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20 friends school plant sale • may 11–13 2012 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com garden perennials key peony continued pinks bath’s continued Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade $16.00—1 gal pot p480 flame—hot pink single flowers with orange tones strong stems 24”h $4.00—4 plants in a pack p498 sternkissen ß—pink-purple blossoms in the shape of stars bloom late spring just above the foliage 3”h ç attractive foliage ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly † cold-sensitive p481 cora stubbs ◊—raspberry-pink flowers with keep above 40°f Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover ˙ hummingbird-friendly  medicinal ‰ rock garden ˜ minnesota native å u.s native ß saturday restock Ø certified organic ¥ toxic to humans about those stars… throughout you will notice plants that are marked with five stars ★★★★★ these plants have been awarded five stars by heger lonnee and whitman in the brand-new edition of growing perennials in cold climates as one of the very best plants available on the market $19.00—2 gal pot rich pink guard petals surrounding a large vanilla ice cream scoop center fragrant japanese-form flowers over lush foliage midseason vigorous habit 30–36”h by 24”w $19.00—2 gal pot p482 coral supreme ◊—unusual sought-after salmon-coral semi-double flowers vigorous and a heavy bloomer early season 36”h by 24–30”w p483 pink hawaiian coral p lactiflora × peregrina ◊— coral semi-double fragrant flower with rounded petals forming a rose shape delicate yellow stamens and creamy carpels early season aps gold medal selection 30–36”h by 30–36”w peony memorial day paeonia officinalis old-fashioned double peonies early blooming deer resistant 32”h Í∏¥ $16.00—1 gal pot hailing from the alpine meadows of central and southeast europe these tall growing pinks have small deep magenta blooms in clumps of up to 50 flowers upright blooms june through frost good for cutting best in well-drained soils 24–36”h Í∏‰ $1.50—2.5” pot p520 red hot poker ß kniphofia uvaria ‘flamenco’ an exciting mixture of yellows oranges and hot fiery reds from june to september fiery rocket-shaped blooms with interesting shapes requires good drainage 24–36”h Í∏‰ $1.50—2.5” pot p521 rock cress variegated ß arabis caucasica ‘variegata’ simple white four-petaled flowers on a compact mat give off a sweet fragrance in early spring green leaves edged with cream best in a sunny east-facing site with good drainage 6”h by 12–16”w ͉ $2.00—2.5” pot p500 pinks hardy garden dianthus × allwoodii ‘desmond’ p522 rock rose helianthemum nummularium ‘ben more’ does best with good drainage fully double 2” bright cherry red flowers are borne on sturdy stems over blue-green foliage 14”h Í∏ ‰ $2.00—2.5” pot from the mediterranean a cascade of luminous deep orange single-rose-like flowers with tufted yellow stamens on a mat of small leaves drought-tolerant spreading plants good in hot dry areas 4”h by 15”w ͉ $3.00—2.5” pot p501 pinks maiden ß dianthus deltoides ‘brilliant’ brilliant crimson blooms in late spring and summer mat forming it makes a popular edging plant 6–9”h Í∏´˝ $1.50—2.5” pot p523 rockfoil ß saxifraga arendsii ‘purple robe’ tufting soft mossy plants with tiny reddish-purple flowers on 8” stems in may excellent on walls a welcome addition to your shady alpine or rock garden 4”h Í∏˝‰ $3.00—3.5” pot p484a rosea plena—pink blooms with a spicy fragrance p484b rubra plena—deep red see also mossy see more peonies in rare plants pages 6–7 p502 poppy blue meconopsis betonicifolia ß periwinkle vinca minor is there a more beautiful bloom than the famous blue poppy large satiny flowers in an amazing shade of true blue this plant likes mulch the north side of the house and a sprinkling in the morning on hot days may be difficult to grow unless you live near the north shore these are first-year seedlings 36”h ∏Ó $1.50—2.5” pot p524 rose mallow hibiscus lasiocarpos poppy iceland papaver nudicaule p525 roseroot rhodiola rhodantha blooms the first year in late spring and early summer a long-blooming poppy with fragrant delicate flowers 12–24”h Í¥ this rocky mountain native has succulent columns topped by light to deep rose flower clusters in may and june “rhodiola” is greek for “rose-like,” and refers to the fragrance of the roots 10”h Íå $1.50—2.5” pot evergreen trailing for shady areas including slopes and woods tubular five-petaled flowers bloom in spring then at times through fall does well under shrubs or interplanted with spring bulbs a good trailer for containers too takes dry shade when established mowing it low after blooming every couple of years helps keep it dense Í∏Ó˝¥ $2.50—2.5” pot p48ba wojo’s gem—green and cream variegated foliage with precious blue blooms 4–8”h ç $10.00—6 plants in a pack p485b bowles cunningham ß—larger blue blooms 4–8”h by 10–14”w p486 illumination ß—golden centers with a green edge very bright with a mottled look 3–4”h ç p487 v minor atropurpurea ß—deep plum flowers in spring dot a thick mat of glossy dark green leaves 1–4”h by 24–36”w pinks page 7 $1.50—2.5” pot grows along rivers and in bogs from california to indiana bearing magnificent huge cream pink or red flowers 4–6”across with a deep maroon eye fuzzy foliage blooms july and august loves loamy soil and moist conditions 48–60”h Í∏Ó å$1.50—3.5” pot p503 orange p504 pink p505 red p506 wonderland mix ß sage flowering salvia poppy oriental papaver orientale p526 blue hill s × sylvestris ◊—vivid clear blue phlox creeping phlox stolonifera spectacular early summer blooms large