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Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

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in time on time every time pot on pot black and neon pink and green new 30 30 sale pink and white flowers 7 34 x 7 34 34 x 1 34 cold well hot well salvia black and blue black and blue salvia 11 34 x 8 x 4 34 how to go to a particular page when the snow is on the roses m 10 x 10 nut red yellow flower plant plants with long spike plant organic vegetable plants name of this plant sweet potato vine blue eyed grass flower blue grama grass seed purple fountain grass seed purple fountain grass bush early girl tomato seeds blue lavender flower japanese forest grass love lies bleeding black eyed susans forget me nots candy apple red new england aster white petal with purple flower bush early girl blue lily lily blue pot of gold forget me not seeds chain link fencing hot air balloons bells of ireland chartreuse blue with white flecks pink with yellow center purple with white stripe johnny jump up white petal with purple and yellow centers white flowers in april chain link fence white with purple stripes cup and saucer bamboo for garden cups and saucers not what my hands have done flowers that will grow in texas in early spring a flower that will grow in texas black light mini light bulbs fourth of julys

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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 7–9 2010 • friends school plant sale 3 how to “do” the plant sale order tallying customer exit annuals pages 9–20 pages 35–44 cashiers climbers info herbs customer entrance s please note plant locations are subject to change check the website for updates volunteer entrance only vegetables pages 21–24 herbs pages 5–7 e pages 25–26 price check master gardeners hanging baskets page 40 rare get wristbands here restrooms succulents perennials pages 5–7 vendors hanging baskets page 40 indoor plants vendors vendors w water plants restrooms n bulbs and bareroots check out here page 8 rare plants pickup vendors curbside pickup smokey’s charbroiler fruit roses natives page 45 page 51 pages 52–56 azaleas shrubs shrubs page 46 large pots pages 46–47 small pots pages 47–49 fenced in area pages 56–57 runs along the front south side of the trees grandstand pages

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 7–9 2010 • friends school plant sale 9 we accept cash checks visa mastercard discover garden perennials p001 alyssum perennial alyssum montanum ‘luna’ also called creeping basket of gold a popular plant for the spring rock garden often seen growing with rock cress it forms a low trailing mound of silverygrey leaves bearing masses of bright-yellow flowers in mid to late spring clip plants lightly after blooming to maintain a bushy habit requires good drainage drought tolerant once established evergreen 4” Í ‰ —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 p002 anemone cutleaf ß anemone multifida ‘rubra’ carmine-red flowers may–june 12” ¥ —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 anemone fall-blooming anemone vigorous branching wiry stems with slightly cupshaped flowers over deeply divided dark green leaves stunning display of blooms they prefer light shade moist well-drained soil and a little

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 7–9 2010 • friends school plant sale 15 garden perennials hosta ∏Óç˝ p284a august lily hosta plantaginea shiny light green leaves and highly fragrant trumpet-shaped white flowers through august one of the most dramatic and fragrant flowers and we really mean fragrant 24” wide by 18” tall —in a 6” pot $10.00 p284b battle star ◊ boasts extremely glossy blue-green cupped leaves with slightly rippled yellow margin good substance and lavender flowers midsummer 14” —in a 2.5” pot $7.00 hostas are shade-tolerant but grow best with full morning sun in northern climates such as ours p293 climax ◊ p303 final summation ◊ p313 prairie moon ◊ the thick corrugated dark green leaves are edged by a bright gold border upright habit lavender flowers in early summer 24” —in a 2.5” pot $6.00 sport of ‘sum and substance.’ the huge leaves are

20 friends school plant sale • may 7–9 2010 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com we accept cash checks visa mastercard discover garden perennials toad lily japanese continued p579 violet viola koreana p570 gilt edge t formosana—large vigorous plant with gold decorative silver-marbled heart-shaped leaves with blue-violet blossoms may reseed but is never a problem 6–12” Í∏ç´ —in a 2.5” pot $1.50 edged leaves attractive lavender flowers in the fall 24–36” ç —in a 1 quart pot $7.00 water plants p648 arrowhead white-flowered sagittaria latifolia trillium trillium p580 viper’s bugloss echium russicum ß spring blooming woodland flowers with whorled sets of three leaves cannot tolerate full sun give trilliums a rich deep rather moist soil ∏Ó å bristly european plant that blooms in late summer a rosette of furry silver leaves produces thick flower spikes of burgundyfuchsia blooms 24” Í

26 friends school plant sale • may 7–9 2010 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com climbing plants clematis continued clematis like full sun with their roots protected from the hottest midday rays ones that tolerate a bit more shade have been marked with ∏ in the description all clematis are toxic to people and pets deer resistant pruning groups group ia light trim start at top and trim shoots back to first pair of strong buds high on the shoot timing early spring group iia tidy up take out dead growth and prune tips as necessary to keep vine within the trellis support timing late spring or early summer groups ib iib hard prune start at ground level and work up to prune above a good pair of buds on each stem usually about one foot from the ground timing early spring note never prune into strong woody stems do not prune in fall Í¥ c044 mrs robert brydon ß vigorous non-climbing vine with many small bluishwhite flowers late summer through fall can be tied allowed to

