Annuals 2017 by Friends School Plant Sale

More catalogs by Friends School Plant Sale | Annuals 2017 | 9 pages | 2018-02-07


Page 4 of Annuals 2017 may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 35 annuals plant widths are similar to their heights unless noted otherwise calendula continued from page 34 cosmos continued $5.00—6 plants in a pack a108 maya orange ß—orange petals are densely layered around a dark brown center resembling bird feathers 18–20”h ∫ a163 double click mix c bipinnatus ß—bred in france for cutting a109 cassia popcorn cassia didymobotrya ß gardens large frilly double and semi-double flowers in rosy red pink and white with golden centers 48”h Ω∫ fast-growing graceful feathery shrub from africa with yellow flowers it smells exactly like buttered popcorn if you rub the leaves or if a breeze blows through it rounded shape 48”h by 36”w Í $9.00—6” pot a164 cosmos chocolate cosmos atrosanguineus castor bean ricinus communis a165 creeping zinnia ß sanvitalia procumbens mandarin orange spectacular tropical foliage the entire plant is very poisonous particularly the seeds which should be removed before they ripen grow in fertile well-drained soil it really can get as tall as noted in one summer it’s a great way to have a “tree” without the expense or the commitment Í¥ $5.00—4” pot a110 carmencita ß—decorative 12–18” leaves are a deep redbronze and the flowers are electric rose 48–72”h ç a111 new zealand purple ß—giant dark bronze-purple leaves with a metallic sheen cream-colored flowers develop into prickly purple seed pods that match the foliage 72–96”h ç a112 zanzibar ß—largest of all the castor bean plants with green leaves up to 36” wide you’ll be amazed at how big this guy gets in one minnesota summer can’t be beat for cost per square inch 120”h a113 chenille plant acalypha hispida ß a tumbling mop of fluffy pinkish red tassels that are 6–18” long fun in a container or hanging basket long-blooming fast-growing and vigorous this plant is actually a tropical shrub that can become a houseplant during the winter chenille is french for caterpillar and the name of a velvety fabric 24–36”h Í∏ $5.00—4.5” pot a114 chilean bell flower nolana humifusa ß summer-long lavender blue 2” flowers resemble petunias and morning glories but with a wilder look many bees and other pollinators will follow the purple-black lines on the petals to the sweet nectar at the center trailing stems can cascade from a hanging basket or scramble along the ground to form a low annual ground cover even in poor rocky soil the latin name means “little bells.” blooms until frost likes well-drained soil 4–8”h by 18–36”w ÍΩ‰ $2.50—4 plants in a pack velvety maroon flowers with the scent of chocolate tuberous roots can be over-wintered in a cool storage area 24–36”h Í∏Ω∫ $2.50—2.5” pot gold mini-daisies with a brown center trail from a hanging basket or form mats when planted in the ground 6–10”h by 10–18”w Í∏ $2.50—4 plants in a pack cupflower nierembergia compact plants covered with starry flowers all summer spreading needs well-drained soil and hot sun 6”h by 6–12”w Í $2.50—4 plants in a pack tender perennial whose tubers can be dug and stored in a cool but frost-free basement 40–45° dahlia see box at right a169 bishop’s children ß a184 daisy dahlberg thymophylla tenuiloba ß deeply divided feathery leaves and a profusion of tiny yellow daisy flowers the leaves have a pungent lemony odor when crushed can be planted in rock gardens or in pockets among paving stones or patio blocks it makes a great edging plant for well-drained sunny areas trailing 6–12”h Í˝ ‰ $5.00—6 plants in a pack daisy gerbera gerbera your choice of fun daisies that will be blooming at the sale so they’re great for mothers day picking flowers encourages new growth but twist the stems off at the base rather than cutting them these varieties are bred to do well in the garden don’t over-water Í∏ $5.00—4.5” pot a185 revolution mix ß—early-blooming flowers in an assortment of pink red yellow white and apricot may rest a bit in the heat of the summer then bloom again until late fall 12–16”h $13.00—6” pot a186 garvinea sweet mix ß—fuchsia deep pink red-orange and long-blooming orange flowers with red and yellow highlights along the flower tubes bred for vigorous flowering in a tidy mound for small spaces or containers especially attractive to hummingbirds very heat tolerant and needs no dead-heading 18–28”h Í˙ $5.00—4” pot a187 daisy snowland ß chrysanthemum paludosum snowland velvety red fuchsia pink or yellow flowerheads look like brains or brain coral drought-tolerant and easy to grow leaves are edible like spinach 6”h ͆ $2.50—4 plants in a pack coleus see box page 34 coreopsis coreopsis blooms throughout summer and into fall may reseed Í $5.00—4” pot a153 mercury rising c rosea ß—golden gopher colors maroon petals and bright gold centers on this new spreading variety petals develop creamy streaks 15–18”h Ω∫ a154 pumpkin pie ◊ ß—gold-orange with a red eye and mahogany center 5”h by 20”w see more coreopsis pages 35 and 53 cosmos cosmos graceful daisies blooming all summer make excellent cut flowers lacy foliage great next to a hot alley tolerating part shade lean or sandy soil and neglect easy and quick to flower may self-seed Í∏ $1.50—seed packet a155 bright lights mix c sulphureus—semi-double 2–3” flowers in many shades of yellow orange and red 36”h by 14–16”w Ω∫ a156 sensation mix c bipinnatus—semi-double pink dark magenta and white 4–6” flowers 36–48”h Ω∫ $2.50—seed packet a157 cosimo collarette c bipinnatus—white 2” blooms tinted in various ways with pale pink an extra circle of narrow inner