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18 friends school plant sale • may 11–13 2012 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover garden perennials p375 jasmine rock androsace villosa ‘stardust’ ß lungwort pulmonaria p458 mullein purple verbascum ‘violetta’ dwarf rosettes of shaggy leaves so thickly set with white or pale pink flowers that for a time the foliage lies hidden each flower has a yellow or pink eye native to the alps and pyrenees fragrant water freely in dry weather prefers gritty well-drained soil in full sun with protection from the wind yes 0.3” is the $2.00—2.5” pot height 0.3”h Í∏Ó‰ one of those really nice plants with a terrible name the spotted leaves were once thought to cure lung diseases early pink buds open to usually blue flowers in spring a durable groundcover valued for its ornamental foliage prefers a cool moist situation spectacular in groups early spring deer resistant Í∏Óç˝ $6.00—1 quart pot p376 jupiter’s beard centranthus ruber ß p441 majeste p longifolia—green leaves turning silver as they as the buds swell they resemble tiny dark satin pillows a deep green flat rosette of oval-shaped crinkled leaves provides an attractive base for the airy and richly colored flowering spikes brightened by gilt stamens papery purple blooms are flat-faced and look fabulous in arrangements super plant with fuzzy leaves and candle-like blooms self-seeds 30”h by 18”w Í $2.00—2.5” pot clusters of small red flower blossoms blooms the first season tolerates poor soil 30”h Í∏Ó $1.50—2.5” pot mature 10”h p442 mrs moon p saccharata ß—silver-spotted dark green foliage 12”h mum minnesota chrysanthemum × morifolium developed by the u of m for hardiness flowering three weeks before other mums low maintenance and deer resistant Í¥ p377 kennilworth ivy cymbalaria muralis $6.00—3.5” pot $2.00—2.5” pot dainty creeper with lavender viola-like flowers and rounded leaves 3–4”h Í∏ ˝‰ $4.00—4 plants in a pack p443 bertram anderson p ◊—deep green leaves heavily p459 centerpiece ß—pink quill-form petals 12”h p460 maroon pride ß—dark red sprays of shaggy 3” blossoms p378 lady’s mantle alchemilla mollis ‘thriller’ ß attractive edging ground cover or accent plant large silvergreen rounded leaves that are scalloped and serrated hold tiny drops of water like little jewels clusters of tiny greenish-yellow star flowers in july a staple of english gardens 18”h $1.50—2.5” pot Í∏Óç˝Â‰ p379 lady’s tresses fragrant spiranthes cernua odorata porcelain white 12” spires of small sweetly scented flowers over 3–4” foliage on this north american native orchid long-lasting cut flower damp compost-rich soils preferred 12”h Í∏å $4.00—2.5” pot see also the lady ’s tresses in rare plants page 6 lamb’s ear stachys byzantina silvery fuzzy leaves purple flowers great for a “touching” garden children love this plant Í∏ç˝ $1.50—2.5” pot p380 fuzzy wuzzy ß—grown for its silver gray soft furry leaves good edging plant 15”h $3.00—4” pot p381 helene von stein—taller with huge wooly leaves 30”h p382 silver carpet—non-flowering groundcover form intensely silver 12”h lamium lamium maculatum a great ground cover that adapts to dry shade most varieties have silver and white leaves with white margins blooms in the spring Í∏Óç˝ $4.00—4 plants in a pack p383 anne greenway ß—gold-edged leaves with mint-green centers and a silver streak down the ribline more refined than the other varieties mauve blooms 6–12”h p384 beacon silver ß—pink flowers foliage is almost entirely silver-white with a green edge 7”h p385 pink pewter ß—6”h p386 red nancy ß— 6”h p387 white nancy ß—6”h $5.00—3.5” pot p388 aureum ◊—enchanting rose-purple flowers but the real show-stopper is the glow of its chartreuse and silver variegated leaves stunning in any shady spot 6–8”h ligularia ligularia dramatic foliage with golden-yellow daisy-like flowers on sturdy spikes july–august needs consistent moisture great with astilbes and ferns