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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com herbs h060 horseradish armoracia rusticana spicy root used as a condiment provide rich soil for the most pungent roots does best planted in the ground in a smaller garden you might want to contain it by planting in a pot or tub buried in the ground perennial 36”h Í∏ Ç $3.00—bareroot each h061 hyssop pink ß hyssopus officinalis nectar rose aromatic perennial with dense spikes of pink to purple flowers mixes well with rosemary and lavender for fragrance and color slightly bitter leaves can be added to salads 18–24”h Í∏ ∫Ωǘ $2.00—2.5” pot h062 jiaogulan gynostemma pentaphyllum ß literally “twisting-vine orchid,” it’s known as the “herb of immortality” in china part of the cucumber or gourd family tender perennial not hardy in minnesota Í Â $2.50—3.5” pot h063 land seaweed salsola komarovii ß shoreline plant valued in japan also known as okahijiki or saltwort crunchy juicy leaves and stems are rich in nutrients and used for salads stir fry sushi and steamed foods tender perennial not hardy in minnesota 45 days 6–18”h Í $2.50—3.5” pot lavender see box at right h082 leek threecorner allium triquetrum rapidly spreading mediterranean plant with mild onion flavor and attractive white flowers use entire plant raw or cooked perennial 12–24”h ∏ ∫Ç´˙ $5.00—3.5” pot h083 lemon balm melissa officinalis ß aromatic sweet herb with a strong lemon odor and flavor small flowers in late summer makes a refreshing iced tea or seasoning in breads and desserts mulch for winter protection perennial 24”h Í∏ ΩÇ´Â $1.50—2.5” pot h084 lemon bush corymbia citriodora ß more pungently lemony than actual lemons plant it near a walkway unusual 6” sandpapery sword-shaped bluish foliage ages to silver-green then becomes attractively etched with red for fall pink fuzzy stems used as a mosquito repellent 90’ tall as a tree in its native australia tender perennial 36”h Í $5.00—4” pot h085 lemon grass cymbopogon citratus ß leaves and stalks are used in asian cooking and in teas many medicinal and culinary uses it is frost-tender and should spend the winter in a sunny window best in containers 60”h Í †Ç $1.50—2.5” pot h086 lovage levisticum officinale ß leaves have a strong celery taste and are used to flavor soups stews casseroles and an amazing relish has been used as a love charm green-yellow flowers in umbels perennial 36–72”h Í∏ ΩÇ $2.50—3.5” pot marjoram sweet origanum majorana a mild sweet oregano used in vinegars soups and dressings add fresh leaves to salads good herbal bath tender perennial ∫ΩÇ´Â Í∏ $2.00—2.5” pot h087 seed-grown ß—18”h Ø $2.50—3.5” pot h088 zaatar ß—soft gray-green leaves tastes like a combination of sweet majoram thyme and oregano not to be confused with za’atar the herb blend 85–90 days 4–6”h h089 marshmallow althaea officinalis ß native to europe the leaves and roots of this reliable medicinal and edible plant have been used for centuries beautiful in the garden with white to light pink flowers it thrives in moderately fertile well-drained soil perennial 36–72”h Í∏ Ç $2.50—3.5” pot mint mentha aromatic easy spreader good for teas and potpourris 12” spacing Í∏ΩÇ´ $1.50—2.5” pot h090 peppermint m x piperita ß—refreshing tea iced or hot good in fruit salads easily dried for year-round use excellent for bees perennial 24”h may 9–11 2014 • friends school plant sale 9 mint continued $2.50—3.5” pot h091 candymint m x piperita ◊—a cross between water mint and spearmint large toothed leaves with reddish stems along with peppermint candymint is most commonly used in chewing gum mouthwash toothpastes and medicines an ideal culinary herb to flavor foods like jellies candy meats salads soups and beverages 12–18”h h092 grapefruit m aquatica citrata—large puckered leaves and the scent of grapefruit perennial 18”h h093 lime m aquatica citrata—bright green leaves with a strong lime scent and flavor try this in your