blossoms long-lived plants that do not like to be moved and require good drainage Í∏¥ spreading plants absolutely covered with flowers in april prefers moist soil 4–8”h Í∏˝ ∫å p507 allegro ß—dazzling scarlet black-eyed flowers spikes start blooming in june can be cut back for a fall bloom drought tolerant rabbit and deer resistant 20–24”h p527 may night s nemorosa—dark violet blue spikes reblooms 18”h p528 snow hill s × sylvestris ◊—pure white frilly flowers and olive green aromatic foliage 14–16”h $2.00—2.5” pot p488 home fires—deep pink p489 sherwood purple—masses of purple phlox moss phlox subulata the foundation of the early spring rock garden low spreading plants absolutely covered with flowers in april neat mounds of juniper-like foliage for the rest of the season can be sheared in summer to refresh the foliage deer tend to avoid it prefers well-drained sandy soil with regular water Í˝ ‰å $10.00—6 plants in a pack p490 appleblossom ß—beautiful soft pink blossoms with a dark pink center 4–6”h p491 millstream daphne ß—deep pink flowers with darker throats 6”h p492 oakington blue eyes ß—pale lavender 4–8”h p493 scarlet flame ß—dark magenta blooms with a darker magenta center 4”h p494 white delight—4–8”h see also the native phlox page 51 p495 pincushion flower scabiosa atropurpurea ‘chat noir’ large very dark red almost black white-tipped fully double flowers with a pleasant fragrance resembling delicate pincushions great cut flowers—the more you cut the more it blooms a tough hardy garden performer early to late summer bloomer requires good $3.00—2.5” pot drainage 24–26”h Í∏∫ p496 pinks alpine dianthus alpinus ß cushions of lance-shaped leaves with fragrant deep pink to crimson or salmon 1.5” flowers 3–4”h Í ‰ $2.00—2.5” pot pinks bath’s dianthus gratianopolitanus best used in front of border or mixed into a rock garden blooms are fragrant and long-lasting with rebloom tight mounds of evergreen blue-green foliage withstands light foot traffic easy to grow Í˝ ‰ flowering sage p499 pinks clusterhead dianthus carthusianorum we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover $2.00—2.5” pot p497 fire witch ß—evergreen blue-green linear foliage showy profuse magenta blooms spring through fall heat resistant and cold tolerant prefers well-drained soil 2006 perennial plant of the year 6”h $1.50—2.5” pot shorter 16”h p508 beauty of livermere ß—dark oxblood red flowers 36–48”h p509 grape ß—plum-colored with an almost white center silvery foliage 27”h p510 pizzicato ß—shorter mixed colors 20”h p511 royal wedding ß—white with a black center 30”h p512 victoria louise ß—huge salmon blooms 36”h $6.00—4.5” pot p513 königin alexandra—striking salmon pink blooms with black centers 24–30”h p514 prairie snowball abronia fragrans ◊ almost spherical fragrant blossoms are usually white sometimes with green lavender or pink tones flowers open in the evening and close in the morning trailing habit sandy well-drained soil heart’s delight is another common name 8–36”h Í ∫å‰ $1.50—2.5” pot primrose primula sweet early spring blooms they prefer cool temperatures a moist rich humus soil and partial shade they appreciate full sun in the spring but must have semishade as the temperatures warm ∏¥ $1.50—2.5” pot p515 japanese p japonica ß—fuzzy foliage in pleasing clumps blooms in pink to white 6–12”h p516 pacific giant mix p × polyantha ß—6”h $2.50—2.5” pot p517 drumstick primrose p denticulata—dense clusters of flowers in red-purple to white above a whorl of textured leaves 12–14”h $9.00—1 gal pot p518 noverna deep blue p capitata ◊—intense deep blue-violet flower heads in june or july powdery white stems and gray-green foliage 10–12”h p519 prophet flower arnebia pulchra ß cute yellow trumpets with five black spots bloom in late spring rare alpine species from the caucasus and northern persia beautiful in the botanic gardens of iceland give it a try needs good drainage 10”h Í∏ ‰ $1.50—2.5” pot upright plants with spikes of blooms easy to grow and compact Í∫˙ $4.00—3.5” pot sage russian perovskia atriplicifolia open and wiry with gray-green stems and clouds of tiny violet flowers all over summer through fall prune in march or april cutting back to 6–12” Í∏ $3.00—3.5” pot p529 little spire ß—compact version of the classic with long bloomtime good for small gardens 24”h $3.00—4” pot p530 filigran—soft lacy presence in the garden 36”h p531 p atriplicifolia ß—the showy classic that was 1995 perennial plant of the year 36–48”h p532 sandwort arenaria ledebouriana a very interesting little plant that when not in bloom looks something like a miniature mounding conifer lush mossy clumps spread outward as this diminutive groundcover eagerly creeps over the ground filling the space between stepping stones small narrow leaves and white five-petaled flowers the stems root as they creep moist but well-drained soil a must needs winter protection 6”h Í∏˝ ‰ $2.00—2.5” pot p533 saxifrage maple-leaved mukdenia rossii ‘crimson fans’ beautiful maple-like leaves that emerge green splashed with bright red and remain red all summer turning gold in the fall white bell-shaped flowers can be used as a ground cover or a specimen plant from china 12–14”h ∏Ó ç¥ $10.00—1 gal pot p534 sea holly amethyst eryngium amethystinum beautiful blue spiny globes leaves of steel blue 24”h Í $2.50—2.5” pot sea holly blue eryngium an excellent feature plant and dramatic cut flower hot sun and well-drained soil Í $1.50—2.5” pot p535 alpine e alpinum ß—heart-shaped deeply toothed glossy foliage with long conical purpleblue flowers surrounded by blue-gray bracts and soft spines 24”h