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Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 3 create an online shopping list thanks f you can browse through photos by category annual perennial etc or color you can ask the site to show you just the plants that meet your needs shown here pink annuals that are 12–24” tall that need sun the friends school plant sale is put together by hundreds of volunteers this catalog is brought to you by annamary herther carol herman chris dart colleen fitzpatrick dan nordley gretchen hovan henry fieldseth huong nguyen joan floren judy macmanus lorene leikind mary maguire lerman mary schwartzbauer nancy scherer pat rose pat thompson ryan hogan sara barsel tina hammer toria erhart friends school of minnesota 1365 englewood ave saint paul minn 55104 651–917–0636 info@friendsschool plantsale.com catalog name price qty a221 hibiscus maple sugar $5 3 n083 virginia blue bells $5 3 c038 bill mackenzie clematis $8 1 p540 pinks baths

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 9 herbs geranium scented pelargonium marjoram sweet origanum oregano continued key grows well in containers colorful flowers delicious fragrances bring indoors for winter ͆´ a mild sweet oregano used in vinegars soups and dressings add fresh leaves to salads good herbal bath excellent for bees tender perennial Í∏ $2.50—3.5” pot h101 hot and spicy ß—more strongly flavored than regular oregano annual 18–24”h h102 jim best ß—ornamental semi-trailing foliage marbled with gold purple stems purple-green bracts surround the pink summer flowers drought tolerant once established best in part shade 12”h by 30”w ç h103 santa cruz ß—showy variety with compact hoplike rosy flowers and dark green foliage may survive our winters 10”h Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade $2.50—3.5” pot h055

14 friends school plant sale • may 11–13 2012 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com garden perennials daylilies hemerocallis all of the daylilies listed as bareroot can be found on the shelves just west of the perennial section p192 mauna loa—fragrant 5” gold tangerine blend garden favorites each bloom lasts one day very easy to grow and prolific vigorous but not invasive Í∏ p183 autumn red ß—bright red 28”h $3.00—3.5” pot $3.00 each—in bulbs bareroots p184 catherine woodbury—orchid-pink fragrant flowers july to august 18–36”h p185 kindly light—midseason yellow-green spider 24–36”h p186 little women—4” ruffled pale cream-pink trumpet with cherry eye zone and green throat early reblooms 24–36”h p187 mary reed—beautiful purple bi-tone with white mid-ribs and yellowish-green throat extended mid-summer blooms 12–24”h p188 prairie queen

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com lilies may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 19 note lilies sold as bulbs can be found in bulbs bareroots along the west left side of the perennial section lilium ∫ lilies make a bold statement in the garden most lilies prefer to be planted with their “heads in the sun feet in the shade” in well-drained soil they show off best in your garden planted in groups of three to five and we offer prices to make that affordable if you plant several groups with different blooming times you can lengthen the season lilies are also good nectar plants for butterflies and moths note while lilies are nontoxic for humans the bulbs are edible they are extremely poisonous to cats asiatic lilies Í∏∫ $4.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots unbeatable midsummer color these bulbs increase year after year they benefit from being divided when their stems are as wide as your thumb more lilies to share bloom at the end of june into july

24 friends school plant sale • may 11–13 2012 vegetables www.friendsschoolplantsale.com vegetables want to grow in full sun Í unless otherwise noted bareroot vegetables are found on the tables in the vegetable section not in bareroots key lettuce lactuca sativa Í∏ Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade $2.00—4 plants in a pack v064 red leaf ‘red sails’ ß v065 romaine ß v066 yugoslavian red butterhead ß—ruby tinged leaves form loose decorative heads 10–12” wide interior leaves are creamy yellow-green dappled with red sweet buttery flavor 58 days 4–8”h ç attractive foliage ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly † cold-sensitive keep above 40°f Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover ˙ hummingbird-friendly  medicinal ‰ rock garden ˜ minnesota native å u.s native ß saturday restock ¥ toxic to humans high yields of large plump

