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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 17 we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover garden perennials hen and chicks continued hummingbird mint agastache p357 iris copper iris fulva key $3.00—2.5” pot p273 oddity s tectorum—unusual rolled bright green leaves in a tight rosette 3–6”h as the name says this mint relative attracts hummingbirds also goldfinches and butterflies requires good drainage particularly in winter in order to be perennial don’t cut back fully until spring so that the crown can’t collect water deer resistant Í∏∫˙å 18–24”h rust-colored louisiana iris that will be happy in standing water or kept well-watered winter mulch may–june blooms 24–48”h Í $9.00—1 quart pot Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade $6.00—4.5” pot p274 cobweb s arachnoideum—looks like a spider web with its fine silvery hairs joining the tips of each leaf excellent for a child’s garden 8”h p275 royal ruby ß—ruby red foliage with smooth waxy leaves holds color all season 3–4”h $10.00—6 plants in a pack p276 cobweb buttons s arachnoideum ß—pale-green rosettes look like a spider has covered the tips with silky gray threads pink starry flowers on 4” spikes in summer 1–3”h p277 hen and chicks mini jovibarba hirta among the tiniest of the hen and chicks ideal for dish garden trough bonsai accent crevice garden model railroads the “chicks” detach and form rollers to move across the garden needs a well-drained site 1–2”h Í $2.00—2.5” pot hibiscus hibiscus moscheutos dinner plate blooms breaks dormancy very late mark the spot so you don’t dig it up by mistake ÍÂå´ $1.50—2.5” pot p278 disco belle mix ß—red pink or white only one color per plant 25”h $4.00—2.5” pot p279 pink clouds—outstanding selection featuring intense deep-pink flowers that catch the eye from a long distance robust and blooms over a long period maple-shaped leaves 48–60”h $6.00—1 quart pot p280 luna red ß—dramatic 7–8” red flowers bloom late summer to fall heat and drought tolerant once established 24–36”h p281 pink swirl ß—huge 8” blooms swirl open to reveal brush strokes of pink rose and cranberry on bright white petals remarkably easy to grow and fast blooming giving months of breathtaking pleasure 24–30”h see also the tropical hibiscus page 40 hollyhock alcea old-fashioned towering spires of big blossoms resembling ruffled petticoats evoke memories of “grandma’s garden.” most are biennial but reseed for perennial effect Í´˙ $1.50—2.5” pot p282 chater’s double mix a rosea ß—72”h p283 chater’s royal purple a rosea ß— large 3–5” deep purple fully double ruffled blooms blooms first year if planted early 60–72”h p284 fig leaf a ficifolia ß—single with blooms in light pink to rose to fuchsia perennial 96”h p285 indian spring a rosea ß—old-fashioned singles in rose pink and white 60”h p286 powderpuffs a rosea ß—double pastel flowers 48”h $2.00—2.5” pot p287 peaches ‘n’ dreams a ficifolia ß—enormous flowers change color with age two tones at once from peachy-yellow to raspberry pink the most cold tolerant of the double hollyhocks 48–72”h $2.50—2.5” pot p288 russian hollyhock a rugosa—radiant light yellow single blooms may to september perennial 48–84”h $1.50—2.5” pot p340 texas hummingbird mint a cana ‘heather queen’ ß—brilliant purplish-rose flower masses late in summer when few perennials are in bloom loves heat and is drought tolerant 30”h $2.00—2.5” pot p341 blue fortune a rugosa × a foeniculum ß—one of the earliest varieties long bloomer with lavender-blue bottlebrush flowers on upright stems mid-summer to fall 36–48”h p342 golden jubilee a foeniculum ß—goldenchartreuse foliage with contrasting blue flowers $3.00—2.5” pot p343 coronado red a aurantiaca—spikes of cheery tubular flowers of yellow stained with orange from midsummer to frost silvery leaves make a nice contrast and are intensely aromatic a tough plant for hot moderately dry areas with welldrained soil 15–24”h $6.00—4.5” pot p344 bolero a cana × a barberi ◊ß—licorice-scented deep bronzy foliage contrasts dramatically with the rosy purple flowers long bloomer 16”h see also the annual hummingbird mint page 35 ice plant hardy delosperma low-growing ground cover from south africa protect from winter wetness Í˝ ‰ $3.00—2.5” pot p345 fire spinner ◊—we like orange and magenta together do you these cheery little daisies cover their mat of succulent foliage looking like something you’d find on a coral reef blooms abundantly in late spring and then throughout the summer deer resistant 2–3”h by 24–36”w $6.00—4.5” pot p346 d nubigenum—succulent bright yellow-green foliage that turns reddish in the fall with single yellow ray flowers drought tolerant requires sandy soils and a hot sunny location 4”h indigo wild blue baptisia 2010 perennial plant of the year a classic garden favorite with pea-like flowers and gray-green pea foliage blooms in june black seed pods later in the season are good for dried arrangements does not transplant once established Í∏Âå¥ and terrific perennials 36–48”h $2.50—2.5” pot p348 dwarf b australis minor—a miniature version of the blue-flowered classic garden favorite 15–24”h $10.00—4.5” pot p349 twilite prairie blues—an introduction from the chicago botanic gardens deep violet-purple flowers in spires up to 32” 48–60”h falls 10–12”h p360 what again—light lavender-blue standards and apricot-yellow falls accented with icy blue beards reblooms 10–12”h p361 iris dwarf wild iris setosa canadensis