 2 inventory your gardening tools seeds pots etc donate the excess to a community or school garden 3 start a neighborhood garden club or organize a summer garden tour on your block 4 share your garden’s harvest with a neighbor 5 deliver flowers from your garden to a hospital or nursing home a deep purple variety of the marconi sweet pepper an old italian heirloom with a mild sweet flavor ripens to a deep wine red good producer tapered 6” fruit traditionally used for frying marconis are also wonderful when eaten fresh so try some in a salad 72 days —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 6 donate past issues of gardening magazines to the library or give the library a gift subscription 7 submit a gardening article to your local paper 8 plan a row for the hungry when harvested deliver it to your local food shelf v119 red mini bell ß ◊ these compact plants only grow about 16 inches tall and fit nicely into small garden spaces or patio planters the peppers are only 1.5” inches long and are great for stuffing 60 days —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 —mary v120 sheepnose pimento an ohio heirloom pumpkin-shaped fruits are 3” deep and 4” in diameter extremely flavorful sweet thick juicy flesh very meaty and good for canning will keep in excellent condition for three to four weeks in the refrigerator sturdy plants grow up to 24” tall 70–80 days Ø —four plants in a pack $2.50 make gardening fun for kids sweet banana flowers at child height like zinnias and cosmos 65 days pale yellow to orange v121 ß v122 ß Ø —four plants in a pack $2.00 —in a 3.5” pot $2.00 v123 takii ace ß vegetables especially veggies the kids like to eat bright also make good cutting plants sunflowers are always good kids think anything they can grow to 8 feet tall is cool an early red japanese selection recommended for its excellent yields and flavor small to medium sized fruits changing from green to red a favorite for our region as far as production goes flavor is sweet and delicious 50 days —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 make it theirs — make a sign identifying it as their garden plant the garden near where they play the more they see it the more they’ll notice the changes v124 tequila sunrise ornamental carrot-shaped fruit 4” x 1” ripen golden orange 12–16” plant 60–78 days Ø —four plants in a pack $2.50 v125 valencia ß large green fruits ripening to orange let them choose — choose a mix of flowers and —in a 3.5” pot $1.50 give them their own child-sized tools play kids love water and dirt they can help mix and prepare the soil show them how to gently water with a watering can they can manage hoses are too heavy for little hands to control —mary once again last year the mysterious artist don thomas left us some drawings of his fellow plant sale shoppers at the price check/info desk thanks don!