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 29 save your own seeds visit or join sse you can save your own open-pollinated seeds from year to year seed savers exchange’s heritage farm outside decorah iowa is open for visitors from march 1–december 23 tours are available 1:00 p.m each saturday and sunday get started by attending one of the demonstrations sse will be doing in the garden fair see page 5 for schedule you can get their catalog with over 600 seed varieties for free by signing up at www.seedsavers.org/catalog joining sse is a great way to support conserving and promoting heirloom vegetables fruits flowers and herbs members receive a 10 percent discount on purchases from the sse color catalog website and the heritage farm gift shop three issues of the heritage farm companion magazine and the annual seed savers exchange yearbook with seeds not available in the catalog the seeds sse will be selling these varieties at the

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 35 annual flowers fuchsia upright continued a257 gilia globe gilia capitata ß $5.00—4” pot a233 billy green ◊ß—a pendant coral-pink flower with darker center bred from a new heat and sun-tolerant fuchsia discovered in the caribbean recommended by mary maguire lerman blooms early summer to october evenly moist soil 24”h Í∏ charming blue-purple clover-like flowers bloom heavily april–july attractive finely cut foliage 12”h Í∏ å $2.00—4 plants in a pack $5.00—5.25” pot a234 firecracker ß—foliage of green and cream with crimson veins and crimson undersides salmon orange blooms 24–48”h ç a235 gaura ß gaura lindheimeri ‘belleza dark pink’ airy texture neat compact plant with red stems and buds that open to a waving display of beautiful pink flowers lovely mingling with

40 friends school plant sale • may 11–13 2012 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com annual flowers wishbone flower continued zinnia continued $4.00—4” pot a561 catalina gilded grape ß—snapdragon-like yellow flowers with purple centers need no deadheading to bloom all season trailing habit 16”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a569 benary’s giant lime ◊ß—4–5” fully double chartreuse flowers 40–50” a570 benary’s giant mix z elegans ß—4–5” fully double flowers in a rainbow of colors great cut flower 40–50”h a571 benary’s giant wine z elegans ß—rich burgundy 4–6” fully double blooms resembling dahlias are rain heat and mildew resistant 36”h a572 inca z elegans—sun-worshipping fiery orange double blooms are 5” wide would look great with black and blue salvia 36–40”h a573 magellan scarlet z elegans

www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 45 shrubs and trees fir balsam abies balsamea a popular christmas tree narrowly pyramidal with dense crown terminating in a slender spire the only fir native to the north woods 40–90’h by 20–30’w Í∏˜ s045 $11.00—1 gal pot s046 $17.00—2 gal pot s047 fir korean variegated abies koreana ‘silberlocke’ strongly curved upright needles new growth with a bright white underside produces steel blue cones 20’h by 5’w Í ¥ $22.00—2 gal pot forsythia forsythia the classic spring-blooming shrub soft yellow flowers line arching branches in april forsythias are named for the scottish botanist william forsyth who was superintendent of kensington gardens in london and one of the founders of the royal horticultural society Í∏ $4.00—3.5” pot s048 meadowlark—noted for the cold-hardiness of its buds

50 friends school plant sale • may 11–13 2012 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com native wild flowers key n088 fire pink silene virginica ◊ n099 hyssop anise agastache foeniculum ß n110 jacob’s ladder polemonium reptans ß Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade the bright crimson to pink flowers can bloom for a month or longer native to rich woodlands and rocky slopes it requires a well-drained soil in light to medium shade short-lived it will often self-sow in open soil 12–24”h by 12”w∏ $4.00—2.5” pot very fragrant purple flowers july–august attracts butterflies and goldfinches favor the seeds aromatic leaves used for tea vigorous seed from the upper midwest 24–36”h Í∏∫Ǵ˜ $3.00—3.5” pot very pretty light blue bell-shaped flowers in loose clusters appear on sprawling stems in mid to late spring the foliage looks fresh and green all through the