petals around the yellow center looks pleasantly tousled 16–24”h Ω∫ a158 rubenza c bipinnatus—deep red flowers that fade to rose red 24–48”h Ω∫ a159 sea shells mix c bipinnatus—charming mix of white pink rose and crimson 3” flowers with petals that curl up at the edges to form tubes or cones 36–48”h Ω∫ a160 xanthos c bipinnatus—early-flowering 2.5” yellow daisies with lighter edges a new color for cosmos “xanthos” means yellow in greek 20–25”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a161 cupcakes mix c bipinnatus ◊ ß—unique variety in which the individual petals of a classic cosmos have merged together to form a delicate-looking bowl with a scalloped edge some flowers in this white pink and pink-blushed mix have a rose eye and some have extra frilly petals around their gold centers easy to grow and stands up to rain 24–30”h Ω∫ a162 double click cranberries c bipinnatus ß—deep carmine ruffled mostly double flowers with gold centers 36–42”h dahlia a166 blue mountain ß—lavender-blue a167 mont blanc ß—white a168 purple robe ß—violet-blue 1” flowers with bright yellow eyes a115 cigar flower cuphea vermillionaire ß a116 cockscomb celosia argentea cristata amigo mix ß singleflowered dahlia $5.00—6 plants in a pack continued orange-gold 18”h a profusion of cute white daisies with bright yellow centers good edging plant 8–12”h Í¥ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a188 dusty miller senecio cineraria silver dust ß classic garden edging with furry silver foliage 10–12”h Í∏¥ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a189 elegant feather eupatorium capillifolium ß narrow columns of wispy foliage grow quickly straight up from the base to full height in one short minnesota season but without any support or staking filament-like leaves catch every breeze like a graceful ornamental grass both airy and architectural your garden visitors will want to know what this uncommonly silky “shrub” is no need to tell them the wild species is a terrible weed in the south this cultivar does not self-seed in early fall the stems redden and tiny pale pink flowers bloom so abundantly they resemble frost 48–84”h Í∏Ω $5.00—4” pot a190 falling stars crocosmia lucifer ß arching stems lined with delicate funnel-shaped orange-red blooms in fall sword-like foliage plant close together for best display dig up and store the bulb-like corms dry over the winter may survive the winter with a thick mulch deer-resistant 36”h Í∏Ω˙ $5.00—6 plants in a pack a191 firethorn solanum pyracanthum ß yikes wicked scary and bizarre half-inch decorative orange thorns line the orange veins on both tops and undersides of the long deeply lobed blue-green leaves more thorns on the orange fuzzy stems starshaped 1” lavender flowers in summer are just the plant’s futile attempt to look cute fiercely beautiful in combination with orange flowers or copper foliage from madagascar and tropical africa where it’s twice the size and its protective prickles repel all sorts of wild beasts do you suppose our deer would leave this one alone 36”h Í∏ç¥ $2.50—3.5” pot flame flower celosia argentea plumosa glowing plumes make great dried flowers drought-tolerant leaves are edible like spinach ͆ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a192 castle mix ß—scarlet pink yellow and orange 15”h a193 castle yellow ß—15”h a194 chinatown ß—scarlet flowers on dark green to bronze foliage a knock-out 14–16”h single to semi-double bicolored or blended shades that can be red pink yellow orange peach or fuchsia foliage and stems are dark purple 28–36”h Í $2.50—3.5” pot a170 black beauty ß◊ darkest maroon single flowers with fluffy extra-large gold centers 18”h Í∏ $5.00—6 plants in a pack dahlinova Í $5.00—4” pot a171 hypnotica dark night ß—maroon almost black double flowers 12–14”h a172 hypnotica rose bicolor ◊ ß—the densely packed petals are yellow toward the center and rosy pink at the tips from a distance the color looks like peach or salmon 25–28”h a173 mystic haze ß—apricot-orange single flowers with a soft yellow halo and dark center no staking required 24–30”h dalaya spring-to-fall bloomers with bicolor flowers Í $5.00—4” pot a174 raja ß—fuchsia-purple petals are darker where they meet the center double 18”h a175 shari ß—pink-brushed cream flowers blending to soft yellow around the center 16–18”h a176 shiva ß—double yellow with orange-red toward the center 16–20”h a177 yogi ß—bright lavender-pink turns to burgundy near the center 18”h dreamy Í $5.00—4” pot a178 dreamy eyes ◊ ß—peachy yellow 2.5” single or semi-double flowers with a red halo around the gold center bronzy green leaves 16”h a179 dreamy nights ß—eye-catching neon pink petals darken to burgundy near the yellow center dark gray-green leaves 16”h figaro double flowers on mounded plants 12–16”h Í∏ $2.50—3.5” pot a180 orange ß a181 violet ß $2.50—4 plants in a pack a182 mix ß—yellow orange red gold white violet a183 fireworks ß dahlia variabilis fireworks a surprise when it blooms streaky stripy petals of these daisy-like dahlias in different combinations of fuchsia orange yellow red cherry or cream bushy and compact blooming june to frost 16”h Í $5.00—6 plants in a pack flamingo flower celosia spicata good cut flowers on trouble-free plants dries well drought and heat-tolerant peru native leaves are edible like spinach ͆ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a195 flamingo purple ß—28–40”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a196 cramer’s amazon ß—purple and green variegated leaves with plume-like burgundy-rose flowers 48”h ç plant sale gift certificates 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