purple flowers accented with rich dark veins native to northeastern u.s and canada summer bloomtime prefers moist soil syn iris setosa nana 12–15”h Í ‰å¥ $3.00—2.5” pot p362 iris japanese iris ensata ‘variegata’ huge flat purple iris blooms with green and cream leaves native to japanese and siberian pond edges so it requires moisture but will do well if watered regularly 28”h Í∏¥ç $3.00 each—bulbs bareroots iris siberian iris sibirica blooms after the bearded iris to extend season native to moist areas so moisture throughout the season is crucial to healthy plants excellent border plant Í∏ $5.00—1 quart pot p363 caesar’s brother—a very rich pansy-violet a classic award-winning variety 24–36”h p364 welcome return ß—velvet deep purple flower that reblooms 24”h $5.00 each—in bulbs bareroots p365 pink haze ◊—slightly ruffled lavender-pink with crimson veining and narrow white-rimmed falls and a gold and burgundy blaze american iris society’s highest award for siberian iris introduced 1969 blooms may to june 24–36”h easy to grow with may–june blooms clump-formers best in groups cultivate iris shallowly the top of the rhizome should be exposed so clean soil off them in april to let the sun hit it highly drought tolerant well-drained soil should be lifted and divided every few years Í¥ $4.00—3” plug p352 batik—large royal purple flowers splattered and streaked with white flecks very striking 35”h p353 immortality—white with yellow beards blooms spring and repeats in fall 36”h p354 megabucks—a daring combination of vibrant fuchsia at the center of the falls edged with a rim of butterscotch and bright gold standards above eight double buds on each stem 34”h p355 stairway to heaven—near white standards and round flaring medium blue falls wonderful wave-like ruffles may-june bloom 39”h p356 tennyson ridge—berry-red standards with white falls speckled and edged in red very ruffled midseason bloom and later rebloom 34”h ß saturday restock Ø certified organic ¥ toxic to humans about those stars… throughout you will notice plants that are marked with five stars ★★★★★ these plants have been awarded five stars by heger lonnee and whitman in the brand-new edition of growing perennials in cold climates as one of the very best plants available on the market $7.00—1 quart pot p367 sapphire royale—blue-violet flowers with contrasting falls a bit more delicate-looking than ‘caesar’s brother.’ 32”h yellow blaze on falls 24”h ∫˙ p369 iris variegated ß iris pallida ‘argenteum’ lavender flowers early summer striking green and white striped sword-leaves throughout the season 24”h Í∏ ç¥ $8.00—1 quart pot see also iris in rare plants page 6 and native wild flowers page 50 fernlike leaves with up to 20 neatly arranged “rungs” and an abundance of silky cup-shaped flowers when grown in any reasonably well-drained humus-rich soil Í∏Óå yellow lupine-like spring flowers in 4–12” clusters followed by velvety pods 24–36”h Í∏ å¥ $1.50—2.5” pot ˜ minnesota native å u.s native between neat white standards reblooms large field-grown clumps 28”h jacob’s ladder polemonium see also the native indigo page 50 keep above 40°f Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover ˙ hummingbird-friendly  medicinal ‰ rock garden $6.00—1 quart pot $12.00—4.5” pot to lots of maroon and yellow flowers a shorter more dense variety 30–36”h ç attractive foliage ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly † cold-sensitive p366 butter and sugar ß—bright butter-yellow falls p350 cherries jubilee ◊—deep maroon buds open iris bearded iris germanica hosta see page 16 $4.00—3” plug p359 smart—red-violet with a dark purple spot on the $8.00—4.5” pot a vintage perennial grown by thomas jefferson at monticello considered biennial to short-lived perennial but can be treated as reseeding annuals Í $3.00—4” pot p291 zebrina ß—white with purple veining 48”h charming long-lived low-growing perennials aprilmay blooms Í∏¥ p368 sky wings ◊—dainty sky-blue flowers with hollyhock french malva sylvestris veins the 2.5” flowers bloom all summer unfussy reseeding biennial rabbit resistant and drought tolerant 36–48”h iris dwarf bearded iris pumila $1.50—2.5” pot p351 indigo yellow thermopsis montana ß $3.00—2” pot low-growing early-blooming woodland iris pale blueyellow sweet 9”h Í∏Óå¥ $2.50—2.5” pot p347 blue b australis ß—one of the u of m’s tough $3.00—4” pot p289 the watchman a rosea nigra—blackish maroon singles 72”h p290 purple satin ◊—grape with darker purple p358 iris crested iris cristata $1.50—2.5” pot p370 blue master p foliosissimum ß—long-blooming considered the best overall with 1” blue flowers with orange stamens 30”h p371 blue pearl p caeruleum ß—bright blue flowers prefers moist cool conditions 24–30”h $2.00—2.5” pot p372 heavenly habit p boreale ß—attractive clusters of violet-blue flowers each with a distinct golden yellow eye dwarf habit makes it ideal in the front of borders or even containers if deadheads are removed regularly plants will continue to flower throughout the summer 12”h $6.00—4.5” pot p373 bressingham purple p yezoense ß—striking deep purple-tinged foliage showcases deep blue flowers needs cool moist light shade foliage color most intense in spring and fall 15”h $10.00—4.5” pot p374 stairway to heaven p reptans ß—lovely light cornflower blue flowers over variegated foliage that is silvery green with cream edges in cool weather the leaves develop areas of pink color very hardy 12–15”h ˜ç see also the native jacob ’s ladder page 50 hollyhock