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Friends School Plant Sale

Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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parts of the front of the indoor part of a car walk in walk out pot on pot 8 cm by 5 cm 12 x 12 pattern part of card catalog of call number example of card catalog of setting pink and white flowers bearing number 52 x 16 x 16 how the food is sauced on the table how to go to a particular page kinds of catalog and there meaning and example girl with girl red yellow flower plant organic vegetable plants name of this plant blue eyed grass flower blue grama grass seed sweet potato vine blue lavender flower japanese forest grass new england aster love lies bleeding blue lily lily blue bush early girl tomato seeds forget me nots black eyed susans candy apple red bush early girl white berry white pot en pot chartreuse blue with white flecks chain link fence white flowers in april chain link fencing little hero flame bells of ireland white petal with purple and yellow centers salvia black and blue black and blue salvia hot air balloons pink with yellow center forget me not seeds white with purple stripes bamboo for garden black and neon pink and green cup and saucer purple with white stripe purple with black stripes cups and saucers blue flowers that will grow in texas 30 30 barrels black and hot pink flowers that will grow in texas snow in summer

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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 8–10 2009 • friends school plant sale 3 how to “do”the plant sale n bulbs bareroots water plants restrooms order tallying vendors vendors customer exit perennials annuals pages 7–21 pages 35–44 climbers info customer entrance get wristbands here page 26 rare plants pickup vendors curbside pickup herbs pages 4–6 fruit page 48 grasses page 7 pages 22–25 natives pages 55–57 azaleas shrubs large pots pages 49–50 shrubs small page 49 going through the sale • parking at the state fair is easy it is legal to park on the streets and there are large lots to the southwest of the grandstand it’s the area used during the fair as the midway you will be able to drive up to the pickup area at the southwest corner of the grandstand plaza to load your plants and there will be curbside help with loading for more info see the section below on checking out metro transit route number 84 on

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 8–10 2009 • friends school plant sale 9 we accept cash checks visa mastercard discover garden perennials bee balm monarda didyma large flower clusters in july and august attract butterflies and hummingbirds best in sun with space around it for good air circulation does well in poor soil and good soil tolerates dry soil mint family good for tea Í∏å´Ç p064 jacob cline ß—the best red flowers mildew resistant 48” p065 marshall’s delight ß—pink one of the u of m’s tough and terrific perennials it’s not named for friends school’s kindergarten teacher marshall anderson but we like to think so 24-36” p066 panorama mix ß—shades of red pink and salmon 30” p067 panorama red shades ß 30”—in a 2.5” pot $1.50 p086 bellflower golden leaf ß campanula ‘golden leaf’ short spreading bellflower with golden leaves and blue

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 8–10 2009 • friends school plant sale 15 garden perennials we accept cash checks visa mastercard discover jacob’s ladder polemonium jacob’s ladder continued p439 jasmine rock androsace villosa ß fernlike leaves with up to 20 neatly arranged “rungs.” in roman times these plants symbolized the ladder that climbed from earth to heaven in jacob’s dream also called “herb of a thousand virtues,” these handsome perennials produce healthy clumps of basal foliage and an abundance of silky cup-shaped flowers in any reasonably well-drained fertile soil Í∏Ó p435 bressingham purple p yezoense ß—striking deep little spreading cushions of narrow-pointed leaves of gray-green covered with cute little flowers grows at elevations of 12,000 to 17,000 feet dwarf with neat rosettes of shaggy leaves so thickly set with white or pale pink flowers that for a time the plant lies hidden each

20 friends school plant sale • may 8–10 2009 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com garden perennials p633 skullcap prairie ß scutellaria resinosa ‘smoky hills’ spurge cushion euphorbia this great plains native has tubular two-lipped blue-violet flowers tipped with white that bloom from late spring into summer gray-green leaves 10” Íåπ —in a 2.5” pot $2.50 p640 cushion spurge e polychroma ß—yellow bracts in early p634 snakeroot chocolate ß eupatorium rugosum ‘chocolate’ p641 bonfire e polychroma—this plant will stop you in your great filler plants in bloom or not Í∏˝ç¥ chocolate leaves with deep shiny purple stems excellent cut flower white blooms 24-48” Í∏åç¥ —in a 1 quart pot $5.00 p635a snow in summer cerastium tomentosum ß tufts of narrow silver-gray leaves form a foliage mat in late spring flower stems rise above typically to 8-12” carrying

26 friends school plant sale • may 8–10 2009 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com rare unusual plants key Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ˜ minnesota native å u.s native ˝ ground cover ‰ rock garden ç attractive foliage ´ edible flowers  medicinal Ç culinary ß saturday restock ¥ toxic to humans π photo on pp 28–34 annuals u001 centaury ß centaurium muehlenbergii ◊ california native blooms from may to august with white or pink to light magenta star flowers in clusters moist soil 2–12” Í π —four plants in a pack $2.00 u003 hayfield tarweed ß hemizonia congesta luzulifolia ◊ small white daisies with scalloped tips on multibranching stems flower for a long time and enjoy hot dry locations 12-24” Íå —in a 2.5” pot $3.00 u004 lupine silky lupinus pilosus ◊ lovely blue flowers on a spike with fuzzy stems and leaves similar to the american