favorite salsa recipe or toss one in your next margarita treat as an annual 24”h h094 spearmint kentucky colonel m spicata ◊— up to 3” ruffled dark green leaves with a sweet strong spearmint fragrance and taste spikes of small lilac to pink to white flowers in summer the blooms attract butterflies but allowing mint to go to flower will make the leaves taste bitter the kentucky derby officially sanctions kentucky colonel spearmint for its mint julep 12–24”h ∫ h095 berries and cream ß—mild with a fruity aroma may need winter protection 18–24”h h096 chocolate m x piperita ß—bronzy foliage with a chocolate scent perennial 24”h h097 corsican m requienii ß—creeping fragrant perennial good in rock gardens and along paths tolerates light foot traffic may survive our winters 0.5”h h098 ginger ß—spicy ginger-scented mint with green leaves striped with gold may survive the winter with protection 18–24”h h099 mojito m x villosa ß—you could use spearmint in your cuban mojito but this is the real deal the flavor is mild and warm rather than pungent and sweet treat as an annual 18–24”h h100 orange m aquatica citrata ß—dark green round leaves tinged with purple purple flowers lemon odor when crushed and slight orange flavor makes good tea perennial 24”h h101 pineapple m suaveolens variegata ß—variegated leaves with a fruity scent perennial 24–36”h h102 mint lemon monarda citriodora ß lemon-scented leaves are delicious and often used in teas tiered pinkish-purple showy flowers are long lasting in fresh bouquets and dry nicely inhale steamed leaves for colds native to appalachia annual 24–36”h Í∏ ΩÇ $2.50—3.5” pot h103 mint wild mentha arvensis for our web garden gallery and plant listings share yours please send them to photos@friendsschoolplantsale.com shrub-like plant with pale green leaves and a unique peppery flavor grows large quickly deer-resistant with light pink tubular flowers beloved of hummingbirds annual 36”h Í Ç˙ $2.50—3.5” pot h112 papalo ß porophyllum ruderale subsp macrocephalum an ancient mexican herb with piquant and ornamental green leaves like a super cilantro it has a complex flavor unlike cilantro it retains its flavor after drying good in soups salads tacos beans and meats annual 36”h Í $1.50—2.5” pot parsley curly petroselinum hortense quintessential garnish chock full of vitamins promotes healthy skin can be chewed to freshen breath not just for humans add it to your dog’s food too you can dig one up in the fall and pot it for fresh greens in the winter biennial 6” spacing 12”h Í∏∫Ç $1.50—2.5” pot h113 in a small pot ß $2.50—4 plants in a pack h114 in a four pack ß parsley italian petroselinum hortense same as curly parsley but with flat leaves 12”h Í∏∫Ç $1.50—2.5” pot h115 in a small pot ß $2.50—4 plants in a pack h116 in a four pack ß spearmint h117 patchouli pogostemon heyneanus ß tropical native of the east indies used for the fragrance of the dried leaves tender perennial 12”h Í † $2.50—3.5” pot lavender lavandula Í´ÇÂΩ everyone loves lavender tender perennial from southern europe can be wintered indoors or treated as an annual munstead may survive our winters but a newer variety—cynthia johnson listed below—is hardy in minnesota needs excellent drainage to survive the winter flowers are very fragrant and dry beautifully for potpourri perennial that prefers moist conditions flowers julyseptember used in teas and desserts 6–24”h Í∏ ΩÇ´˜ $6.00—4 plants in a pack h064 lady l angustifolia ß—a fine annual variety smells good in the garden h104 mustard black brassica nigra ß ◊ h065 munstead l angustifolia ß—english lavender excellent low-growing cultivated since ancient times long thin branching stems with small yellow flowers produce brown to black seeds that yield traditional mustard spice eat young tender leaves as raw or cooked greens blooms june–august reseeding annual 16–48”h Í $2.50—4 plants in a pack h105 nettles urtica dioica early spring sprouts of this perennial vegetable are one of the