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Page 6 of Annuals 2017 may 12–14 2017 • friends school plant sale 37 annuals a264 ivy german ß senecio macroglossus variegatus red stems with green and cream variegated leaves actually native to south africa often grown as a houseplant 60–96”h Í∏ç¥ $3.00—3.5” pot a265 jamaican forget-me-nots ß browallia americana sky blue deep lilac-blue 2” blooms with a white eye have a flat face like a pansy and the delicate casual charm of a forget-me-not june until frost 24”h Í∏Ó $5.00—6 plants in a pack a266 jewels of opar ß talinum paniculatum kingwood gold airy sprays of tiny bright pink blooms on branched reddish wiry 30” stems are held well above the chartreuse foliage these become shiny spherical coppery seedpods that remain attractive for months reseeds drought-tolerant 12”h Í$5.00—6 plants in a pack joseph’s coat alternanthera who needs flowers when you’ve got leaves like these also known as joyweed and calico plant Í∏ $4.00—3.5” pot a267 red threads ß—slender burgundy leaves excellent filler plant in mixed containers 8”h by 15”w †¥ $5.00—4” pot a268 red carpet ◊ ß—especially colorful in spring and fall this fast-growing creeper has narrow pointed leaves in green bronze red pink and gold makes an unusual background for taller plants good in hanging baskets or containers or to cover a wire topiary form 6–14”h ç˝ a269 kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate polygonum orientale ß buy it for the name alone an old-fashioned annual with long tassels of bright pink flowers giant stems can be saved to use like bamboo canes for plant staking fragrant may reseed 96”h Í $5.00—4” pot a270 laceflower ammi majus graceland ß dainty-looking lacy clusters of white flowers open from green buds in summer long straight stems and extended vase life make it a good cut flower easier to grow than queen anne’s lace which it resembles ferny foliage originally from the nile river valley 55”h by 20”w ÍΩ∫¥ $5.00—6 plants in a pack lantana lantana camara excellent hummingbird and butterfly plants with dense flower clusters in bright colors drought and heat-tolerant Í∫˙¥ $3.00—2.5” pot a271 samantha l camara—cheerful yellow flowers and chartreuse-edged variegated foliage sterile cultivar that does not set seed so its energy goes into blooming 15”h ç $5.00—4” pot a272 bandana cherry ß—multiple colors of dark cherry through pink to peach and even gold large flowers 20–26”h a273 lucky red flame ß—profuse bright red and orange flower clusters on neat upright mounds of foliage 12–16”h a274 luscious grape ß—fragrant purple blossoms with white eyes 10–16”h by 36”w a275 luscious marmalade ß—orange with yellow highlights 12–18”h larkspur delphinium consolida an airy open plant with feathery foliage and sprays of half-inch single flowers in early summer self sows Í∏¥ $5.00—6 plants in a pack a276 blue cloud ß—blue-violet flowers 36–40”h a277 planet blue ◊ ß—dozens of royal blue flowers 20–36”h licorice plant helichrysum petiolare fuzzy oval leaves trailing one of the greatest spiller plants for containers 24”h Í $4.00—3.5” pot a278 golden ß—golden leaves ç a279 silver ß—silver leaves 24”h lisianthus eustoma grandiflorum stunning almost rose-like flowers beginning in early summer long-lasting blooms with good vase life morning sun with afternoon shade is ideal remove spent blooms for extended flowering tall or double varieties may need staking or grow-through supports Í $5.00—6 plants in a pack a280 abc 2 purple ß—fully double deep purple 30–45”h lisianthus continued $5.00—6 plants in a pack continued a281 abc 2 rose ß—rose shades to almost peach double 36–45”h a286 advantage cherry sorbet ß—deep pink ruffled double 28–32”h a282 arena red 3 ß—fully double 2–3” flowers are shades of dark rose-pink that approach being red robust stems and petals mean they do extra well as cut flowers blooms later than other lisianthus 30–40”h a283 corelli 3 apricot ◊ ß—large apricot-pink double or semi-double flowers with curling petals named after a baroque composer 32–40”h a284 corelli 3 blue ◊ ß—double fringed flowers are a deep blue 30–40”h a285 echo champagne ◊ ß—double peach fading to cream at the tips 24–36”h a287 flare white ß—double flowers bunch together at the top of each stem looking like a ready-made bouquet 36–45”h a288 mariachi blue ß—quadruple blossoms staking required 20–24”h a289 mariachi lime green ß—quadruple blossoms staking required 20–24”h a290 mariachi yellow ß—soft yellow quadruple flowers 30–36”h a291 rosanne black pearl ◊ ß—double ruffled flowers of deepest eggplant purple 24–32”h lobelia compact lobelia vigorous and unsurpassed for intense color and neat edging along sunny sidewalks originally from south africa flowers through frost Í∏˙¥ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a292 cambridge blue ß—dainty light blue flowers 4–6”h a293 riviera marine blue ß—5”h a294 riviera midnight blue ß—5”h $5.00—4” pot a295 heat electric blue ß—cobalt blue flowers even in the hottest summer 6–12”h by 12”w a296 suntory compact blue ◊ ß—purplish blue with white centers 8–15”h