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Friends School Plant Sale is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul. It’s held just once each year on Mother’s Day Weekend at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

Contact us: info@friendsschoolplantsale.com • volunteer.friendsschoolplantsale.com • 651-621-8930


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when the snow is on the roses 12 sae to 12 sae twins face to face show the part and give the name of this free seed and plant catalogs albizia julibrissin summer chocolate white petal with purple and yellow centers pink and white flowers black and blue salvia pot on pot 18 x 18 x 52 flowers that will grow in texas in early spring watches by watches hot water for water hose how to go to a particular page wood to wood frame girl with girl name of this plant sweet potato vine blue grama grass seed blue eyed grass flower arctostaphylos uva ursi forget me nots small ornamental hot pepper japanese forest grass white berry white love lies bleeding sparks will fly begonia new england aster dichondra silver falls green ball dianthus dianthus green ball baby blue eyes salvia black and blue purple with white stripe pink with yellow center bells of ireland white flowers in april green stripes with dark green stripes white dot forget me not white with purple stripes chain link fence blue and yellow stripe light bulb red and white black and neon pink and green chain link fencing fire engine red black and hot pink cup and saucer 16 x 16 porcelain orange and white quilt purple with black stripes cups and saucers heat and frost flowers that will grow in texas

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www.friendsschoolplantsale.com e very year more than 20,000 people visit our plant sale we try to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible this is an overview of the sale there are other tips on the website may 6–8 2016 • friends school plant sale 3 how to do the sale how do i get into the sale for the first time you can get a free bus ride to the sale friendsschoolplantsale.com/arriving if you drive there are free parking spaces near the grandstand check the map page 2 get a wristband if needed from the wristband booth located within the garden fair details at the bottom of this page while you wait for your time to enter visit the garden fair you will be outside for this part so dress for the weather tally sheet most important write down all of your plants and their prices as you select them smile you get to hang out with hundreds of other gardeners we have boxes for you to put plants in but it helps if you bring your own wristbands are used at the busiest

may 6–8 2016 • friends school plant sale 9 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com garden perennials daylilies hemerocallis Í∏´Ç garden favorites each bloom lasts one day prolific and very easy to grow vigorous but not invasive p158 diva’s choice ◊—pink 5” bloom p144 always afternoon—mauve 5.5” bloom p159 double river wye—double 4.5” light with buff edges a purple eye and a green throat early season with rebloom semi-evergreen tetraploid 22”h $4.00—bareroot with yellow ruffled edges and a yellow throat fragrant early to mid-season with rebloom tetraploid 24”h $6.00—bareroot yellow bloom with a green throat midseason 30”h $4.00—bareroot bloom the pale gray-blue eye is edged with fuchsia surrounding a green throat fragrant mid-season 20”h $8.00—bareroot 5” bloom with gold ruffled edges and a bright yellow-green throat fragrant mid-season with rebloom

may 6–8 2016 • friends school plant sale 15 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover garden perennials poppy iceland papaver nudicaule p527 ragged robin lychnis flos-cuculi ◊ blooms the first year in late spring and early summer long-blooming fragrant delicate flowers 12–24”h Í¥ star-shaped rose-pink 2” blossoms in late spring and early summer each narrow petal is divided into four unequal parts giving the flower a tattered appearance european native prefers moist soil deer-resistant nicknames include cuckoo flower meadow spink shaggy jacks and ragged willie syn silene flos-cuculi 16–24”h Í¥ $2.00—2.5” pot $2.00—2.5” pot p514 wonderland orange ß p515 spring fever red ß poppy oriental papaver orientale spectacular large blossoms in early summer longlived very hardy plants that do not like to be moved and require good drainage Í∏¥ an

20 friends school plant sale • may 6–8 2016 vegetables hot peppers www.friendsschoolplantsale.com Ç vegetables want to grow in full sun Í unless otherwise noted bareroot vegetables are found on the tables in the vegetables section not in bulbs bareroots capsicum annuum ͆ many shapes heat is measured in scoville units $2.00—3.5” pot $2.00—3.5” pot continued $2.50—3.5” pot continued $2.50—3.5” pot continued v160 aci sivri ß—turkish heirloom cayenne v173 medusa ß—narrow pointed upright v182 brazilian starfish c baccatum ◊ ß— v190 royal black ◊ ß—ornamental with type with slender curved medium to hot fruit 5–10” fruits ripen from yellow-green to red used in indian cooking 80–90 days v161 anaheim ß—mildly hot 7” fruits good for canning stuffing freezing or drying 2” twisty cones mature from greenish ivory

