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38 friends school plant sale • may 12–14 2017 annuals key moss rose portulaca grandiflora Í full sun ∏ part sun/part shade Ó shade flowers resemble wild roses on low-growing succulent plants bright colors for hot and dry locations rock gardens edging easy to grow Í $2.50—4 plants in a pack Ω attractive to bees ı bird food source ∫ butterfly-friendly ˙ hummingbird-friendly a334 happy hour rosita ß—blooms early with dark ç attractive foliage Ç culinary ´ edible flowers ˝ ground cover  medicinal ˜ minnesota native ‰ rock garden a337 colorblast double magenta ◊ ß—hot pink † cold-sensitive prolific bloomers with edible flowers and leaves that add spice and color to salads probably the easiest flower to grow from seed—literally a child can do it just poke each large seed into the ground ÍΩ∫Ç´ keep above 40°f ¥ toxic to humans ß saturday restock pink semi-double flowers 4”h by 10–12”w Ω a335 sundial mix ß—4”h by 6–8”w Ω a336 sundial yellow ◊ ß—double yellow flowers 4–5”h by 6–8”w $5.00—4” pot petals with peach brush marks flowers are so fully double they can’t close on dark days semitrailing habit is nice for mixed containers and hanging baskets 8–12”h a338 colorblast double mandarin ◊ ß—orange a339 colorblast double yellow ◊ ß—gold nasturtium tropaeolum majus $1.50—seed packet are good for bees round shiny black fruit maturing to dark red glossy jet black foliage is perfect for containers heat humidity and drought tolerant unusual annual that deserves a place in your flower garden or container edible but bred for looks not taste 18”h ͆ç $2.50—2.5” pot graceful periwinkle to dark blue tubular blooms on upright stems early july through frost loose spikes above mounds of velvety foliage good cut flower 24–30”h Í∫˙ $5.00—6 plants in a pack a357 persian shield ß strobilanthes dyerianus grown for its large royal purple leaves with a metallic sheen it’s an upright plant dramatic in containers beautiful foliage 12–36”h Í∏ç $6.00—5.25” pot petunias see box page 39 phlox gisele phlox large flower clusters from summer to fall 10–12”h Í $5.00—4” pot a399 hot pink ◊ ß—hot pink with a bit of white around the darker center a400 light violet ◊ ß—pinkish lavender with darker centers a401 white ◊ ß—white with tiny yellow-green centers $2.50—seed packet vanilla-like fragrance permeates the evening garden when the tiny maroon and white bell-shaped flowers open foliage forms a tidy low mat all the rage in britain thanks to its distinctive scent 12”h Í $2.50—4 plants in a pack dark red flowers in solids and bicolors leaves are marked with white wedges stripes and speckles mounding 8–12”h ˙ a342 alaska red shades—red to mahogany single flowers mounding 8”h a343 globe of fire—semi-double scarlet spurred flowers compact non-trailing 10–12”h $5.00—6 plants in a pack a344 purple emperor ◊ ß—muted rosy pink flowers with a yellow throat change pleasantly to lavender giving the plant a vintage look vigorous trailing even climbing 12–36”h nemesia nemesia very fragrant as well as heat and cold-tolerant with cute little faces another south african beauty great for containers Í $5.00—4” pot a345 opal innocence ß—extremely fragrant with flowers that change from iridescent pink to light purple 8–10”h a346 sunsatia blood orange ß—flowers brushed with orange red and yellow 10–14”h a347 sunsatia lemon ß—yellow with a darker eye 6–10”h a348 oregano hop-flowered origanum kent beauty whorls of pink-petaled flowers inside papery purple and chartreuse bracts gray-green silver-veined nearly heart-shaped leaves vigorous trailing plant with hoplike bracts through the summer and fall looks best cascading over a raised bed rock garden or container aromatic but usually not used in cooking needs good drainage drought-resistant 6–12”h by 24”w ÍΩ∫Ç˝‰ $3.00—2.5” pot a349 oyster plant tradescantia spathacea variegated clump of shiny green spears with purple backs threepetaled white flowers in boat-shaped bracts are why another common name is moses-in-a-basket 12–24”h Í $3.00—3.5” pot painted tongue salpiglossis trumpet-shaped blooms marked with colorful veins and contrasting throats Í $2.50—4 plants in a pack a350 kew blue ß—deep blue-purple blossoms with a dark center and gold streaks if deadheaded blooms spring through summer attractive cut flower 32”h a351 royal mix ß—red yellow orange rose or purple flowers on dwarf plants ideal for containers 10–12”h pentas pentas lanceolata named for its clusters of five-petaled flowers best seller at the chicago botanic garden’s plant sale Í∏∫˙ $5.00—4” pot a352 appleblossom pink ß—14–24”h a353 butterfly white ß—dome-shaped 3” clusters california poppy a416 sage gentian ß salvia patens blue angel a402 phlox night zaluzianskya capensis ß a341 alaska mix—gold orange apricot cream and Ω a356 pepper ornamental capsicum annuum black pearl a340 dwarf jewel mix—flower power from the 1960s apricot yellow orange rose red and mahogany flowers held above the blue-green foliage some flowers have darker marks or stripes 12–18”h ˙ plants marked with plant widths are similar to their heights unless noted otherwise of star shaped flowers that love hot weather 12–22”h a354 carmine ß—true red 30–36”h a355 starcluster rose ß—14–24”h a403 pincushion flower ß scabiosa atropurpurea chat noir dark red almost black white-tipped fully double flowers with a pleasant fragrance great cut flowers the more you cut the more it blooms flowers resemble delicate