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36 friends school plant sale • may 12–14 2017 annuals floss flower ageratum four o’clocks mirabilis geranium ivy pelargonium fuzzy flower heads in attractive clusters easy to grow seeds eaten by finches Í∏Ω∫ trumpet-shaped flowers open daily blooms from late spring to early fall tender perennial that can be dug and stored over the winter or may survive next to a heated foundation Í∏Ω∫˙¥ leaves are shiny and almost succulent trailing form is great for containers and window boxes ͆¥ $5.00—4” pot a197 mariposa rose ß—sunburst tufts of small pink flowers with deep rose centers bred by minnesotan david zlesak from garden floss flower and a wild floss flower a magnet for monarch butterflies this is the same flower as last year’s monarch mediano rose 10–14”h a198 mariposa wine ß—pinkish lavender flowers bloom from magenta buds this is the same flower as last year’s monarch mediano violet wine 10–14”h geranium leaves we accept cash checks amex visa mastercard discover $5.00—6 plants in a pack a199 john eustice ◊ ß—newly bred here in st paul from many garden varieties and also wild species to increase butterfly appeal it has fuller lavender flowers that bloom earlier more abundantly and longer makes a long-lasting cut flower also known as mariposa blue mariposa is spanish for butterfly 30”h impatiens new guinea impatiens x walleriana impatiens x hawkeri summer-long color on shade-loving compact plants 8–12”h ∏Ó large flowers on upright plants with dark glossy foliage not susceptible to downy mildew quick to establish Í∏ bounce impatiens hybrids if the plant dries out it bounces back without losing its buds or flowers strong resistance to downy mildew and with the low flower-filled habit of traditional impatiens can take filtered sun 14–20”h ∏Ó $5.00—4” pot a248 bright coral ◊ ß— fluorescent reddish orange a249 pink flame ß—bright hot pink double fiesta impatiens x walleriana looks like a miniature rose but much easier to take care of early dense and compact 8–12”h ∏Ó $5.00—4.5” pot a250 bonita salmon ß—salmon with lighter splashes a251 lavender orchid ß a252 ole stardust pink ß—bright pink with some white markings a253 fusion ß impatiens x hybrida heat coral showy flowers 24”h a201 limelight ß—vivid fuchsia blooms and bright $5.00—4” pot a254 paradise carmona orange star ß—two-toned orange and apricot flowers 8–12”h $5.00—5.25” pot a255 infinity pink frost ß—pink and lighter pink bicolors 6–12”h $12.00—6 plants in a jumbo pack a256 divine cherry red ◊ ß— clear red flowers 10–14”h a257 divine orchid ◊ ß—redpurple blooms 10–14”h a258 divine white ◊ ß—pure white blooms 10–14”h sun harmony impatiens hybrids happy in sun and heat vigorous resistant to downy mildew floriferous and tightly mounded hybrid impatiens with weatherbeating 2” flowers ∏ $5.00—4” pot a259 compact lavender ß— recently awarded the rhs award of garden merit great planted in the ground and works well in mixed containers too 12–16”h a260 magenta ß—18–20”h a261 orange ß—18–20”h sunpatiens impatiens hybrids here’s the solution if you want to create an edging of impatiens in an area with mixed sun and shade an impatiens that loves both profuse 3” flowers start early and bloom until frost to date has resisted downy mildew 18–24”h Í∏ $5.00—4” pot a262 compact red ß—true red a263 variegated spreading white ß—gold leaves with wide green edges white flowers ç coral to pink with a yellow throat unusual flower shape and strong tall stems according to northern gardener “watch them glow in the shade!” 8–18”h ∏Ó $5.00—4.5” pot see also balsam page 33 we’ve posted an article about the downy mildew that is affecting some impatiens varieties including suggestions for alternatives mounding hybrids of the ivy and fancy leaf geraniums heat tolerant and great for containers or hanging baskets 6–12”h by 24–36”w $5.00—4.5” pot chartreuse foliage speckled with deep green flecks 24”h a202 salmon sunset ß—fragrant salmon-orange flowers with a touch of pink 24–36”h a222 white p peltatum ß—6–12”h a203 foxglove wild ceratotheca triloba ß bright colors for low-light areas can be over-wintered indoors where they flower well ∏Ó looks novel but grown in gardens since it was brought from the mountains of east africa in 1896 likes welldrained soil and regular feeding corms can be dug up in fall and stored dry starry fragrant 2–3” shiny white blooms with dark purple-burgundy at the center up to a dozen flowers open consecutively on graceful arching stems for three to four weeks in late summer over a fan of sword-shaped leaves 12–36”h ÍΩ¥ $4.00—4” pot $5.00—4” pot globe amaranth gomphrena globosa trumpets of delicate white to mauve line the stems of this woodland or cottage garden rarity native to south africa reseeds 36–48”h Í∏ $2.50—4 plants in a pack fuchsia fuchsia a204 aurea f magellanica ß—small pointed leaves on impatiens †´ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a237 super elfin bright orange ß a238 super elfin lipstick ß— magenta flowers a239 super elfin paradise mix ß— brilliant tropical lavender magenta violet and melon a240 super elfin seaside mix ß— lilac blue lilac violet and white a241 super elfin xp blue pearl ß— lilac blue with pale eye a242 super elfin xp formula mix ß—colors include melon salmon fuchsia white red pink and watermelon some with paler eyes a243 super elfin xp