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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com lilies may 11–13 2012 • friends school plant sale 19 note lilies sold as bulbs can be found in bulbs bareroots along the west left side of the perennial section lilium ∫ lilies make a bold statement in the garden most lilies prefer to be planted with their “heads in the sun feet in the shade” in well-drained soil they show off best in your garden planted in groups of three to five and we offer prices to make that affordable if you plant several groups with different blooming times you can lengthen the season lilies are also good nectar plants for butterflies and moths note while lilies are nontoxic for humans the bulbs are edible they are extremely poisonous to cats asiatic lilies Í∏∫ $4.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots unbeatable midsummer color these bulbs increase year after year they benefit from being divided when their stems are as wide as your thumb more lilies to share bloom at the end of june into july p401 tiny padhye—white petal tips and deep red throat blooms late spring to early summer 18–24”h p397 blackout—extremely dark red almost black four to five flowers per stem the dark green foliage makes a great contrast to its flower color 12/14 cm bulbs 36”h p402 toronto—hot rose pink with a soft cream and yellow blush in the center five to seven flowers per stem 12/14 cm bulbs 46”h p398 fata morgana—double flowers of bright yellow petals are lightly spotted five to seven flowers per stem 12/14 cm bulbs 39”h p399 matrix—fiery red with an orange brushmark three to five flowers per stem 11/12 cm bulbs 16”h p400 tiny ghost—shorter great for pots on $5.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p403 elodie—gorgeous double pink with burgundy spots five to six flowers per stem 12/14 cm bulbs 48”h p404 lollipop—white flowers dipped in rasp the patio or front of the border deep red sensational blooms will remind you of ripe raspberries 12/14 cm bulbs 18”h berry very fragrant and vigorous three to five blooms per stem 14/16 cm bulbs 24–30”h p405 sensation double—double blooms with six outer petals and six uniquely shaped inner petals the flowers are rosy red with a conspicuous creamy white spot near the petal base and are fragrant and pollen-free good in patio pots and as cut flowers 26”h p406 tango orange art—rich orange petals with burgundy-maroon on the inner third of each petal 36–48”h p407 tiny bell—shorter lilies great for pots on the patio or front of the border 12/14 cm bulbs pink brushed with yellow toward the center 14–16”h p408 tiny snowflake—shorter great for pots on the patio or front of the border 12/14 cm bulbs 16”h $6.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p409 landini—deep black burgundy it makes a spectacular focal point anywhere you place it 12/14 cm bulbs 36”h $7.00 each in bulbs bareroots p410 ariadne ◊—recurved pendant dusty rose blooms with creamy peach centers with marbled spotting pattern and light fragrance long graceful stems carry an abundance of flowers that last for weeks stems grow taller each year and carry more flowers bred in scotland 48–72”h p411 eurydice ◊—recurved raspberryrose flowers with tiny spots in late june light fragrance 48–60”h ˙ la lilies Í∏∫ oriental lilies Í∫ these exciting hybrids combine the best features of the longiflorum easter and asiatic lily july blooms fast multipliers and easy to grow oriental lilies are incredibly fragrant hybrids from japan they bloom from the end of july into august and prefer acid soil $4.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p412 dimension ◊—dark $3.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p413 royal sunset—deep black-burgundy blossoms in early to mid summer 36”h p414 salmon classic— apricot blooms are accented with a glowing red center 36”h fragrant upfacing peachy-yellow blooms with freckles 36”h p422 star gazer—deep red to white edge upward facing flowers sweet fragrance 14/16 cm bulbs 24–36”h $5.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots orienpet lilies Í∫ p423 acapulco—dark pink very fragrant cross between the oriental and trumpet lilies exceptional vigor blooming july into august p424 casa blanca—huge white blossoms with very long bloom time produces four to six flowers per stem 14/16 cm bulbs 44”h $6.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots $7.00 each in bulbs bareroots p415 conca d’or—a magnificent cheerful yel p419 scheherazade—deep red recurved flow low that will reach right up to your face as you admire it in the garden plant in a well-drained sunny site 16/18 cm bulbs 48–60”h ers are edged in gold shading into white margins and the throat shows the same dramatic color pattern can easily reach 8 feet or more when established 4 to 6 feet first year blooms mid-august 96”h p416 robina—spectactular rose-red with a white throat very fragrant excellent cut flowers 16/18 cm bulb 52”h $7.