26 friends school plant sale • may 6–8 2016 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com miniatures succulents key Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade perennials arborvitae miniature thuja occidentalis evergreens native to minnesota very hardy Í∏¥ Ω attractive to bees ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly ˙ hummingbird-friendly $6.00—1 quart pot m001 cutie ß—very short with a neat globe shape a north star introduction 12”h $11.00—5.25” pot m002 anna’s magic ball—bright yellow charmer with ç attractive foliage Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover  medicinal ˜ minnesota native ‰ rock garden † cold-sensitive keep above 40°f ¥ toxic to humans ß saturday restock a neat globe-shaped habit 12”h m003 bellflower dwarf campanula garganica dickson’s gold chartreuse foliage with small blue blossoms great for alpine-style rock gardens compact

may 6–8 2016 • friends school plant sale 31 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com h160 spikenard american aralia racemosa stately white plumes in summer followed by clusters of black berries roots were used in root beer a great landscape plant too perennial subshrub 36–60”h Í∏ $8.00—1 quart pot h161 stevia stevia rebaudiana ß sweeter than sugar the south american herb used as a sugar replacement treat as an annual 12”h Í∏†Ç $2.50—3.5” pot h162 tarragon french ß artemisia dracunculus photo by richard kain strong licorice-flavored herb great for flavored vinegar or used fresh with chicken carrots and omelettes perennial but can be potted in late fall for winter win$2.50—3.5” pot dowsill use 36”h ͆Ç h163 tarragon mexican tagetes lucida ß with the sweetness of licorice this handsome tender perennial is like a milder french tarragon won’t reseed in minnesota

may 6–8 2016 • friends school plant sale 37 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com annual flowers a286 jewels of opar ß talinum paniculatum kingwood gold airy sprays of tiny bright pink blooms on branched reddish wiry 30” stems are held well above the chartreuse foliage these become shiny spherical coppery seedpods that remain attractive for months reseeds drought-tolerant 12”h Í$5.00—6 plants in a pack joseph’s coat alternanthera who needs flowers when you’ve got leaves like these Í∏†¥ $3.00—3.5” pot a287 old-fashioned—the classic color-changing foliage plant 12–24”h ç a288 red threads ß—slender burgundy leaves excellent filler plant in mixed containers 8”h by 15”w a290 kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate polygonum orientale ß buy it for the name alone an old-fashioned annual with long tassels of bright pink flowers giant stems can be saved to use like bamboo canes for

may 6–8 2016 • friends school plant sale 43 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com fruit the widths of fruit trees and shrubs are similar to their heights unless noted otherwise a note about hardiness in shrubs and trees we don’t list usda hardiness zones because in our experience they can be misleading read the full explanation here www.friendsschoolplantsale.com/zones however if the catalog says a tree or shrub “needs winter protection,” that means it’s less likely to be hardy here though we know gardeners who grow it successfully if the text says “very hardy,” that means the plant is known to be hardy north of the twin cities if a plant has four or five stars it is highly rated for success in the book growing shrubs and small trees in cold climates if you have questions about a particular shrub or tree we will have a detailed list about hardiness at the info desk so stop by blueberry vaccinium key $14.00—1 gal pot continued Í

48 friends school plant sale • may 6–8 2016 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com shrubs and trees about those stars… throughout you will notice trees vines and shrubs that are marked with four or five stars ★★★★ or ★★★★★ these plants have been noted as particularly suitable by lonnee rose selinger and whitman in the 2011 edition of growing shrubs and small trees in cold climates as one of the best available on the market magnolia continued zigzag stems with greenish white 3” panicles of flowers in june green to bronze maple-like leaves turn reddish orange in autumn low and dense with arching stems that root where they touch the ground used for mass planting and slope cover 1–2’h by 3’w Í∏ $6.00—3” pot $29.00—2 gal pot s101 butterflies m acuminata x m denudata—light yellow 4–5” flowers are held upright on the branches lemon-scented pyramidal

54 friends school plant sale • may 6–8 2016 www.friendsschoolplantsale.com native plants plant widths are similar to their heights unless noted otherwise key n117 mallow rose hibiscus laevis ß n141 new jersey tea ceanothus americanus obedient plant physostegia virginiana Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade a shrub-like plant with 6–7” flowers that are pale pink or near white with a crimson center good for rain gardens seed from dubuque county iowa syn h militaris 36–84”h Í∏˜ $3.50—3.5” pot dense foliage and white blooms june–july followed by flat-topped seed clusters attractive to bees and butterflies midwestern seed source 24–36”h by 36–60”w Í∏Ω∫˜ $3.00—2.5” pot named for its snapdragon-like flowers that will temporarily stay in place if you move them but the native plant is ironically known for its less well-behaved spreading and