plant widths are similar to their heights unless noted otherwise a325 milkweed blue-flowered ß tweedia caerulea furry 4” heart-shaped gray-green leaves and loose clusters of 1” star-shaped pale to sky-blue flowers with darker turquoise centers in summer boat-shaped seed pods from brazil and uruguay 12–36”h Í $2.50—3.5” pot million bells calibrachoa small petunia-like blooms for baskets or window boxes fast-growing in rich well-drained soil selfcleaning and trailing 6–12”h by 12–24”w Í $5.00—4” pot a326 blackberry punch ß—deep purple flowers with a much darker throat bloom from early spring to frost on trailing branches part of the superbells series a327 calitastic mango ◊ ß—yellow to apricot flowers with a large reddish orange halo around the center a328 calitastic pumpkin spice ◊ ß—solid orange with a tiny yellow center a329 superbells coralina ◊ ß—orange-toned pink with a yellow center a330 superbells lemon slice ◊ ß—bright yellow and white pinwheels trails to 24” a331 superbells tropical sunrise ◊ ß—coral pink and yellow stripes radiate from a small yellow center trails up to 18” love in a mist a332 monkey flower ß mimulus mystic mix dwarf variety good for cool spring weather does well in wet soil clear colors of scarlet yellow orange and white flowering all season 6–9”h Í∏ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a333 morning glory dwarf ß evolvulus blue my mind true blue five-petaled flowers bloom spring to frost trails to 24” enjoys summer heat 6–12”h Í $5.00—4” pot lobelia trailing lobelia pendula easy beautiful intense color in window boxes and rock gardens flowers through frost very early to bloom 5”h Í∏˙¥ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a297 fountain crimson ß a298 regatta marine blue ß a299 regatta midnight blue ß a300 regatta white ß a301 love lies bleeding ß amaranthus caudatus red tails an old favorite common in american gardens a century ago drooping red tassels up to 24” long dries well 48”h Í∏ $5.00—6 plants in a pack love-in-a-mist nigella fine feathery foliage and adorable fairy lantern-like seed pods cottage garden charm can be dried selfseeds needs well-drained soil Í $2.50—4 plants in a pack a302 spanish n hispanica ß—faintly scented deep blue 2.5” flowers with a cluster of bright red stamens at the center good for cutting 24”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a303 midnight ß—dark purple flowers with what looks like an upside-down black octopus in the center this becomes an ornamental seed pod great for flower arranging 36”h a304 mulberry rose ß—dainty blend of pink and white bicolor blossoms blooms in early summer 18–24”h marigolds see box at right a322 mask flower ß◊ alonsoa meridionalis profuse showy orange-red flowers on this tender perennial from south america plant outdoors when nights are above freezing 24”h † $2.00—2.5” pot a323 mexican heather ß cuphea rosea lavender lace shiny green leaves with fine lacy texture and tiny lavender-orchid blooms drought-tolerant 10–12”h Í∫ $5.00—4.5” pot a324 mexican sunflower ß tithonia rotundifolia torch reddish orange 3” daisy flowers great for hedges tall flower beds or cut flowers velvety foliage blooms july to frost attracts monarchs may reseed 60–72”h Í∫˙† $5.00—6 plants in a pack marigolds tagetes Í∫´ marigolds like full sun and provide sunny flowers until frost excellent for butterflies and caterpillars whether called “french” or “african,” they are actually native to mexico a305 alumia vanilla inca cream ß◊ double 4” flowers 18–20”h long-lasting semi-double creamy yellow 2” flowers attractive to latesummer pollinators 10–12”h ÍΩ $5.00—6 plants in a pack $2.50—4 plants in a pack a312 orange ß a313 yellow ß bicolor tagetes red and gold alternate on the petals Ω $2.50—4 plants in a pack a306 mr majestic ß—cheerful in the garden or in containers 12”h a307 pinwheel ß—single heirloom variety dating back to 1791 24–36”h disco french marigolds with single flowers 8–10”h Ω $2.50—4 plants in a pack a308 marietta ß—gold with mahogany blotches at the base of the petals a309 red ß a310 durango flame ß mahogany with orange-gold edges 6–12”h Ω $2.50—4 plants in a pack a311 garland orange ß giant ruffled yellow-orange flowers with long tough stems used to make temple garlands in india or for parade floats and decorations 28–60”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack little hero a french crested type puts all its energy into masses of flowers up to 2.5” across compact 6–8”h $2.50—4 plants in a pack a314 flame ß—red-orange bicolor a315 mix ß a316 yellow ß signet tagetes tenuifolia lovely bright carpet of tiny single flowers feathery foliage has a pleasant citrusy scent best for edible flowers 9–12”h Ω $2.50—4 plants in a pack a317 lemon gem ß—bright yellow a318 paprika ß—mahogany with gold centers a319 tangerine gem ß—orange white unusual white marigolds $2.50—4 plants in a pack a320 vanilla ß—dreamy white flowers 12–24”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a321 sweet cream ß—very showy 3” odorless blossoms 18”h see also licorice herb page 7 and mexican tarragon page 9