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 8–10 2009 • friends school plant sale 31 a189 four o’clocks mirabilis ‘limelight,’ page 38 s030 fringetree white chionanthus virginicus page 49 p317a gas plant dictamnus albus white page 13 a199 gazania gazania variegata ‘tiger mix,’ page 38 n034 gentian bottle gentiana andrewsii page 56 c013 gloriosa lily gloriosa superba ‘rothschildiana,’ page 45 n100 goatsbeard aruncus dioicus page 57 a234 grass great quaking briza maxima page 38 a239 grass ruby melinus nerviglumis ‘savannah,’ page 38 s138 harry lauder’s walking stick corylus avellana ‘contorta,’ red majestic page 53 p332 helen’s flower helenium ‘mardi gras,’ page 13 s093a hemlock dwarf tsuga canadensis ‘jeddeloh,’ page 51 p343 hens and chicks sempervivum ‘black,’ page 14 p340 hens and chicks sempervivum ‘cobweb,’ page 14 p337 hens and chicks

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 8–10 2009 • friends school plant sale 37 annual flowers a094 cassia popcorn ß cassia didymobotrya ◊ a155 cosmos chocolate cosmos atrosanguineus fast growing graceful feathery shrub from africa with yellow flowers over long season it smells exactly like buttered popcorn if you rub the leaves or if a breeze blows through it rounded shape about 36 wide 48 Í¥ —in a 5.5” pot $6.00 fill your garden with the delicious scent of chocolate from these velvety maroon flowers tuberous roots can be overwintered in a cool storage area 24-36” Í∏ —in a 2.5” pot $2.00 castor bean ricinus communis stunning tropical foliage the entire plant is poisonous particularly the seeds which should be removed before they ripen grow in fertile well-drained soil Í a095 new zealand red ◊ß—this stunning castor bean has giant dark bronze-purple leaves with a metallic sheen the cream-colored

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 8–10 2009 • friends school plant sale 43 annual flowers sweet potato vine ipomoea batatus ß tobacco flowering dwarf nicotiana the hottest vine for baskets and containers Í∏ç¥ long-tubed 2” fragrant blooms that open in the evening easy excellent nectar source for hummingbirds and moths including the hummingbird-like sphinx moth seeds for finches and juncos Í ¥ a528 ace of spades ß—deep purple to black heartshaped leaves a529 blackie ß—trailing purple foliage a530 golden margarita ß—chartreuse —in a 3.5” pot $3.00 a531 sweet caroline green and yellow ß —in a 4” pot $4.00 a532 sweet caroline bronze ß a533 sweet caroline red ß —in a 4.5” pot $5.00 tobacco flowering nicotiana easy excellent nectar source for hummingbirds and moths including the hummingbird-like sphinx moth seeds for finches and juncos Í∏ ¥ a534 babybella

48 friends school plant sale • may 8–10 2009 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com fruit—a new section this year apple malus Í currant ribes melons see vegetables page 22 f001 gala ◊—vigorous compact tree producing white flowers followed by fruits in clusters by midsummer the fruit is good for jellies baking wines and preserves for the most fruit production remove any stems that are more than four years old Í peach hardy large crops of pretty striped red-orange apples with a crisp sweet/tart flavor in october prune to maintain fruit size and prevent biennial bearing 10-20’ f002 honeycrisp—the most popular apple in minnesota developed at the university great for eating fresh or storing ideal for the home orchard 15-20’ wide and tall —in a 5 gal pot $38.00 f003 four in one ◊—five varieties grafted onto one tree fuji gala liberty yellow transparent and granny smith all are hardy in the twin cities but the granny

54 friends school plant sale • may 8–10 2009 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com shrub roses roses in large pots roses love sunshine but ones that accept part shade are noted with ∏ all of our roses are old-fashioned long-lived roses all are on their own root unless noted otherwise rose is the poet of the garden rosa ´ÂÍ r001 carefree beauty r004 folksinger r008 morden snow beauty r011 thérèse bugnet a small ever-bloomer with fragrant mediumpink flowers each with 15-20 petals very winter hardy and needs little care leathery dark green foliage with good disease resistance 2.5-3’ π —in a 3 gal pot $21.00 double yellow to peach blend reblooms very fragrant 3-4’ —in a 1 gal pot $14.00 low-growing everbloomer with clear white semi-double blooms high resistance to mildew and blackspot 3’ wide by 2.5’ tall —in a 2 gal pot $18.00 pronounced á le francais ta-ress boon-yay crimson buds open to soft pink blooms