deer resistant ∏Ó∫ spotted with silver and violet blue flowers make this a most colorful perennial 8–12”h by 24”w p444 roy davidson—attractive mounding habit and long narrow blue-green leaves speckled with silver 12”h $10.00—1 quart pot p445a raspberry splash ß—profusely blooming raspberry-coral flowers in spring very pointed foliage 12”h lupine lupinus polyphyllus pea-type flowers climb stalks in spring strong growing plants form large clumps best in cool areas like northern minnesota Í∏å¥ $1.50—2.5” pot p445b gallery blue ß—20”h p446a gallery mix ß—includes bi-colors 20”h p446b gallery pink ß—20”h p447a russell’s mix ß—boldly colored should have full sun and plenty of moisture 36”h see also the wild lupine page 50 maltese cross lychnis the botanical name lychnis is from a greek word meaning “lamp” and refers to this plant’s fiery red flowers easy to grow Í∏ $1.50—2.5” pot p447b l chalcedonica ß—campion-like bright scarlet blooms 24–36”h p448a molten lava l × haageana ß—red-bronze foliage and sizzling orange-red flowers an excellent combination 18”h fragrant white flowers in late may forms a tight mat that spreads aggressively tolerates full sun to full shade 8–12”h Í∏Ó˝¥ $7.00 for 10—in bulbs bareroots lilies see page 19 these onions are grown for their beautiful flowers and interesting foliage deer resistant and edible too Í∏∫‰´ $2.50—2.5” pot p466 cowlick onion a senescens glaucum—a choice plant especially for edging rosy flowers mid-late summer 6–12”h $5.00—3.5” pot p467 blue skies a tanguticum ◊—spikes of lavender-blue flowers in midsummer clump forming 12–24”h fluffy clouds of many small flowers float above the foliage in summer perfect for woodland settings Í∏ $1.50—2.5” pot p448b columbine meadow rue t aquilegifolium ß—lavender powderpuffs in early summer with columbine-like leaves 36–48”h p449 shining t lucidum—creamy yellow flower puffs with glossy dark green fernlike leaves quite different from other meadow rue foliage rose-like fragrance 36–60”h $3.00—2.5” pot p450 japanese t rochebrunianum—handsome lacy foliage with small red-lilac panicles that are cute up close and like a lavender mist from a distance purplish-green airy stems part shade 36”h p451 spanish meadow rue t flavum glaucum—attractive blue foliage and fluffy heads of nice clear yellow flowers in midsummer a tall species seldom encountered in gardens 60”h $6.00—4.5” pot see also the native meadow p396 lily of the valley convallaria majalis onion ornamental allium $12.00—4.5” pot $6.00—1 quart pot p391 desdemona l dentata ß—huge rounded toothed leathery purple leaves with red undersides 36”h p392 the rocket l stenocephala ß—gold flower stalks early and all summer with bold jagged leaves 72”h $10.00—5.5” pot p395 osiris café noir ◊ß—new growth foliage is dark purple-black turning bronze and then olive green with purple veins yellow-orange flowers on purple stems in august–september 12–24”h by 24”w a cute plant from new zealand with bronze-black leaves like tiny ferns or feathers and dark button flowers darkest foliage in full sun use around stepping stones and as a groundcover prefers a rich acidic soil regular moisture and occasional fertilizer 1–2”h by 12”wÍ∏ ‰ $2.50—2.5” pot p468 millennium ◊—these rosy-purple orbs are among the p452 white t petaloideum ◊—“chic and elegant,” says a $10.00—4.5” pot p394 britt-marie crawford l dentata—the darkest with rounded glossy chocolate-maroon leaves and purple undersides outstanding background or accent plant 36–40”h p465 new zealand brass buttons leptinella squalida ‘platt’s black’ meadow rue thalictrum $1.50—2.5” pot p389 narrow spiked ligularia l stenocephala ß—36”h p390 shavalski’s ligularia l przewalskii ß—spikes of yellow flowers with black stems large jagged leaves not as sensitive to drying out as other ligularia 48”h ∏ $8.00—1 quart pot p393 little lantern l stenocephala—dwarf hybrid with conical clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers over kidney-shaped foliage more drought tolerant than ‘the rocket.’ 