pink ß a244 super elfin xp red ß a245 super elfin xp salmon ß a246 super elfin xp violet ß a247 super elfin xp white ß $5.00—6 plants in a pack a200 harlequin mix ß—stripes and streaks on $5.00—4” pot a221 caliente red ß—deep red semi-trailing arching stems begin gold-yellow turning chartreuse with age and more shade experiment to find the exposure that keeps foliage the color you want stems and leaf veins become increasingly magenta-red from early summer through fall 2” red-magenta and purple flowers dangle along the stems semi-trailing to 24–36” so grow it where it can cascade 6–18”h $5.00—4.5” pot a205 gartenmeister ß—dark green leaves with continuous coral-pink to salmon flowers 18–24”h ˙ a206 jollies reims ◊ ß—flowers are pink and purplish pink on a compact upright plant with small dark green leaves even the buds are cute easy 18–24”h a207 shadow dancer betty ß—red and white with magenta stamens 18–24”h a208 shadow dancer marcia ß—red and purple flowers 18–24”h a209 gaura ß gaura lindheimeri belleza dark pink neat compact plant with red stems and buds that open to a waving display of beautiful pink flowers airy texture lovely mingling with traditional cottage garden flowers or in a container alongside burgundy or pinkish foliage they look delicate but are tough easy plants that continue blooming lightly if brought inside for the winter 18”h Í $5.00—4” pot geranium pelargonium bushy plants with thick stems and usually multicolored leaves bring indoors for the winter ͆¥ $3.00—3.5” pot a210 angel’s perfume ß—petite pansy-like flowers with two burgundy and magenta upper petals and three pink lower petals marked with magenta ruffled lemon-scented leaves angel geraniums are a cross between regal and scented geraniums long-blooming 12”h a211 art’s red ß—green leaves with bright flowers compact sun-loving and colorful formerly called mohawk 12–18”h a212 fire dancer ß—small dark green and bronze leaves with red flowers prolific bloomer 10–14”h a213 happy thoughts ß—green and white leaves with red flowers 10–14”h a214 red star ß—unusual doubled sharply pointed deeply lobed red petals and two-tone green leaves 12–18”h a215 roman’s tulip ß—salmon-pink tiny tulip blooms in clusters 10–14”h a216 tri-color ß—green bronze and gold leaves with red flowers 10–14”h a217 vancouver centennial ß—gold leaves with a brown center splotch and red-orange starry flowers 10–14”h a218 wilhelm langguth ß—green and white leaves with red flowers will become a huge bush 24–36”h $5.00—4” pot a219 mint julep ◊ ß—boldly variegated green and white leaves with orange-red flowers will not scorch in full sun 14”h $6.00—4.5” pot a220 allure tangerine ß—lightly scented orange balls of semi-double flowers especially suitable for larger pots baskets and mixed containers vigorous 14–16”h a223 gladiolus abyssinian ß gladiolus murielae easy and long-blooming the round flowers are composed of many papery bracts and resemble clover blossoms keeps indefinitely as a dried flower Í∏† $2.50—3.5” pot a224 fireworks ß—exploding bursts of 1” irregular rosettes in hot pink tipped with bright yellow stars a conversation piece in the garden or in a bouquet 36–48”h $2.50—4 plants in a pack a225 gnome purple ß—use this compact plant to tuck a little extra color into containers or the rock garden 6”h ∫‰ a226 strawberry fields ß—pinkish red flowers that actually resemble strawberries 24”h $5.00—4” pot a227 pinball purple ß—vibrant purple flowers you won’t need to deadhead semi-mounding form 12–18”h a228 gloxinia trailing ß lophospermum lofos compact rose showy cascading plant with large rose-red tubular blossoms 12–24”h Í $5.00—4” pot a229 goldfish plant hypocyrta glabra ß waxy almost succulent leaves with small flowers that look like goldfish trailing great for hanging baskets or as a houseplant 6–12”h Í∏ $3.00—3.5” pot a230 helen’s flower ß helenium amarum dakota gold neatly mounded plants are covered with 1” sunny yellow daisies and finely textured foliage no deadheading needed 15”h by 24–28”w Í∫¥ $4.00—4 plants in a pack see more helen’s flower pages 24 25 and 54 a231 heliotrope ß heliotropium arborescens mini marine blue beautiful fragrant deep blue flowers for containers baskets or the garden the earliest flowering heliotrope it maintains a compact habit 12”h Í∫¥ $2.50—3.5” pot hummingbird mint agastache great-smelling flower spikes likely to survive the winter if grown in a well-drained protected site also good for winter interest and bird food source excellent heat tolerance deer and rabbit-resistant Í∏Ω∫˙ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a232 pink pop a montana ß—spires of fragrant purplish pink flowers 10–18”h $5.00—4” pot a233 acapulco orange a mexicana ß—orange flow ers pinkening with age and muted purple bud cases the acapulco series is compact with a long flowering period and lemon-scented foliage 14–20”h a234 acapulco rose a mexicana ß—rose-pink flowers the acapulco series is compact with a long flowering period and lemon-scented foliage 14– 20”h a235 acapulco salmon a mexicana ß—bicolored orange and pink blooms the acapulco series is compact with a long flowering period and lemonscented foliage 14–20”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a236 astello indigo ß—deep blue rootbeer-scented flower spikes bushy habit 18–24”h see also perennial hummingbird impatiens see box at left mint page 26