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 7–9 2010 • friends school plant sale 31 p261 hen and chicks sempervivum ‘mrs giuseppi,’ page 14 n198 hepatica hepatica americana round-lobed page 56 s020 hibiscus hibiscus ‘cristi,’ page 46 p271 hibiscus hibiscus ‘pink swirl,’ page 14 a214 hibiscus australian blue alyogyne huegelii ‘santa cruz,’ page 38 p282 hollyhock french malva sylvestris ‘zebrina,’ page 14 a215 honey bush melianthus major page 38 c069 honeysuckle lonicera sempervirens ‘major wheeler,’ page 26 p650 horsetail equisetum hyemale page 20 p288 hosta ‘brother stephan,’ page 15 p292 hosta ‘cherry tart,’ page 15 s079 hydrangea annabelle incrediball hydrangea arborescens ‘abetwo,’ page 48 s080 hydrangea annabelle pink hydrangea arborescens ‘invincibelle spirit,’ page 48 s082 hydrangea panicled hydrangea paniculata ‘limelight,’ page 48

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 7–9 2010 • friends school plant sale 37 we accept cash checks visa mastercard discover annual flowers copperleaf acalypha wilkesiana spectacular variations of color wherever it is planted heat tolerant.Í∏ç¥ a129 sizzle scissors ß—bold delicate and whimsical all at once the narrow serrated leaves of this plant have pink edges and hints of minty green use this character to enliven a container indoors or out 22–26” —in a 4” pot $4.00 a130 copperleaf—the leaves turn more coppery the more sun they receive in filtered or partial shade the leaves have more purple mauve and pink tones 24–48” —in a 4.5” pot $4.00 coreopsis annual coreopsis hard to beat for long-lasting displays of blooms throughout the summer may reseed Í a131 mahogany midget c tinctoria ß—superb mahogany-red dwarf strain plants are covered with masses of rich flowers all summer

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 7–9 2010 • friends school plant sale 43 annual flowers tobacco flowering dwarf nicotiana long-tubed 2” blooms that open in the evening delightfully fragrant easy excellent nectar source for hummingbirds and moths including the hummingbirdlike sphinx moth seeds for finches and juncos Í∫˙ ¥ a494 havana lime ß—12–18” a495 red ß—12–18” —four plants in a pack $2.00 a496 perfume deep purple ß—like a queen’s velvet robe scented upward-facing blossoms held high above the foliage 20” —six plants in a pack $5.00 a497 tobacco purple ß iochroma cyanea ‘purple queen’ grown by collectors and in conservatories for years this unique central and south american native can now be yours prolific purple tubular blooms cluster at the tips of branches with large velvety leaves 24-48” —in a 4.5” pot $5.00 Í a498 tuberose

48 friends school plant sale • may 7–9 2010 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com shrubs and trees we accept cash checks visa mastercard discover shrubs and trees in small pots continued s066 boxwood buxus microphylla ‘wintergreen’ s078 hemlock dwarf tsuga canadensis ‘jeddeloh’ bright green leaves on this hardiest of boxwoods this is the shrub you see trimmed to flat-edged hedges in formal gardens and labyrinths 3-5’ wide and tall but can be kept much smaller by pruning Í∏ ¥ —in a 3.5” pot $4.00 a birds-nest-like selection with feathery arching tips and a slightly depressed center excellent for smaller —in a 2.5” pot $6.00 gardens 1–3’ Í∏Ó ‰ π s067 bridal veil bush ß spirea x vanhouttei ‘renaissance’ elderberry long arching branches explode with clusters of white flowers each spring dark blue-green disease-resistant foliage turns orange-red in fall makes a

54 friends school plant sale • may 7–9 2010 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com native wild flowers wild flowers of the prairie and savanna continued key lupine lupinus x polyphyllus Í full sun pea-type flowers climb stalks in spring strong growing plants form large clumps these are all cultivars of the northern minnesota native which will bloom the first year ¥ ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade ç attractive foliage ∫ butterfly-friendly † cold-sensitive keep above 40° Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover ˙ hummingbird-friendly  medicinal ‰ rock garden ˜ minnesota native å u.s native ß saturday restock π photo on pp 28–34 ¥ toxic to humans syn cassia a wonderful diminutive pea plant with cute yellow-gold blossoms in late summer that attract bees and butterflies seed pods are eaten by gamebirds and songbirds leaves collapse when touched annual will reseed nicely in the garden seed from minnesota