tastiest and most nutritious greens you could grow the tender leaves at the top of the stem can be harvested throughout summer and eaten fresh in salads cooking removes the sting from older leaves and they really do sting if rubbed the wrong way serrated green leaves are rich in vitamins a c iron potassium manganese and calcium popular in european southern asian and native american cooking pick and handle with gloves before cooking dried leaves can be used to make tea spreading perennial give it room 36–72”h by 48”wÍ∏ ∫Ǵ˜¥ $1.00—2” pot oregano origanum vulgare essential for italian and greek cooking leaves can be used fresh or dried in tomato sauces soups meat fish and salads perennial Í∏∫ΩÇ´Â $2.00—2.5” pot h106 greek o vulgare hirtum ß—the most flavorful according to herb aficionados 12–36”h Ø $2.50—3.5” pot h107 hot and spicy ß—strong flavor annual 18–24”h h108 variegated ß—fine-leafed variety green with a wide white margin pleasing mild flavor and visually interesting 2–6”h ç see also oregano golden page 18 oregano cuban plectranthus amboinicus used in caribbean cooking and as a substiute for sage in dressings oregano-scented tender perennial Í∏Ç photos needed h111 oregano mexican poliomintha longiflora ß $2.50—3.5” pot h109 green ◊—succulent thick aromatic fuzzy leaves are used in many parts of the world including africa asia and south america as a culinary herb for soups stews salads beans and meaty dishes drought-tolerant 18”h h110 variegated p amboinicus variegatus ß—large furry leaves with a white margin also a great foliage plant for container combinations 24”h ç $1.50—2.5” pot and in sachets and potpourris good for bees aas winner 8–10”h variety for edging a path or border a somewhat hardy lavender in our climate 12–18”h $2.00—2.5” pot h066 ellagance purple ◊ß—fragrant blue to purple flower spikes fill this bushy silver-green plant from early summer through fall drought tolerant 12”h Ø $2.50—2.5” pot h067 dutch l x intermedia ◊—introduced before 1920 this variety has lavender-blue 4” flower spikes that stand above silvery gray foliage slightly more sharpness to the perfume july into fall 36–48”h h068 potpourri white l angustifolia ◊—dense white blooms sometimes with a faint blue tone on sturdy stems highly fragrant 10–14”h $2.50—3.5” pot h069 blueberry ruffles l stoechas ß—gray-green foliage is the perfect backdrop for the extra large purple flowers each topped with rippled bracts rimmed in pink early blooming spanish lavender from australia with cute “eared” blossoms 12–24”h h070 ellagance pink l angustifolia ß—award-winning english lavender with light pink flower spikes 12–24”h h071 fern-leaf l pinnata buchii ß—beautiful feathery foliage 36”h h072 fred boutin l x intermedia ß—silvery leaves and excellent fragrance 24–36”h h073 french l stoechas ß—lavender of the french countryside upright gray foliage 24–36”h h074 goodwin creek grey ß—hybrid of french lavender witih unusual light-gray-green foliage with a thick coarse appealing texture best variety for blooming indoors in winter 24–36”h h075 kew red l stoechas ß—red-violet blooms add a new color to lavenders silver-green foliage very decorative for edging and containers 18”h h076 munstead l angustifolia ß—english lavender excellent low-growing variety for edging a path or border a somewhat hardy lavender in our climate 12–18”h h077 provence l x intermedia ß—variety from southern france light purple flowers more moisture tolerant than other varieties 24–36”h h078 sweet l x heterophylla ß—one of the tallest lavenders very productive and fragrant sturdy straight stems 36–48”h $4.00—2.5” pot h079 spanish madrid pink l stoechas ß—18–24”h h080 spanish madrid purple l stoechas ß—bright purple with bracts in shades of lilac 18–24”h $7.50—2.5” pot h081 cynthia johnson l angustifolia ß—selected by betty ann addison of rice creek gardens for its ability to survive our winters probably the only lavender that will truly grow as a perennial here 24”h