24”h cover this vigorous mounded plant super hardy and longblooming 24–36”h p461 minnpink ß—1.5” flat light rose-pink blossoms early season bloom 12”h p462 minnruby ß—2.5” ruby red flowers midseason bloom 12”h p463 north star ß—yellow a north star selection 12”h p464 sunny morning ß—smothered in clear yellow daisy flowers from early to late fall an excellent cut flower its fragrant ferny leaves add extra interest too 14”h chinese website in the spring there these delicate little starry white flowers cover the grasslands intriguingly its “petals” are not petals at all but extra-long stamens on white filaments finely divided blue-green foliage 12–18”h ‰¥ rue page 50 p453 mistflower eupatorium coelestinum showiest does not self-seed and is deer resistant 15–18”h p469 sugar melt ◊—pink dome-shaped flowers are irresistible to bees and butterflies blooms from midsummer through fall great rock garden specimen 6”h see also the blue-flowered onion page 6 p470 oregano hop-flowered origanum ‘kent beauty’ whorls of pink-petaled flowers inside glowing papery purple and chartreuse bracts gray-green silver-veined nearly heart-shaped leaves nice in dried flower arrangements vigorous trailing plant with hop-like bracts through the summer and fall looks best cascading over a raised bed rock garden or container aromatic but usually not used in cooking needs good drainage drought resistant 6–12”h by 24”w Í∫Ç ˝ ‰ $3.00—2.5” pot p471 oregano ornamental ß ◊ origanum ‘rosenkuppel’ lavender to rose-pink flowers with a long bloom time fragrant burgundy-flushed green foliage though not flavored strongly enough to use in cooking needs well-drained soil 12–18”h by 24”w Í $2.00—2.5” pot p472 pachysandra ß pachysandra terminalis ‘green carpet’ great for shade a low ground cover that will not detract from your larger plantings honey-scented flowers in spring 6–12”h Í∏Ó ˝ $4.00—4 plants in a pack blue fluffy flower heads in fall brighten the late season garden slow to appear in the garden each spring but may spread longlasting cut flowers 12–36”h Í∏å¥ $3.00—3.5” pot pasque flower anemone pulsatilla p454 moneywort ß lysimachia nummularia ‘goldilocks’ fragrant pointed petals and yellow centers with furry stems and foliage in april and may these are european varieties not the native wild flower easy to grow Í∏Â¥ brighter yellow-green than the usual golden moneywort and spreads more strongly even on drier soils very striking native in european woodlands and wetlands 4”h Í∏˝ $10.00—6 plants in a pack monkshood aconitum graceful plants that can be used in place of delphiniums when the soil is heavier its hooded flowers inspired its common name its other common name wolf’s bane came from the ancient use as a wolf poison avoid getting the sap on your skin Í∏¥ $5.00—1 quart pot p455 fischer’s monkshood a fischeri ß—clear blue flower spikes from kamchatka 25”h $9.00—1 quart pot p456 bressingham spire a × cammarum—incredible dark violet blue flowers june-august on compact bushy plants 24”h p457 moss irish minuartia verna cute mat of linear leaves and tiny white flowers useful for walkways and difficult bare spots because it tolerates foot traffic 6–8”h by 12”w ∏Ó˝‰ $2.50—2.5” pot $1.50—2.5” pot p473 alba ß—white 10–12”h p474 blue bells ß—blue blossoms 10–12”h p475 purple ß—purple 15”h p476 red bells ß—bright red blossoms 4–12”h see also the native pasque flower page 51 peony paeonia lactiflora classic garden favorite with large blooms on a shrub-like bushy perennial easy to grow flowers late may–june Í´¥ $12.00—1 gal pot p477 duchess de nemours ß—150-year-old creamy-white classic with large fragrant double blooms on sturdy stems the center of the flower is a light yellow deepening to pale green at the base of the petals blooms early mid-season 34–48”h p478 karl rosenfield ß—double red 20–36”h p479 sarah bernhardt ß—double pink 20–36”h peonies continue on page 20