pincushions early to late-summer bloomer 24”h ÍΩ∫ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a404 pinks ß dianthus super parfait raspberry light pink with a crimson eye flowers early and stays smothered in a perpetual riot of fringed blossoms until frost tidy habit may reseed or survive the winter 6–8”h Í∏¥ $2.50—4 plants in a pack polka dot hypoestes phyllostachya green foliage splashed and speckled with colors good for containers or as a house plant some like it in miniature gardens too 6”h Í∏ç $2.50—4 plants in a pack a405 confetti pink ß a406 confetti white ß poppy annual papaver cheerful flowers in a range of colors shapes and petal styles may reseed Í∏¥ $2.00—2.5” pot a407 lauren’s grape p somniferum—plum with an almost white center silvery foliage reseeds 27”h $2.50—seed packet a408 black swan p laciniatum—a profusion of sassy cut petals in burgundy and almost black a showy addition to the early summer garden self-sows 24–36”h a409 danish flag p somniferum—a dead ringer for denmark’s flag feathered red petals marked with a white cross intriguing seed pods make ideal holiday arrangements or leave them to add winter interest prolific reseeder 24–36”h Ω a410 florist pepperbox p somniferum—red purple or pink 5” flowers flower arrangers like the large seedpods 36”h Ω $5.00—6 plants in a pack a411 ladybird p commutatum ß—nirvana for poppy lovers bushy plants produce 15 blooms simultaneously for at least a month and a half red with black markings inside may reseed best in rich soil 12–18”h ¥ see more poppies pages 19 and 29 poppy california eschscholzia californica satiny flowers tough and drought-tolerant prefers low-fertility soils and good drainage can be cut back for rebloom may self-seed Í∏ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a412 mikado—deep orange petals with scarlet backs on four-petaled 2–3” flowers 12–18”h Ω a413 rosa romantica—ivory double flowers streaked with salmon pink long-blooming 8–10”h $2.50—seed packet a414 rainbow mix ◊—single and double flowers range from cream to yellow to bright oranges plus lilac and cherry 12–16”h a415 white linen ◊—cream with a yellow center 12”h a417 sage hummingbird ß salvia subrotunda red-orange flowers that bloom all summer until frost hummingbirds love it attractive bright green heartshaped leaves from brazil 48”h Í∫˙ $5.00—6 plants in a pack salvia salvia garden favorites very heat-tolerant Í∏∫ $2.50—4 plants in a pack a418 evolution violet s farinacea ß—crowded with violet 6” flower spikes that keep blooming 18”h ˙ a419 forest fire s coccinea ß—scarlet flowers well above the foliage 18”h ˙ a420 sizzler purple s splendens ß—short and great for mass planting 10–12”h Ω˙ a421 sizzler red s splendens ß—the classic red salvia for mass planting 10–12”h ˙ a422 summer jewel pink s coccinea ◊ ß—freeflowering dwarf salvia with spikes of light pink flowers above aromatic foliage long bloom season 18”h Ω a423 yvonne’s s splendens ß—seldom offered for sale this tall red is named for the woman who developed it after selecting seed from the tallest plants growing in her garden she then shared the seed with other gardeners very attractive to hummingbirds 48–60”h ˙ $5.00—4” pot a424 amistad ß—deep purple flowers bloom spring to frost on tall dark stems dense shrub-like plant good in a large container 36–48”h Ω˙ a425 black and bloom s guaranitica ß—the stems and backs of the tubular 1–2” blooms are nearly black licorice-scented leaves prefers some shade in the afternoon an improvement on the classic black and blue salvia 36–48”h Ω˙ a426 little kiss s microphylla ß—flowers with red tips and white lips compact and well behaved 18”h ˙ a427 love and wishes ß—striking magenta flowers that bloom all season burgundy to plum bud cases and stems a cousin to wendy’s wish salvia 32”h Ω a428 suncrest lemon light s greggii ◊ ß— summer-blooming bright yellow flowers and fragrant foliage the plants can be sheared back in mid-summer to encourage flowering and tidiness 8–12”h Ω˙ a429 wendy’s wish s buchananii ß—phenomenal fuchsia flowers with fluted tips on sturdy maroon stems long white stamens add even more charm 30–40”h ˙ $5.00—6 plants in a pack a430 lighthouse purple s splendens ◊ ß—upright spikes of midnight purple with dark stems heattolerant and low maintenance blooms until frost 24–36”h Ω˙ a431 pink s splendens ß—wild form with peach-pink flowers it should become quite bushy can be brought indoors for the winter 48–60”h Ω˙ $6.00—5.25” pot a432 dancing flame s splendens ß—dark green leaves liberally splashed with bright gold resembles an unusually vibrant coleus until its scarlet flowers appear in late summer looks best with some light afternoon shade 36”h ˙ shamrock oxalis colorful clover-like foliage in low mounding mats with small bright flowers easy to grow drought-tolerant deer-resistant no deadheading needed also a great houseplant ∏ $5.00—4” pot a433 charmed wine o triangularis ß—white lily shaped flowers on a mound of deep burgundy foliage with pale green stems leaves up to 2” wide don engebretsen the renegade gardener has elected it to his “perfect plant club” for its combination of pretty flowers and nice foliage 12–16”h a434 molten lava o vulcanicola ß—leaves range in color from chartreuse to orange-maroon depending on the light conditions dainty yellow flowers all season long 6–10”h by 18–24”w ‰ a435 plum crazy o vulcanicola ß—dappled pink green and white foliage with yellow flowers 3–8”h by 12”w ‰