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots $10.00 each in bulbs bareroots p420 silk road—huge white flowers with p417 black beauty—vigorous heavily blooming tall beauty with deep crimson recurved blooms within several years you’ll have a stand of statuesque blooms that will be the envy of the neighborhood 16/18 cm bulbs 60”h p418 triumphator—stunning color combina deep intensely crimson pink throats carried on an enormous inflorescence with many well-spaced secondary buds for extended blooming time all this and it’s the most fragrant lily we’ve ever experienced 48–72”h $13.00 each in bulbs bareroots tion huge trumpet-like white flowers with almost maroon centers fragrant and p421 cream luminaries—graceful 6–12” cream-white trumpets with wide petals a spectacular excellent cut flower 18/20 cm gold throat and just a sprinkle of spots the bulbs 48–60”h fragrance combines trumpet and oriental perfumes sturdy stems and vigorous plant 48–72”h with sweet scent three to six flowers per stem extra-large bulbs 16/18 cm 48”h p425 dizzy—white petals with maroon spots and a maroon stripe down the center of each petal very showy four to six flowers per stem 14/16 cm bulb 48”h p426 muscadet—large white flowers with a pink blush in the center and deep pink spots three to five flowers per stem 14/16 cm bulb 36”h p427 salmon star—sensational 6” salmon flowers brushed pink along the midrib with a sparkling yellow star in the center blooms a little later in the season and should be winter mulched 14/16 cm bulb 24–36”h p428 tom pouce—each petal is outlined with hot pink and has a golden yellow midrib colors are darker at the points and lighter toward the center three to four flowers per stem mid-season bloomer 14/16 cm bulbs 32”h $6.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p429 lodewijk ◊—large white pompom blossoms striped with lime green 36”h p430 magic star ◊—deep rosy red petals with wine-red sprinkles and white edges form 6–8” double outward-facing cheerleader pom-poms in june and july no pollen means blooms really last water well while it’s growing and forming buds full bloom size achieved on mature plant well drained soil fragrant 32–40”h p431 sweet rosy ◊—double pink blossoms with white highlights and dark pink speckles in center 30”h $7.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p432 farolito—a rare compact oriental lily with luminous baby-pink blooms 14/16 cm bulb 18–24”h other lilies Í∏∫ lilies from around the world bloom times are noted with each species $5.00—3.5” pot $8.00—1 quart pot p433 tiger lily double l lancifolium flore p436 turk’s cap lily l superbum— trumpet lilies Í∫ pleno—the same deep orange petals with chocolate spots as regular tiger lilies but with more than thirty petals blooms at first oddly resemble a squid but then the petals fold backwards flowers throughout august 32–60”h july blooms after the asiatic and before the oriental lilies best in sunny well-drained location mulch for winter protection $5.00—3” plug 3 bulbs per plug downward-facing orange lily blooms with reflexed and spotted petals up to 40 on a stem native to eastern north america will tolerate more shade than most lilies may be short-lived so plant the seeds late summer bloom 60–120”h å $5.00 for 3 in bulbs and bareroots $7.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p438 citronelle ◊—many p439 golden splendor— bright yellow recurved blooms with attractive black-maroon sprinkles in july four to six per stem fragrant summer to late summer bloom 24–36”h huge golden yellow trumpets 20/22 cm bulbs 60”h p440 pink perfection—pink trumpet with a lighter center very tall and fragrant immense flowers may require staking when in bloom prefers welldrained soil early july bloom 20/22 cm bulb 60”h p434 white crane l formosanum ◊— $8.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots trumpet-shaped fragrant creamy white blossoms with a pink flush blooms in late spring to early summer clump former from taiwan 8–10”h p437 uchida l speciosum rubrum—if you’re $7.00 for 3 in bulbs bareroots p435 regal lily l regale—white with a pink reverse and yellow throat the first fragrant trumpet lily to appear each year june-july bloom time 20/22 cm bulbs 36–48”h just getting started in your love affair with lilies uchida is a great first choice brilliant dark pink recurved petals with white trim and light speckles easy to grow and late blooming light fragrance from japan 16/18 cm bulbs 48”h see also the martagon lilies page 6 and the native lilies page 50